Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 11th July 2014 17th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 17th Episode

Recap (Preview): Kattu plans to propose to Dodo the next day when Sid has planned to propose to Devika. Cheeku on his end also plans to propose to kimaya the same day. Sid plans to meet Devika on a grand scale with music band people, girls, flowers and in a elegant suit (order given to his friend Alok via blackmail). The meeting time at the cafeteria is 8:15 pm and Sid is helped by Cheeku who in turn is helped by Hansraj.


Episode’s highlight: Cheeku’s heartbreak with Kimaya as she informs him of having a boyfriend. Whether Kimaya is just pulling Cheeku’s leg or she really have a boyfriend ?

Cheeku meets Hansraj who informs him that all the things [musical band people are not listening him, Dodo is not seen there] are not working regarding Sid’s proposal date.  Kattu meets Sid and asks her about Dodo and also speaks that his plan is romantic and tells him to not listen people’s words. She speaks that some girls have told her in the restroom that his plan will fail and next day he will face problems. She cites that Dodo might be that person who has leaked the news to the girls, and Sid in turn calls Dodo to  see him in 10 minutes. Cheeku goes to speak with the people playing Band and tries to explain them what they have to do. They speak on not hearing properly, and then Cheeku speaks to them about the time to play the band when a girl walks in and flowers flow in the air, and then they have to play the band. Hansraj enacts the girl, and the band men speaks of their experience in playing band since 25 years and even playing band at Cheeku’s father marriage.

Cheeku comes back to speak with Kimaya and then wants to speak an important thing, and says that they know each other in very less time. He then wants to show her something which he brought and couldn’t find it there, and Hansraj speaks of another big problem. Cheeku speaks of proposing to Kimaya and girls come there and speak that he is Dodo’s brother. Hansraj becomes impressed after seeing them. The girls speak that Dodo has played with their feeling and didn’t fulfill their promise. They want to trash cheeku. Hansraj tries to impress them and wants him to call Hansu. Cheeku speaks that his brother Sid will take the photo shoot but of only one individual and he speaks that there will be a competition to decide the girl and they themselves start to speak on becoming the winner and leaves from there. Sid wears the suit and doesn’t like it and finds the note which was sent by his friend Alok, and has informed him that his father is a friend of principal so he will not make a good suit. Cheeku explains that love is not done by seeing suit. Cheeku clarifies that the human inside us is much important than the suit’s look.

Hansraj comes there and informs them that Devika is coming there. on Devika, Hansraj throws the flower but the flowers were wet, and she feels uncomfortable and angry as her hairs become wet. Hansraj speaks of plucking the flowers from the plant since the actual flowers were fallen on the ground and were bad. The girls are also there fighting themselves to become the winner for Cheeku’s competition. After cheeku’s signal, the band people starts to play the band.. (mere Yaar ki Shaadi tune).. Cheeku finds the box and goes to fetch it while making the girls fall down as he kneels towards the box by passing through them. Devika sees Cheeku doing that action and soon sees Sid who is dressed in his colored suit. Hansraj hides near the laptop of Cheeku to escape from Devika’s anger and there Kimaya starts to speak with him. She asks whats happening there. He speaks that Sid is proposing to his girlfriend Devika, and even his guru Cheeku Maharaj will propose to his girlfriend finally and he will open his heart. Kimaya after learning it feels a bit amused and he leaves from there.

Sid goes down on his knees and speaks that from now he will not look at other girls , will have her phone number in his mobile’s speed dial, and his only purpose in life is to get her phone call on his mobile and will take it in only ring. He then gives her a red rose and asks her whether she will be his girlfriend. All the girls there sees and smiles. Devika agrees to be his girlfriend, and accepts the rose, and then speaks that every girl will want a proposal in their dream with the one like his one – wet flowers, band people who plays marriage tune, cheap decoration, some girls, and finally joker. She wants him to not do such things, and she wants him to understand that nothing can be happening between them. She wants him to not waste his time and also her time. He speaks that he has run a lot for her and then speaks of his challenge that from now she (Devika Shroff) will run after him – Siddharth Khosla. She laughs on him and leaves from there. All other people laughs on Sid and goes from there. Sid also leaves from there after the electricity goes away and Hansraj wants to eat something since he haven’t eaten since morning.

Kattu meets Dodo and he speaks of his bad mood, and speaks that Sid will take his class, and he plans to put all the blame on Cheeku. She speaks that he is afraid of her, and she opens up her plan of bringing her to the cafeteria after putting some words in Sid’s mind. She then speaks of her liking for him, and he speaks that she is a right girl but its not the right time. He speaks that her mind is solid but he doesn’t get feeling for her, and thus nothing can happen. She says its fine, and he leaves. Cheeku comes back for a chat with Kimaya and speaks that the day was crazy and wants to complete his talk. He speaks that three words which he wants to say is – O love you by showing an earring and at the background ILU heart shape decoration blinks. She speaks on having a boyfriend and likes somebody else. Cheeku’s heart is broken and she also feels nervous.

Next Episode: Kattu suggests to Cheeku to cry out loud to remove the sadness and his heart broken feelings from inside. Cheeku cries which looks like shouting and in a musical tune. Dodo and Sid learns about Cheeku’s heart break.


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