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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing Shankar and Shivani PTKK

Anita Hassandani (the hostess) starts the show and speaks that love just happens and it doesn’t see the societal boundaries and traditions, it is much difficult to continue in love once you are in love. She speaks that love has many languages in our country and it can happen in cities as well in villages. She welcomes all and speaks that today’s story is a bit old but still has the fragrance of love. The story is set in a village in Bihar and is about Shankar and Shivani.


The story starts with Shankar’s mother speaking that after his studies she wants to send him to higher studies in city. She is unhappy as he told her that Mannu uncle will help him for getting a good job. He hears the train sound and runs to see the train and runs without completing his food. He runs away and sees the train crossing and looks at Shivani who is seen [Takte Rahte song..] in an autorickshaw. She sees him and feels a bit shy. Shankar’s friend advises him if he just waits like this then first train and then shivani will also go away, and makes a joke whether he will marry train if he didn’t get her.

Shankar’s mother Dulari works at the Thakur house and is seen sitting near the buffaloes taking out milk and near the Gobar. Shivani’s brother suggests to her that he will get a small job for his son but she didn’t answer. He speaks with his father to quickly marry off Shivani after finding suitable boy. Dulari speaks with Shivani’s father Thakur and she requests him for some money for Shankar’s admission in the city. She promises to return back the money but he taunts that people should not forget their status. Shankar’s friend advises that shivani studies in city’s college and if he wants to study at the same place then there will be no difference between the two. The friend suggests that Thakur will not see this happen.

Shankar responds on his love for Shivani and also has the will to give up his love. He is taunted for his dreams but he speaks on his wish to do hardwork and wants to become a big person for Shivani. The friend speaks that this is true love, but to be together you need to speak and not just stare. He also suggests to Shankar that since Shivani didn’t disclose to her father about him and his continuous stare then that’s mean she also in love with him. Shankar feels happy on hearing the same. Shankar goes home and remembers his friend’s suggestion that shivani also loves him.

Anita (the hostess) speaks that love gives very unusual strength, strength with which we can see the ambitions of love. Shankar also had the same strength and courage for Shivani in spite of him knowing the big difference between them. He was confident and sure that one day he will end the difference and will shivani’s love. Some other day, Shankar again looks at Shivani as she goes in an autorickshaw. She also looks back at him and it turns out the rickshaw hits some stone and drifts from its course. Shankar sees it and runs to help her and pulls outs the rickshaw from the pit. [Tere Mast Do Nain song plays].. Shivani comes at her home and remembers Shankar and the moments about him looking at her and smiles.  She writes a letter for Shankar and the next day she throws her notebook (containing the letter) on the ground as she was going. Shankar sees the fallen notebook and doesn’t listen to his friend who has suggested him that it has the love letter for him.

He runs on his bicycle towards her and speaks about her book being fallen down. She opens up with a smile on her face that she intentionally had made it fall for him. Shankar finds the note in which she thanks him for his help and he protected her from getting falling down in mud. She speaks about his cute looks and suggests that he has much better in his heart, and asks him who does help to other people in their distress ? and thanks him again. Shankar is in much awe of her and his friend Akhilesh teases him and runs with the book. Shankar at night starts to write a letter for her – lovable Shivani, Shivani Ji [Aankhon Aankhon mein song plays] and finally writes a letter for her. Next day, he does the same and gives his letter in a notebook. She reads his letter which read that he used to look at her from far since many days, and speaks that she is very beautiful and has pure heart. He speaks of not seeing her in mud on the past occasion so he helped her and wants her to just smile after seeing him. He suggests that will be a lot for him. Shivani comes home and reads the letter once more and feels happy.

Anita (the hostess) speaks that love in small towns have their own story and fun. Shankar and Shivani have fallen in love and used to exchange letters to show their love. She speaks that they were not bothered about financial and social status and were just madly in love. She speaks Isn’t that enough ? In all these developments, Shankar forgot that his mother works at Shivani’s home and her family was landlords in the village. Shankar comes to terms with the reality about Shivani when one day he visited her home for doing work. Shankar comes at Shivani’s home at work since his mother will not be coming. He introduces himself as Dulari’s son and informs them that he came in place of his mother for work. Shivani’s father Thakur speaks to Shankar that he is good in studies and then makes a taunt at his mother’s believe who thinks her son will become collector one day. Shivani’s brother also makes the same taunt at Shankar and suggests how come a women who works close to Gobar have such dreams. Shivani sees him but goes inside as her brother told her to do so. Later, Shankar starts to work in her home and handles Gobar. Shivani comes there after finding her family not to be around, and wants to help him in handling Gobar.

She speaks of doing the work and touching it since both Shankar and his mother also works without any hesitation. She touches his hand and he wants her to be away since somebody can see them together. She then informs him that his father and brother have gone to court and moreover says that once she holds his hand therefore wishes to not leave his hand. She then apologizes for his father and brother’s behaviour and abuse. Shankar responds that it is ok as they are her family and suggests if they were somebody else then he would given an appropriate reply. He speaks of knowing what he wants in life, and when she asks what is that thing ? He replies  – you (shivani). He speaks that it is a fact that his mother works as a cleaner and also he haven’t gone to any good school and college but has a believe that with her support he will study and can become collector. He asks about her support for him. She replies yes and always. One of Thakur’s men (helper) sees them together holding hands.

Next day, he is again advised to go towards her and soon finds Shivani walking on a road. He goes to her and walks with her [Saanson Bein Baandhi Dor Piya..Thore Liya Humra Dhadke Hamra Jiya]. He supports her as she was about to fall and both share time outside in the park and both write each other’s name on a tree. They sit together while holding hands and she also puts her head on his shoulder. At shivani’s home, her mother sees the letters and informs her husband thereby the brother comes to know as well. The helper who has seen Shivani and Shankar holding hands informs the brother about the same and speaks that he didn’t share earlier because he felt ashamed to speak. On their end, Shivani says goodbye to Shankar and leaves. Shankar is then taken by Thakur’s men who carries lathis with them. Shivani’s brother beats Shankar with lathi and Thakur promises to damage his life next day when panchayat meets. Shivani shouts at his brother/father to leave Shankar but in vain as he is thrashed badly. [Ishq Dua Hain song plays..]

Anita (the hostess) speaks that Shivani’s family is very strict and the most strict is her brother Dhananjay for whom the family’s respect comes first so he thrashed Shankar very badly just to prove and send  a message in the village that no poor boy can ever imagine or try to woo or love a rich girl. Furthermore, Dhananjay made sure that Shivani’s outside movement is restricted completely. Shivani goes out in the night without informing her family and is helped by Shankar’s friend. Dulari at home speaks with her son Shankar and asks him whether he loves her dearly. He then speaks in a teary voice about their status but she insists that love doesn’t see status. He responds that society looks at difference in status, after which she suggests him to make his own world after going to new place.

At Shivani’s home, her mother gets the knowledge that Shivani is not their and informs her husband and son. Shivani comes to Shankar’s home and hugs him. Shankar’s mother advises him to go away with her but she wants him to take her away and get married and stay together. She makes a swear and insists him to go with her and wants him to make her happy and doesn’t leave her. Dhananjay and Thakur with his men at their end starts to approach them in their jeep. Shankar and Shivani runs from there. Shivani’s father and brother at Shankar’s home and Dhananjay asks his mother about their whereabouts. Dhananjay continues to confront her and she takes out a knife and wants to kill herself if he continues to confront her. She speaks on taking care of him when he was young, and regards him as his son but he doesn’t listen and wants to take revenge for insulting his family’s respect and then rapes her.

Shankar’s mother after being raped takes her own life by burning herself. Shankar’s friend who was thrashed earlier sees her engulfed in fire and cries. Shankar and Shivani continues to be on run while being chased by Dhananjay and Thakur. They walked whole night and the morning comes and as she has fallen last night her leg is injured. Shankar remembers of his mother’s swear and then takes the Saath Phera with her in front of the fire and both marry. Thakur and his men sees them together and approaches them. Shankar runs with her and goes on stands on the railway track holding hands and looks at their eyes and remembers their old moments and his mother’s words and both are then run away and killed by the fast train thereby taking their own lives.

Anita (the hostess) speaks that Dhananjay and his men leave no stone unturned to approach and get them. Shankar has promised to his mother to not leave Shivani’s side and to remain together they took their own life since if they were alive they would have been killed nonetheless by Dhananjay and his men. Dhananjay got punishment for his crime against Shankar’s mother but it was late. She speaks that societal differences and the valiue of respect has killed love. She speaks that even after such incidents we don’t get love and until how much time we will keep love in bounded and under different kinds of rules. She speaks why love doesn’t give support to people who wants to be in love for their entire life. She signs off by saying its true Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya..

Special Host:   Actress Anita Hassandani.

Info On Cast
* Shankar is played by actor Meghan Jadhav
– Born on 7th June, 1992 in Mumbai.
– Played the role of Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna On Colors TV.
– Role of Gyan in Saas Bina Sasuraal (2010-2012)
– Younger brother of Mandar Jadhav who is well known for popular TV show Aladdin

* Shivani is played by actress Richa Mukherjee
– Richa is seen in Mahabharat on Star Plus, playing the role of Princess Uttara, Abhimanyu’s wife and Prince Uttar’s sister.
– Richa’s Twitter page.

Additional Note:
– Tere Mast Mast Do Nain and Chori Kiya Re Jiya songs are from the movie Dabangg (2010).

Images credit: Twitter page of Zing TV

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