Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 19th September 2014 Episode 4 starring Bharti Kumar, Namita Dubey and Vishal Gandhi – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing Surbhi Jyoti

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks that love and relationships are strong and they are incomplete without friendships. Surbhi speaks of best friends who know our secrets as well and sometimes that best friend becomes much more. Today’s story is about Niharika and Harsh who are best friends in Mumbai.

Harsh calls Niharika and she is sleeping and takes the call and speaks to him in semi-sleeping mode. Soon, he informs her of getting engaged and she gets up and becomes amused. She thinks that every week he falls in love and he speaks to her being serious and also she has to meet her fiancee Tina. Niharika meets her brother and he speaks that everytime she speaks about Harsh. She then informs him that Harsh will be having his engagement by next week while feeling a bit uncomfortable. Her brother asks why she is feeling so nervous and asks whether he is doing his engagement with her ? She replies on being the best friend of Harsh but doesn’t look at her brother while speaking. He asks her whether Harsh is only best friend or she loves him. She speaks of going to make sure that Harsh is married as well and leaves.

Niharika who is fondly called Rick comes and meet Harsh and Tina at a cafeteria. Tina speaks that Harsh always speaks about Niharika and starts to speak about Harsh and how she met him and in just 2 months he proposed to her. She speaks of coming from Los Angeles and cites on being happy to see Tina and offers some cake. Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that from childhood Harsh and Niharika used to know their liking and now suddenly Niharika is not accepting that Harsh didn’t inform her about his engagement. Niharika at the doorstep becomes angry with Harsh and Tina and soon finds Tina inside her home. Tina asks Niharika about Harsh’s taste since she is her best friend. Niharika speaks of Harsh’s liking for Aloo Ka Parata and Tina wants her to teach it right then. Niharika teaches Tina on how to make Aloo Ka Parata at her kitchen. In the night, Niharika checks a photo album and remembers the childhood memories with Harsh and smiles. Niharika calls her brother and expresses her love for Harsh. He suggests that she can go to Harsh and inform that she loves him and suggests her to be not afraid of losing him.

Niharika meets Tina and Tina speaks of being scared of losing Harsh. Tina speaks of how she is different from Harsh in many ways – she likes bollywood movies and he likes Art movies, she is afraid of dogs and he is fond of dogs, etc. Niharika suggests that of course they are different and suggests Tina to be herself and soon Harsh comes with Besan Ke Laddoo. He wants to give it to Tina but she doesn’t accept and leaves while crying. Niharika accepts the Laddoos and is very excited. Harsh talks to Niharika later about the days when there was no tension of work and no responsibilities, and even reminds about their accidental kiss. He thinks that life is simple and we make it complicated. She asks him whether that kiss was accidental and he explains yes indeed and informs how they never hugged in many years. Niharika speaks that she can hug now and he pulls her leg at first and then wants her to hug him and she showers him a warm hug.

Harsh eats Pani Poori with Tina and Niharika but Tina gets uncomfortable in eating it. Tina informs Niharika on organizing a surprise party for Harsh and wants her to keep him busy. Harsh later speaks of thinking to make a documentary film on Kashmir and will work with a famous director. He also suggests on not getting good payment since it is a documentary movie. Niharika suggests that since he will be getting married so he has to think about salary and money. He replies that on just carrying the tag of commitment and thinks that everything will be simple then. Tina thinks that when he will be serious and its not like films which have retakes. She suggests him to join Tina’s Dad studio and make Bollywood movies and he replies on not marrying if that is the case. Niharika tries to ask Harsh whether he have private photos with Tina but he doesn’t listen to her. When Harsh’s comes back home with Niharika, he gets a surprise from Tina. Tina has illuminated his home and also brought a small puppy for Harsh. Harsh feels very happy on seeing the puppy and she informs of loving him so she brought the puppy and gives him a hug. Niharika is shocked.

Some time later, Niharika sends Harsh away while he is doing coloring on the wall in the college. Niharika then speaks with Tina about Harsh’s not having sufficient savings when he will be working on the documentary movie. Tina accepts that argument and soon when Harsh comes back she asks him to take money from his Dad so that he can make a bollywood movie. Harsh becomes annoyed to hear it and is about to leave but Tina is trying to convince and calm him down. He suggests he will not ask for money in front of everyone and she replies of just trying to help him and cries. Niharika at first feels happy but later becomes sad. Niharika calls her brother and informs that Harsh will be leaving her. Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that as it is said everything is fair in love and war and Niharika was also feeling the same since time was passing by and she was not understanding on what to do and wants to make sure Tina drifts away from Harsh. She was not having much control on her feelings though she knows it is not right.

Harsh and Tina are seeing some rehearsals and there comes Niharika’s brother (cousin) Suhas and she calls him Su. Harsh is engrossed with Tina in the act step and also sees Suhas. He becomes nervous and is not happy with Tina’s rehearsal and calls for packup. Niharika introduces Suhas as her fiancee to Harsh. Harsh on learning it greets Suhas but looks bit odd while Niharika after speaking lie feels bit nervous as well. Tina suggests that Niharika and Suhas looks nice couple. Later, Harsh comes to meet Suhas and Niharika at the restaurant. Harsh speaks of thinking that Niharika will not get a boy at all, and then asks Suhas how does he met her since she didn’t spoke about him earlier ? Suhas creates some scene of meeting Niharika on the banks of river when she was shooting a documentary and when she slipped he saved her life. Suhas then takes a leave and Niharika informs him on his overacting and he suggests to be in the character. He again tells Niharika to confess her love to Harsh since he loves her too and if she didn’t do it now then she will repent later. Later, Niharika is seen with Harsh and wants to inform him something which is Suhas is not her fiancee but cousin. Harsh calls her mad since she haven’t spoken about him since 9 years and suddenly she has first introduced him as fiancee and now telling cousin brother. She replies to Harsh that Suhas have lived in the 8 years in Dubai and since 1 year staying in Kolkata thus didn’t inform him. Niharika then suggests to Harsh of doing so to make him jealous. He accepts on being jealous when he heard it and is glad that Suhas is not her fiance.

Niharika then wants to say another thing to him and then confesses her love to him – I love you and he replies I love you too. She then speaks seriously that she loves him and also she meant it. Harsh at first becomes nervous and asks her that she have never told him. She speaks of not getting strength to open up before and also she was scared of relationships but now couldn’t hold her feelings anymore. She again confesses her love to him and goes on to shower a kiss and sooner that was becoming an intimate kiss.Tina comes there and finds the duo – Harsh and Niharika in an intimate kissing situation and becomes upset and leaves from there. Harsh runs to stop Tina but in vain. Niharika opens up and informs him that when she learnt about his engagement she became mad and also knows on not being proud of what things she has done – created misunderstandings between Harsh and Tina, trying to scare them and other things. Harsh asks why she did such things since her importance will not be less with the entry of Tina in his life ? She replies that things will change and reminds to him of her birthday  when he haven’t looked at her and all his attention was with Tina. He replies that he was seeing the dog and was not with Tina. She speaks of not wanting to lose him and he speaks that Tina is in his life but how could he can forget her and their so many years of friendship ? He speaks of sharing his problems with her first and then with Tina and then suggests that Tina will not come again.

Niharika meets Tina who speaks of getting a betrayal from her. Niharika suggests to Tina that nobody will take away her from Harsh and she was just scared of losing her best friend. She apologizes to Tina and suggests that Harsh loves her very dearly as much as she loves him. She thinks that Tina will make him happy and wants her to go to Harsh and both hug each other. Tina goes to Harsh and they become a nice couple.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks about the friendship and compromises. On one hand, Niharika wanted her best friend to be life partner and on other hand Harsh didn’t found/choose his best friend as his life partner. But, Niharika learnt the meaning of true friendship and realized that Harsh’s happiness was in Tina while her own happiness was to see Harsh happy. Surbhi wants people to share their opinions using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook and Twitter pages.

Info On Cast:

* Niharika is played by actress Bharti Kumar
– Debut with the role of Twinkle in Disney channel’s show Ishaan in 2010.
– Played the role of Miloni in Channel V’s show – Humse Hain Liife (2011-2012)
– Bharti played the role of Kiya in Channel V’s popular TV series Buddy project, the show’s facebook page.
– Recently, she played the role of Ritu in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 51 aired on 13th July 2014. If interested, read the episode’s WU here.
– Bharti Kumar with actor Kunal Jaisingh Selfie

Family forever

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* Tina is played by actress Namita Dubey
– She is a new upcoming talent who has worked in MTV Webbed and Gumrah
– Avid reader of books and has interests in fashion and clothing.
– Namita’s Facebook page
– Namita recently played the role of Srineeta in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 54 aired on 1st August 2014, and in the role of Shreya Thapar in Gumraah Season 4 Episode 2 aired on 7th September 2014. YHA episode with Namita’s WU -> here and the Gumraah’s episode WU -> here.
Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 54 Shamita, Namita Dubey

* Harsh is played by actor Vishal Gandhi
– Vishal portrayed the role of Kabir Rathore in Star One’s show – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani [2010 -2011]. Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani’s Wikipedia page.
– Recently worked in MTV Fanaah Season 1 in the role of Adhrij.
– Twitter page of Vishal.

Image credit: Namita’s image is from her Facebook page.

PTKKx2: 19th September 4th Episode
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