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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 51

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks there are many stories but the ones which touches your heart can also bring a change in your life. Today’s story is the one which will touch your heart and not yet different but unique love story.

Ritu is seen at home and preparing tea and food for her ill mother while also speaking with her boss about the story who is seen to not be interested in her talk. Ritu’s mother asks her about lot of work at the new job and also wants to take the medicine the next day since she was feeling well. Ritu wants her mother to take medicine as usual and not skip any day since she has got a job and gets a salary. She then leaves from there for work.


Shaan meets his friends and informs them to not worry about the exam papers he has given to them. He takes money from them and walks back while counting it, and Ritu also walks on the same street and soon they both hit each other. She first fell and he then falls over her and sways into a different world after looking at her. She pushes him away and calls him blind person and he calls her a baby doll and fire cracker (phulchadi) the one who has touched his heart. She tries to slap him but he hold her hands, and soon some of her friends from the locality comes and informs her that Shaan is their special friend. Shaan calls him a VIP of that area and her friends wants Shaan to go and promising to meet him in the evening. She hits one of the boys on their head and asks them to study well instead of making such friends. They remind of her studies – distinction and then job selection. Ritu learns that she has to go and take the bus and runs from there.

Ritu at her office brings coffee for her lady boss and meets her and then speak with some hesitation about her cover story. The lady boss in strong voice wants her to bring black coffee with no sugar, and also wants her desk to be cleaned and leaves from there. Some of her office colleagues make a taunt at her and speaks how come an intern can think of a story and laughs. Ritu remembers how she first informed her mother about getting a job of a journalist. She is not feeling comfortable at office and informs her friend that she came there to be a journalist and not to do other petty activities for her boss. The friend informs that it is very common for intern to do such things and Ritu speaks of her journalism studies and wants to write good stories. Ritu’s friend speaks of another intern like her who has impressed the lady boss (she refers her as witch) by covering a breaking crime story and the boss became very impressed. Ritu learns that she also needs to cover a breaking cover story so as to get a permanent job at her office.

Next day, Ritu on her way to the office sees Shaan speaking with the same neighborhood boys about the exam paper and wants them to prepare well and he then leaves. She starts to think that Shaan supplies exam paper. She comes close to those boys and wants to help them in their exam. She speaks that they are lying and are holding exam papers in their hands. They then confess about having exam papers and cites that she knows all and thats the reason she succeeds in her exam and they fail. They want her to be quiet and do not inform anybody. They also informs her about getting the paper from their Tapori friend Shaan. She then asks them about the payments they made to him in return for the exam paper. They speak of getting the paper with 10 % discount from Shaan Bhai. Ritu speaks of getting her cover story – exam racket.

She approaches and meets Shaan, and thanks him for helping his childhood friends and also bringing smile on their parents face [Aayi – mother and Baba -father]. He speaks of working for bringing smile to them and he does kind work. She thanks him and he informs her that if she thanks him so much then he will get diabetes. He speaks of helping his friends parents and also his mother by sending money. She thinks a bit while Shaan tries to feel in improving his look. She suggests that they go to eat Kulfi icecream for which he agrees and continues to call her Baby Doll to the kulfi vendor. They eat Kulfi together and she asks him about his family. He replies his mother and three young sisters live in Delhi and his father died three years ago and he has the responsibility of them. She says sorry on hearing about his father and he then asks why is she apologizing as she haven’t killed his father. She asks him whether he works in exam paper leak because of money. He replies everybody does this work for money and even big people are involved in it and if he discloses their name then the kulfi will easily melt in her mouth.

She then naively asks him who are the ones those involved in this exam paper racket ? He speaks of not able to disclose those names because of the principle of his business. She then asks him about the strategy of his work ? He then suggests her to take care of work at home and not get interest in knowing more about it. Moreover, he asks her whether she is taking his exam. Ritu again continues to eat her kulfi but her hairs are coming in between. Shaan binds her hairs and keeps them away from kulfi. He looks at her and smiles and both share a eyelock [Kaya Karu..Iss Lamhe Mein Main Kuch Bhi Jaane Na.. song plays]. He holds her hair and finally leaves as she finish eating her icecream. He leaves from there and informs her that he has to give the share of money to others in the racket chain, and wants to drop her home but she insists on going by herself. He asks about her locality and wishes to come to see her as they became friends, and she replies yes. In the evening, he draws a heart with his and Ritu’s initials S and R on a pillar close to Ritu’s home and leaves. Ritu comes out and sees the heart symbol with their initials and learns that it was done by Shaan. [Teri Galliyan song plays].

 They go on more kulfi dates and she tries to come close to him and both spend time together and one occasion during the night he holds her hand but she tries to remove her hand. He asks why she behaves so differently with him when he holds her hand though they hangout often and also talk ? She speaks of not knowing him well. He responds on sharing to her all about his work. He then learns that she might not be too impress with his work. He cites her work to be much better than his one but he is doing is work though it is bad for a good living which he wants to spend with her. He also proposes to bring his mother from Delhi to Mumbai so they can stay together and she doesn’t need to go to Delhi. He speaks of making her happy and asks what else she wants ? She again wants to know the name of persons with whom he works. He speaks of working with them and how is she related with them?. She reiterates on knowing about the people with whom he deals on a day to day basis and he speaks that its a small matter.

Ritu speaks that is not a small matter for her and its a big one for her. She speaks on befriending him after knowing about his bad work. As he was persuaded through words and emotions, Shaan gives in and speaks that there are four coaching centres who are involved in it and he will send her all those details via SMS. He asks whether she is happy and also gets a promise for him. Shaan decides to send the details of the persons involved in the racket so as to listen to her heart. He sends the details to her after which she sends him an I love you message. He also sends an I love you message to her for which he gets a smiley as an answer. Ritu also learns from her mother about very high electricty bill and she replies to take care of bills. Ritu sends the cover story about Shaan and the exam racket to her friend and gets a call from her friend in the morning. She asks her whether Shaan is a hero or villain in the story since Ritu praised him a lot in the writeup. Ritu wants to give another look at the draft and read what he wrote about Shaan.

She wrote about him as the one from Delhi who is bit rough but a good person at heart and the one wants to help but his approach in helping others is different. She remembers all the good moments shared with Shaan and his caring nature towards her [Teri Galliyan song plays].. She speaks that if the story is submitted tomorrow then alongwith other people even Shaan will be in the trap as well but he has always helped her..Shaan at his end is rearing to woo Ritu more after learning that she loves him as well. He sends flower to her through a friend. Ritu at her end speaks with her friend after revising the draft story and the friend informs that the current draft version is fine and asks her whether she will go ahead with the submission. Ritu speaks about her confusion of Shaan will also be getting caught with other if she submits the story. The friend learns that Shaan himself has send the racket person details to Ritu, and then advises her to go ahead with the story since lot of merit students are lacking behind because of this paper leak. Shaan comes there and hears the last part of Ritu’s conversation on phone where she speaks of publishing the names of people in her newspaper by next morning.

Ritu also informs her friend that Shaan informed her about those names since he might think her as a foolish intern. Shaan gets  sort of heart break and feels shattered after hearing her. In a teary voice, he speaks of being a fool and suggests that she has shown really what was going on between them really. She responds of doing her work and in a teary looking face speaks that the story is important to her because she needs to take care of her mother. She extracted the information from him because her job completely depends on this story. Shaan speaks that stories are never true and he himself was mad enough to think that their story will be realized. He speaks of thinking that she loves him as well but it was not the case and cites that she was four fold smarter than him. He goes on to say that he will wait to see his name as a headline in the newspaper and wants her to stay far from him since she knows how much daring he is.  Both Ritu and Shaan gets in tears after that event.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Ritu was having a problem with Shaan’s work and not him. Their problem was complicated and on one hand Shaan became her support system but she herself was the lone support system of her family. Thus, it was difficult for her to decide whether to publish the story or not since she knows that if the story is published then Shaan will be facing lot of problems as a consequence of the story.

Shaan reads the newspaper next morning and couldn’t find the story about the racket and feels bit relieved. He learns from his friend that Ritu will be a target for the top bosses in their racket as she might be going to reveal their name soon. After learning it, Shaan goes to her home so as  to protect her and brings her to a police station and then confesses about his crime to the police of leaking exam papers, and also informs the police to protect Ritu since she was the one who wanted to expose all the people involved. He informs the police on sharing all the details of people involved, and requests the police to provide security cover to her. [Teri Galliyan song plays]. The police assures to give her protection and he speaks of doing it because of their love and speaks that he doesn’t know whether she loves him, and thinks that she will miss him. She reciprocates his love and hugs him to shower her love for him. She touches his cheeks and speaks that she will not let go his decision in waste [Yeh Hai Aashiqui song plays]. She submits the story finally and gets a praise from her lady boss.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Ritu’s story sent blizzards as it exposed the racket. But one thing stands out that love always show you the right path and thus Ritu wasn’t wrong. Their story was incomplete and Shaan’s work. was bad but what one thing he said came true, Ritu was mising him and remembers all the good moments she shared with him and goes to touch and feel the heart symbol which Shaan drew for her earlier. Rithvik adds that love is unpredictable and that’s the important thing to know in love , and signs off by saying – Keep falling in love guys !

Info on Cast
* Shaan is played by actor Suyyash Rai. Suyyash’s Twitter page
– Recently, Suyyash played the role of Shivani’s brother in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 7th episode on 4th July 2014.
– Suyyash played the role of Himmat Singh Sangwan in the recently concluded Life OK show Kaisa Yeh Ishq hai (ended on 23rd May 2014).

* Ritu is played by actress Bharti Kumar.
– Debut with the role of Twinkle in Disney channel’s show Ishaan in 2010.
–  Played the role of Miloni in Channel V’s show – Humse Hain Liife (2011-2012)
– Bharti played the role of Kiya in Channel V’s popular TV series Buddy project, the show’s facebook page.

Additional Note:
* Yeh Hai Aashiqui Disaster Mini Series has ended. There were only 4 stories and we have seen the 4th story in the last episode.
* During the shooting of the Episode, Rithvik and Suyyash have a guitar jam session during a break. Catch their singing short video on Sheela Ki Jawaani song on Suyyash’s instagram page .

Full Episode
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