Love By Chance 26th July 2014 9th Episode Bindass – Promo Snapshot


Love By Chance Bindass 9th Episode Smriti and Gaurav

The story is about Smriti and Gaurav. Before their chance meeting, they share the same problem of being heart-broken after getting dumped by their respective partners. Smriti’s believe has been broken after she was being dumped by her boyfriend Rajat in a very bad manner and not in an amicable manner. While at Gaurav’s end, his heart was broken by his girlfriend Namrata (Nimmo).


 It turns out that they meet at the wedding of their ex’s (Rajat and Namrata) by chance and learns about their ex’s being getting married there. Gaurav is insulted by Nimmo at the party though he is attending the wedding on Nimmo’s father insistence since he thought that Gaurav could provide either financial help or help in chores of wedding work. After learning about Gaurav’s insult and her own frustration, Smriti vows to teach a tough lesson to their ex’s. At first, she didn’t succeed because instead of Rajat, Gaurav falls in her trap and gets an electric shock. In her second attempt she succeeds in damaging the Sherwani of Rajat and vows again that the lesson she will teach will remembered by Rajat and Nimmo throughout their life.

Smriti is helped ably by Gaurav in her pursuit and they begin to spend more time together and he even comforts her and takes care. They even play with water and she calls him sweet and he returns the compliment by calling that she is also not so bad. Though they started to inflict some damage and vent out their frustration on their ex’s but their boat carrying love has drifted the path and their love story was already born. All there fun activities together, sharing of eyelocks, teasing each others and being happy when together clearly shows the presence of love which they realized to become lovestruck. Their sweet and cute love story really developed because they give love a chance they gave themselves a chance and ultimately found the love which they were yearning for so dearly.

Some of the questions to ask, How did they cope up with their heart breaks first ? What were those qualities of Gaurav that has impressed Smriti a lot ? Have they succeeded in teaching a lesson to Nimmo and Rajat for their deceit and betrayal ? How love blossomed between them in first place ? Does their similar heart-break situation have provided them the base to understand each other ? What make them decide to give love a chance which has finally made them realize their mutual and caring love for each other ? Stay tuned to Love By Chance this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass.

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