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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 52

The story is about Bhumi and Mayur. Bhumi is a young girl who had a good life with her boyfriend Namit and they used to have a good life together and he also used to give her gifts and even take to some new places which she haven’t seen. After a fairy tale type of love between them comes a time when Namit shoots private photos/video of her at a party and then starts to blackmail her via the MMS leak scenario.


Bhumi is dejected after getting a stab in her believe on Namit and the world was upside down for her. The problems didn’t stop for her there as Namit even harassed and blackmailed her to listen to his demands. He then wanted her to visit a hotel and act as a call girl for a client. Bhumi goes there as she is being forced to do so otherwise the MMS leak will take place. Luckily for her, police officer Mayur comes there and tries to arrest her. As she pushes police women who comes to arrest her, then Mayur speaks that she is showing lot of attitude though she works just for money. She asks him what does he think whether she is for sale ? Mayur replies that items in the shop are definitely for sale and makes a taunt while looking at her. She then asks him to show that he can buy her.

Later, Mayur goes through her case and looks at her profile, and learns something from it which touches his heart and mind. Sooner, he meets her and wanted to listen to his story about how she felt trapped in the MMS scandal and blackmail. At first she speaks how she was videotaped by her boyfriend through his camera potentially without her knowledge when they were sharing intimate moments. She then suggests that its easy to show sympathy towards her after knowing the story but its very hard to love her. He decides to help her in getting justice and also provide emotional support as well. He arrests Namit and his men who were harassing Bhumi. With Mayur’s help, self-respect and confidence came back to her and on his end he was falling in love for her. Sooner, both realize their mutual love and become love struck. Some of the questions to know are: What was that one thing which has made Mayur gravitated towards Bhumi ? How they redefined love without any fear of societal norms and pressures ? Were they destined to meet and fall in love ? Stay tuned to Yeh Hai Aashiqui this Sunday on Bindass @ 7 PM.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 52 - Bhumi and Mayur's love

Info on Cast

*  Officer Mayur is played by actor Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra

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