Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 18th July 2014 19th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 17th Episode

Recap (Preview): Sonia is happy because of Sid is making her portfolio. Sid learns that Cheeku does a video chat with Kimaya every night and the long-distance one. Cheeku speaks that though he knows that Kimaya loves somebody else but he continues to love her. Kimaya at her end sees and listens to Cheeku’s conversation. Kattu speaks to Dodo about her constant looking at him at 2:18 pm every day through her window and didn’t feel disheartened as he rejected her proposal.


Cheeku wakes up and finds Kimaya at his end but thinks how come she came out from laptop and she informs of being present there physically. She apologizes to him for breaking his heart and cries. Cheeku consoles her and to not cry and speaks that he is fine. She goes to take out the laptop and throw it since that is the root cause of their problem and goes. But again as usual for Cheeku,  it turns out to be a dream and actually Dodo is the one who wants to throw Cheeku’s laptop and feels that Cheeku will feel good after that action as it will help him to deal with his break-up or rejection. Cheeku wants Sid to help him but instead Sid helps Dodo but Cheeku somehow manages to get hold of the laptop and speaks that in life he has only laptop and if he loses it then what will he do.  Sid informs that there are many fishes in the sea and calls himself the best fisherman. Dodo speaks that girls are being referred to fish and wants Cheeku to train and get body to impress girls. Sid goes from there.

Dodo informs Cheeku that they are going to a double date and wants him to get ready though Cheeku still feels about his love tragedy with Kimaya. Anyways, Cheeku decides to go with Dodo. Soon, he gets a skype call from Kimaya but doesn’t take her call. Dodo and Cheeku meets two girls Tara and Ruksana at the cafeteria. At first, Dodo speaks that he will speak with Tara and Cheeku has to speak with Ruksana. After seeing Ruksana hot, he changes the plan and exchanges the partner and wants Dodo to speak with Tara and he will speak with Ruksana. Again, Dodo is not impressed with Ruksana and changes the plan and speaks with Tara. Tara speaks that Ruksana got a recent breakup to Dodo, and Ruksana says that she hates all boys as they don’t have feeling. Tara speaks why Cheeku is quiet and asks whether he also has a breakup as he has the same look like Tara. Dodo speaks that just at the time of proposal he got a heart break and didn’t proceed further. The girls learn that Cheeku was in love with a girl who lives in America. Ruksana speaks that long-distance relationship doesn’t work because in India here is day while there is night. Dodo is being sent to take coffee and herbal tea for Cheeku while Cheeku talks and spends good time with girls.. Dodo is annoyed with him..

At home, Dodo is annoyed with Cheeku as he has become the hero instead of him.. Cheeku’s receives a call from Mangeshwar mam and she wants him to attend a Save the Earth campaign at another college and wants him to be there at 9:00 am. Cheeku has to give a speech and his teacher doesn’t listen to him. Cheeku is forced to go there. Sid at his end takes photos of Sonia as she gives a photo shoot. Dodo helps her and becomes the make-up man and also removes the sweat from her body. Kattu comes there and hits him and makes a taunt that if he is not there then sonia would have been drowned in her own sweat. She takes his role and asks him why has he invited her. She calls him Dodo’s assistant. Dodo takes Kattu away and he asks why is she troubling him and not letting him spend some good moments with girls. Sid waits for Devika and at that time tries to pamper Sonia and her hair curls. Devika speaks that during her photo shoot they were 4 professional photographers and here there is one. Sonia speaks that the entire college knows that how she treated Devika in a good way and makes a taunt at her. Sid takes Devika side and speaks that whatever he did was because of his own desire and cannot see Sonia speaking in bad way with her. Sonia leaves from there after becoming angry. Devika feels something (soft corner) for Sid..

Dodo finds Kimaya  on the TV going into an auto and at first thinks that she is not cheeku’s girl and then thinks that his eyes cannot be lying and makes a conclusion that Kimaya is there and runs to inform Cheeku. Cheeku practices in the night for the conference/seminar talk, and thinks that he could not give a good speech. He speaks of being stress because he has to give a speech in front of people at the inter-college conference. Dodo wants to speak that he has seen Kimaya.. but stops short of telling Cheeku and wants him to focus on the speech and sleep well.. Dodo is sleeping while making snarls and Dodo slept late at 2:00 am.

Dodo comes to the inter-college conference and prepares for the talk and gets a dream that the people there are hitting him after disliking his speech. He becomes late and then arrives to the conference place. The security guard doesn’t allow him to enter the place and Cheeku finds going to the Shri Ram Girls College instead and he has to go to Shri Ram Boys college and learns that it will take 1 hour from there though he has to be there in 30 minutes. He takes a taxi and wants the driver to drive fast  and in the process the taxi gets a problem and stops. Cheeku learns the college is near and comes to the conference place and asks for registration. The incharge there was sleeping and cheeku requests him to give registration and he informs that the registration was closed 30 mins ago and suggests Cheeku to go home.

Next Episode: Cheeku learns that the conference speech has to be an idea to reduce waste at college. Cheeku speaks of getting info that he has to give speech on environment and nothing specific. Dodo learns from his classmate that one of the person (hero) who was supposed to enact a role has got food poisoning and asks him whether he knows somebody. Devika wants to befriend Sid and compliments the photos he took. Cheeku goes to give a speech but haven’t prepared and gets a taunt from the people there who suggests that he came to just bunk the college.

Additional Note: From next week 24th July onwards, YJTRRR will come 3 times a week (Thursday to Saturday)


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