Kalpi’s belief: "Do whatever you can Pakhi, but you can’t get Raghav’s love" in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan


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Pakhi has started being the good friend to Raghav and being around him, keeping Kalpi and her calls away from him. Raghav calls Kalpi to talk to her and when the call connects, Pakhi makes her hear what she would not wish to, Raghav and Pakhi’s sweet romance, which was not romance but Pakhi’s planned clever words usage like – Leave me Raghav, leave my hand, its tickling…. Kalpi hears this and is stunned. She gets a wrong image of whatever went on there. But her trust on Raghav does not shake, as she has full confidence on her love and she trusts Raghav more than herself. She recalls Pakhi’s challenge that she will make Raghav hers in one month, he will be giving her all the love she should get being his wife, and there won’t be any place for Kalpi in his heart.

Pakhi has turned down Kamla’s support thinking how she has hidden Kalpi’s marriage with Raghav. Pakhi is angry on her and does not want to see Kamla’s loyalty to her. Its time, Kamla should really stop worrying about her and think about Kalpi. Well, Pakhi is overconfident and dancing thinking Gauri will be helpful to her, but love is not a thing to throw out of the window, its boundless, RagNa’s love is beyond any definition. Pakhi does not know their love strength, their trust on each other, and their hearts connected. She plans to create misunderstanding between Raghav and Kalpi, by showing her friendly side to Raghav, showing her concern and taking care of him. She tries to get Raghav’s sympathy by hurting her hand and showing it to him, so that he melts. Raghav is just being caring to her as a friend, but Pakhi has high lovey dovey hopes, which will shatter soon. Pakhi does not want Kalpi to dream, but this advice goes to her. As of now, EMA track is focusing on the one month challenge posed by Pakhi. Both the girls are fighting for Raghav. Let’s see how Kalpi wins triumphant. Keep reading.


  1. If this doesn’t stop they cheapest twists & turns like mom being witch of her own child,lust can be fulfilled by cheap acting….& true love….. Can’t meet & have romantic talks…& cannot stand for their own love than this show must get inspired by ekta……who main leads ko strong rakhti hai na ki sides ko.. Yahan to side are strong & main leads ya to majboor dikhte hai ya to weak spineless puppets…. Stop the nonsense track or stop shop……

  2. All Ragna fans, 3rd July episode was a piece of puzzle that did not fit in at all, but Gauri will throw out Pakhi just like ‘ dud men se makhi’ after allowing her to come close to Rahgav, only than her revenge will be complete, don’t give up, we will have RAGNA so keep watching.

  3. go 1st for telliupdate n if u feel like watching- wathc online. can not see KALPANA suffering .Kalpana is most suffering the whole surrounded by all kind of witch mothers- not to be worth as MOTHERS.EMA is not worth to watch.only for RAGHNA- otherwise – nothing worth to watch – all kind of witches- mothers

  4. WHY Writers want to show a Girl who is Suffering because of She is kamawali ke beti so everyone has right to hurt her Plot Game against her bad message they are giving to audience and What to say cheapest thing abt Using Mothers relation so badly

    • I only wish what Lucy says comes true. I want Ragna back. But paki is a sakuni from Mahabarath. The end will be the same for her. Don’t try to act smart paki? But by any remote chance if it happens the other way then trust from god will be gone. Kalpi and Raghav trusts in Bappa so much nothing wrong should happen to them. . Oh god pls bring them together.They are made for each other.

  5. Present trac of ema is impractical, illogical unethical. Before 9th may ema had shown superb quality character of raghav and kalpi which was loved and appritied by almost everybody. Ashish and Rachana are superb actors and they created unseen magical chemistry on screen. We fell in love with ema because of them . We all want ragna our ragna back without creating any deep dense negativity. We want those raghav n kalpi what they were before 9th may. If you want to see how much viewers are hurt pl read all Facebook comments .

  6. Hello, Dear EMA Creativity & Script Writers Team ;
    We , All EMA’ Well Wishers & Viewers and RaghNa fans ,
    On Watching ( only say 5%) // Reading (say 95%) EMA script twists n story lines that moved in its Epis, in the Month of June, 2014 , & the voting options n polls that EMA undertook in June, to know the viewes of the public n its viewers, v all feel n observe that your Team members are either having LACK OF KNOWLEDGE as to how to go ahead in its story lines & what next twist to bring in ?? !! etc.etc. !@ , or are SIMPLY CONFUSED with the Complete Mess up it brought in its twisted story lines it showed in the pr.month, we feel that now its the most Appropriate time for your viewers to impart some of our knowledge to you by additional inputs as below to bring by next week of July epis of EMA the rwists to happen RaghNa & then to make your creativity lines to unite Raghav & Kalpi n make them to unite n then take jointly the EMA Maksad of Revenge, business, aspirations to reach etc.etc.
    After all Vidya of Godess Saraswathi is the only wealth in ones life that will not b decreased when u impart it to others n it infact enhances ones wealth of knowledge. God has made the The Brain in the body to remain upper most n on the top of ourbody ( Masthishka) the very purposeis always think very high n aim for the good values of life, for high n valued aspirations , so Y NOT YOU THE GREAT EMA Script Writers do that in its upcomi g story lines from july 7th Epis onwards to positive twists to make Bappa’s blessed RaghNa to happen vth fast tracks ; Our Inputs to you to make RaghNa to happen at its Best ever n u may add them in your next weeks twists in EMA are : ‘-
    1. Like same way how Raghav kept his spys to secure Kalpi earlier, turn ur current script to show that now also Raghav engaged those spys/ Jasooses, ( perhaps continued vth them ) even now, who vl flash back to Raghav, all events happened since then , who also give picture about the Challenge that Pakhi made vth his Kalpi love , about what Pakhi is fishing & what is Cooking between Gauri & Pakhi all against RaghNa, their cheating n ditching plans opposite Raghav !!
    2. Let his Kalpi love makes know Raghav the Challenge vch Pakhi gave to her etc; later in next week Raghav takes all planned actions to stop all cheating acts of Gauri n Pakhi vth the help of Kalpi , Sammy & Kamlabai ; & to happen RaghNa & to take Revenge on Kapoors, Pakhi for Cheating his friendship vth her, for her crucked thoughts n Plans against Kalpi his love;
    3. Below is the cut n paste of post to help your Team to add for twists for positive & beautiful RaghNa to Happen & with a hope that EMA brings next week the Viewers N Bappa blessed RaghNa blossom back again ; & wishing success, belo post to u :-

    In continuation of my earlier post ( vch is also cut n pasted below, ) u may like me to add further that :
    1. Soon the day vl come when Raghav vl come to know the game plan of Gaurikkhi , as Bappa vl help Kamla to realise Raghav baba about this in same way how she did in his child hood !!( Kamla already got now intution about it !!)
    2. When Raghav soon realise the above then he break his Mom’s Promise of 1 year to b away from Kalpi n vl soon RaghNa to back !!??
    3. Like he kept his secret agents while Kalpi was in search of job, same way even now Raghav kept them bhind Kalpi n kamlammma to secure them including Sammy , as Raghav doesn’t normally believe anybody espl.after that accident n Pakhi knowing the RaghNa truth ? ( same way how plan of Gauri to the surprise of all , Raghav also has his own secret plans against them & now he may b testing his Mom & Pakhi’s friendship with him ? As Any creativity is possible n may happen in EMA n with the blessings of Bappa & Vithobha !!
    My earlier post is reproduced below, may read for RaghNa to happen soon by Bappa ; :-

    Hello Friends, our Raghna lovers ; & dear all ; Hold on nn.!!
    Patience !! Patience !! Pl. Calm down & b cool n b positive for our & Bappa’s RaghNa to happen in this Kalyug’s PD creations’ 2014 Ramayan EMA !! ; & how the creativity twist for this modern Ramayan in its own style may run like these ; :-
    Dear All ;
    Pl. don’t worry now at all !! Because its good for RaghNa !! Twist to negative Gauri = 100% RaghNa !!
    I think now its the cheer up time for all of us,& for all RaghNa lovers. Because, now Bappa vl definitely make RaghNa & to get their Aasman and unite them in spite of several obstacles like Kaikeyi = Gauri,; Shurpanakhi = Kkheeii ; Manthara = Manda ; Ram & Seetha = Raghav & Kalpi ; Kamla = ? ? =Kaushalya Maatha ?? ( any 1 can pl.correct , if wrong !!) ; EMA = 2014 Kalyug ka PD’s & DJ’s Creations Modern EMARAMAYAN ;
    Friends, Its true that History Repeats itself !! & v all r seeing it now in EMA ;
    The more the villians the faster the RaghNa to happen by Bappa ;
    Note : B4 Valmiki Maharshi wrote Ramayan in Threthayug , 1st in Sathya yug, Ganapathi Bappa originally wrote Ramayan ; same way now Bappa only vl lead this EMARAMAYAN n make RaghNa to unite ;
    ( though ek nautanki by kamla katham ho raha tha tho doosra nautanki Gauri chalu ho gayi Bappa !! Bappa , Deva , kaisay kaisay maa log rehthe hai a duniya may !! ) LEKIN & FIR BHI :
    Now Kamlamma’s roll vl b positive to RaghNa , as she already scented something fishy between Pakhi makki n Gauri n once she thinks she then carefully watches n does all good acts to save any mishaps that may happen now in RaghNa , same way how she saved n protected Gauri ; Above all , How in childhood of Raghav vth the blessings of Bappa, Raghav was saved ( & also by Kamla ) same way now vth the Bappa’s blessings, Kamla vl now protects n saves Bappa’s RaghNa n vl help then to overcome all troubles to b created by Gauri n Pakhi against RaghNa n Kamlamma vl make RaghNa to meet often n vl lead them ahead to unite Raghav & Kalpi n thus Kamlamma vl make both of them to have their own Aasman in EMA for ever ; Now by the side of Bappa lead roll vl b played by KamlaAyi n Kalpi to save Raghav from the deceitful & cheating clutches of Khiee makki n nautanki Gauri mom !!
    No wonder that the EMA History REPEATS itself !!
    Oh !! what a Mother of EMA Role of yours Kamlamma/ Aayiei, ; u r truely n simply Great !! , if you join hands vth Bappa n Vithobha to make RaghNa & if u lead along vth Bappa to unite Raghav & Kalpi together!! ; same way how u helped when they were in childhood !!
    No wonder, Time again Raghav will loose faith in his MOM when he vl realise that his own Mom has cheated him n joined hands vth Pakhi makkhi to break his marriage vth Kalpi n has played tricks to spoil his RaghNa ,( same way how n what he believed her when he was child though it was not true , but now he may believe it to b true as he lost his trust on her now !! ) & the day vl b soon when he hates his Mom !! Also , If Bappa so wishes, this gauri character may even die also in EMA n Raghav vl hv no worry for it at all !!
    In EMA Ramayan now , :-
    Bappa is vth this Ram & Seetha = R& K ; so RaghNa is bound to happen by Bappa in its own fashion n style. !! RaghNa vl cross all the barriers troubled bridges created by Khii, Gauri etc. Vth very ease by the grace n blessings of Bappa & Vithobha & vl hold its EMA & Raghav & Kalpi unite foe ever. Next episodes of EMARamayan Lead Runner = Bappa + Kamla + Kalpi for = Raghav + RaghNa & Raghna’s ema ;
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  7. I want the same arrogant Raghav back where he used to shout at kalpi and later he used to convince her Now same way he should shout at kalpi as Kalpi thum meri patni ho aur abhi bhi tum dress hi pehen rahi ho I want you to wear saari not the dress and why are you not applying sindur kya mein mar gaya hun.Thum hamesha sindoor lagalena aur saari hi pehana. agar thuje apni pathi ka izzat karni hai to thum meri bath manogi teek hai?.Jab mein mar jaoonga thab se thum mang mein sindoor math lagao.Let him take her to the temple and make her to apply sindoor and make her to promise in front of God that she will apply sindoor every day.And he should warn her that she is the owner of Singhania Industries.She should not run a small restaurant insult her husbands respect. He wants to use her ability as an engineer not as waiteress. He will build a big restaurant for chawl people they can run their own business. But she has to handle his business. She is on 6 months contract where she has to fulfill it.Let Raghav transfer that project to kalpi and let her succeed in it and buy any amount of buildings as she likes.In this way I want the previous arrogant Raghav back.Fans I don’t know what do you say for this.

  8. To : The EMA, & Your Creativity & Writers’Team :- Reg.: The present twists and Turns , Running in EMA Episodes :
    This is Nothing but the Low Profile and Low Mentality of the EMA ‘s Creativity & Script Writers Team.!!!; SHAME ON YOU EMA !! SHAME ON YOU !! EMA , Earlier in your previous episodes you have made MOCKERY of Love, Respect, God, Divine Love Relations Relatives, Mother, Customs Traditions and Believes, [& you are stiil doing and continuing them],etc, and now on the top of it, above all you are also making the MOCKERY of one’s Talent, Caliber, knowledge :!!; EMA, what is Wrong with you,? Don’t you have SENSIBLE PEOPLE in your Writers and Creativity Team ?? OR Have you purposely engaged from May, 2014 onwards the SENSELESS Persons in your Team , to again make Mockery of the entire EMA ‘s Original Script ?? Dear EMA, Even kids of this generation have common senses to assess what you are up to at present in your twisted story lines. !! So, EMA, WAKE UP your Senses; , and its High Time for you , to bring back the turns and twists SENSIBILITY to happen RaghNa for ever. Bappa Bless EMA !!
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  10. We wana to see our ragna back together n always happy … We do not wish ro see tht horseface Pakhi … We do not care whether she has turn evil we just the HER ….Please so her evil face to her stupid dumb kamala maa n raghav too . Please end her evilness fast we wana to see ragnaonly

  11. Pls stop this crap of pakhi as soon as possible..give us our ragna back…we want to see them together not pakhi wd raghav not in couple of months but in couple of days. .pls

  12. Of course we want to see ema episodes to reach 1000 but not without ragna . Going off air will not be the solution , infact ema team should accept the challenge bring trp to the highest. If this happens then your title of the serial will be prooved . Because it’s not a easy task to have ek mutthi aasmaan And viewers will really gaga over it. For ragna also it will not be easy task to have their ek mutthi aasmaan , but of course one can always avoid to spoil the tempo of story line by putting unreal dramatisation.

  13. Dear EMA Team below is 1 of our recent post liked by many viewers put before you to change the present tracks vth a request to pl.do it immediately, as v all r fed up with Pakhi character Promotional twists, as EMA has lost its very true, & its own Original story’s Tracks :-
    Dear Yaaars, Very True. Dear Friends,:-
    We have lost all , as of now, all that past RagNa Momentums, the past blossoming RagNa love, the awesome Glory of the then Ragna,, etc. etc.
    In fact, now it has / EMA has now become almost Star Less & Character less;- Else, Can one imagine a Cockroach in Pooran Poli !!?? What a stupid creativity, the EMA Team has got, OMG, Deva, Bappa; On the one hand EMA shows divine blessings like Ghende ka Fool fell on Kalpi’s Photo; & Quite Contrast to that, now they are depicting the Univrsity Topper, Civil Engineer Kalpi’s New Restr Entrepreneur of Mumbai Express, which has Cockroach in its Pooran Poli?? – Oh ! What a Class !! of creativities by its Team !! EMA, now you are making even the MOCKERY OF Hygine Food, even, ; Oh Bappa, ! aEMA ko Aaap apna Sharan may lelo, pl. aur RagNa ko aage badhavo;
    Else, friends, what is it’s all happening in EMA? RIDICULOUS!!; By the Way, EMA, kya jaroorath tha ? Cockroach ko Pooran Polike andar dikhaneka ? dikhake, fir kya huva? JUST TIME PASS, ; ? Has it served the purpose? Has Kamla punished Manda,? the Manthara, who did this Nonsences ? Have they caught hold of supporting role for the Cockroach, Neetu ? A Kya ho raha hai? Bagwan ! RagNa ko Baksh do ! and EMA ko Lead karo, Bappa:

  14. I have been reading comments here saying Kalpi is an engineer!! Actually ppl please note that it is Pakya who is a mechanical engineer! Kalpi is just a commerce graduate and not an engineer!!


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