Love By Chance 19th July 2014 8th Episode Bindass – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 7th Episode;

Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that in relationships the things which look hot changes to not so hot later. He speaks that if things are not working then give some one else a chance and do not take tension and move forward and the chance is such a thing which is needed by everyone.


The story starts with Nihar speaking with his boss Pranjal and couldn’t spell his name well. The boss is unhappy and doesn’t want to give him chance since he doesn’t gave him an idea since 4 years. He suggests Nihar to find another job and finallty gets one week of work. Nihar speaks with his colleague of getting a deadline from his boss Pranjal and thinks what to do now. Kavya speaks that her boyfriend is so possessive that even just for the sake of perfume he will not leave his car. She speaks of a time when her boyfriend Ankush is too old fashioned and has said once that he will not kiss her because of a puja at his home. Kavya speaks of not able to say no and thinks Ankush as boring. He comes there in a yellow shirt and calls Kavya as baby. He speaks about the coolness is from inside, and she informs of going to Pune to visit her maternal uncle. He also agrees to come with her.

Then, she makes an excuse of not going to Pune and the plan is cancelled. Nihar goes on a walk with a friend and promises to make a show and then show to his boss. He also suggests of making a MMS of his boss and the friend advises him to not do such thing since the police will beat him so bad so that he will see a ghost. Nihar gets an idea to show the ghosts to his boss and thinks that his job is permanent. Nihar goes to the forest and introduces himself (the one from Saharanpur) on camera as Nihar singh and its night there at that time. He speaks of staying in the forest with ghosts and vows that he will teach a lesson to ghosts. Kavya brings Ankush to the same forest and he becomes worried and thinks that ghosts are present there. She speaks of taking him to that place since they can do such thing which people will not see. Kavya remembers her words which she spoke with her friend, and she has advised her to test Ankush of his bravery and if he fails then dump him.

Kavi (the host) speaks that kavya is the one who cannot say to anybody and she came there to test her boyfriend’s bravery. He plans to take photos at the national park under the moonlight and also wants to see what will happen between a frightened boyfriend, Kavya, and Nihar who is trying to live with ghosts to save his job.

Ankush is frightened to be present there and they hear some sounds and she also sees some light. Nihar at his end takes the shoot with himself and is around 11:00 PM night. He meets Kavya and Ankush and they introduce themselves. She speaks of coming there for picnic and she makes a taunt at him.  He thinks that they are lying and how come they can come there for picnic as it is not a lover’s  meeting place. Soon, they hear a tiger roar and becomes worried. Ankush wants to stay back and feels afraid while Kavya wants to go. He calls Nihar as the big bro and seeks help from him. She thinks that Nihar is uneducated and he replies on being better than her boyfriend who is so much afraid that he can pee in his trousers. Nihar wants them to leave from there but Ankush is not listening. Kavya leaves from there after becoming angry with Ankush and Nihar then goes to search her.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Kavya learnt in 10 minutes how Ankush couldn’t match with her believe and as her friend suggested he couldn’t handle different circumstances. Kavya calls her friend Priyanka and thinks that she has gone through a break-up with Ankush. She wants to go back towards the highway and soon finds somebody approaching her. She then takes a wooden stick and hits that person who turns out to be Nihar. He asks her what does she think, whether she thought of ghost coming close to her ? He speaks of taking to her boyfriend’s place and even dropped them to their car. So, he can continue with his shooting work later. She thanks him for his help and suggests that she also does bungee jumping. He thinks that her relationship with Ankush is like that of living in a married life after 10 years of marriage.

Kavi (the host) speaks that sometimes new relationships look so old very soon that you will feel that you are staying in a relationship with no fun and looks like a task. Kavya feels thirsty and he asks her why she didn’t come with water though she came on a picnic. She asks him about his problem. He then shows her a small pond with water. She gives a suggestion to him that he should not think everyone as his enemy and if he does that then he cannot make friends. Soon, they find an animal approaching them and runs away and then reaches the same place where Ankush was stationed. They don’t find Ankush there and he asks her about Ankush’s mobile number. She cites of not knowing his number and Nihar replies that if he didn’t complete his shoot then he will face lot of problems. She opens up and speaks about her decision to have a break-up with Ankush. He replies on not having an expensive perfume like her darling Ankush but he is the one who respects all females (women) a lot. After hearing it, she smiles at him. He then wants to look for Ankush and before going takes a shoot suggesting that now he is looking for him instead of shooting the ghosts.  He speaks of being fearless to succeed in life.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Nihar informed Kavya that he is not modern type but has that mettle and courage. He asks why they were not mingling until now. Soon, they are caught by armed men and are held hostage. Kavi speaks of getting a message from his mother about an armed robbery at the bank and has stolen 10 lakh INR. Kavya’s supposedly Savior went missing and from second savior Nihar he doesn’t have much hope as he is caught by those armed men.The armed men takes out the wallet from Nihar’s pocket though he feels that they are coming close to him. Sooner, another man belonging to armed men’s group comes there and confronts Nihar. At first, he asks him whether he is from news channel and taking shoot and then suggests whether he was shooting some intimate moments with the girl. Kavya becomes annoyed after hearing it and wants that man to control his speech. Nihar informs the man that he actually helped Kavya and her boyfriend and fights with her.

Both engage in petty fights and he is then threatened by that man. Nihar then asks him whether he is from Saharanpur and speaks that he is from the same town. As that man was coughing hard, he tells him to take medicines from his pocket and then suggests why is he involved in robbery. Nihar then promises to not inform any people about them and also takes the guarantee of Kavya and after some requests gets a release. That armed man speaks of releasing him because of sharing the same town and even gets 351 rupees from that person for his own expenses and also to visit temple in that town and do the needful with 101 rupees.

Kavi(the host) speaks that Nihar who even doesn’t have proper manners to speak now has saved his and Kavya’s life and became a hero. He got respect in Kavya’s eyes but doesn’t know what he feels for her. He speaks of not informing the police about them as he promised them. She says they are criminals and she also informs of not telling the police as he took a guarantee of her. He speaks of not completing the TV show and plans to resign the next day, and speaks that life is about what you may. She laughs on his spoken english but in a good way.  He looks at her and smiles and says that she haven’t broke-up fully with Ankush because she has a pure heart and couldn’t break other’s heart and also they will have hard time in saying no. Soon,  she sees him pulling his jeans over and over which is his signature style and the one which he often does and smiles. He speaks of becoming uncomfortable because of jeans.

She informs him that when he was judging Ankush she felt that he was actually teasing her. She then asks him about the ideal person for her.  He speaks of not knowing it and suggests that the person should not act like a baby like Ankush. They then find Ankush sitting in his car and she decides to teach him a lesson and inform him of her break-up. He becomes annoyed with Kavya for leaving him and she calls him baby and thinks that he is strong and doesn’t deserve a weaker person like her. Actually this was a taunt at him but he was in his own world and leaves from there after deciding to dump her. She is happy as he went from there.  Nihar calls her Kamaal (wonderful) and then takes her on his bike so as to drop at her home.

Kavi speaks that Bhootiyapanti has ended, but Kavya used to like Nihar but for him his job was the priority and he was worried about it. Next day, Nihar goes to his office and offers his resignation to his boss. The boss seems to be engaged in something serious and looking at his laptop. He asks Nihar when does he came and then comes close to him. He hugs Nihar and speaks of becoming proud for him. The boss speaks that he has send a DVD in the morning which gives an account of his adventure last night at the forest and also how he fell in love with a girl there whose life he has saved. He thinks that Nihar has done a fabulous job and appreciates him. The DVD show is being titled Love By Chance, and Kavya speaks with her friend that Nihar is coming to take her on his bike. She asks him whether he will hug while sitting on the bike. He becomes shy and asks her whether she wants to hugs him. She and asks him whether he is afraid, nervous or has met Ankush on his way and smiles. He hugs her and speaks that if he continues to have manners then she will hug him daily and both then leaves on their bike.

Kavi (the host) speaks of going to the cosmetic surgeon and he is happy to be himself and speaks that Nihar is strange and adjusts his pant in a very awkward manner but his heart and mind is at the right place and he needs a chance that people like him. Like everyone he got a chance and even Kavya got a chance and their love story was born. Kavi speaks that if you have suggestions or comments about the episode then you can write it using the hashtag #LoveByChance at Bindass TV’s facebook and twitter pages.

Info On Cast
* Nihar is played by actor Mohit Malik who was an ex-contestant of MTV Roadies season 7
* Kavya is played by actress and VJ Barkha Singh

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