Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 25th July 2014 22nd Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 17th Episode

Recap (Preview): Cheeku gets appreciation from the students in the college. Dodo tries to catch on Cheeku’s name and fame by asking people to fund him atleast 50 INR for Cheeku’s studies abroad. Cheeku and Dodo goes to a counsellor for knowing about studies abroad and there learns more about mountains and locations instead of college. Mangeshwar mam wants Cheeku to be modest and not fly after winning the trophy. Dodo tries to convince to act in the play instead of him. Cheeku after learning about Kimaya’s fight with her boyfriend initially feels sympathetic and then becomes excited since everything is fair in love and war.

Cheeku is shirtless and is sitting while keeping the AC temperature low so as to test whether his body is suitable for cold climate. Dodo requests him dearly to act in the play instead of him. Cheeku speaks of his confidence after winning the contest and also getting his name in the newspaper and agrees to play the role of hero in prof. shukla’s play. Dodo becomes happy and leaves. Prof. Shukla is taking the play rehearsals at the college and Cheeku comes there and informs him that he came there to play the role of a hero in a vibrant and casual manner. The professor jokes about his words and makes a fun of his name Cheeku and speaks that nobody waits for Cheeku the fruit. Cheeku speaks of not losing and trying his best and speaks that Cheeku is fruit for eyes and also good for ailments like Cancer and other illness. The prof wants Cheeku to play the character of Cheeku and some other speaks that he sat down because of commitment. Dodo meets Radhika and wants her to thank him. She speaks that Dodo was afraid and has sent Cheeku for the role since the role demands an underdog and the one of loser. He calls himself the hero for her. The play name is All is fair in love and war. Gattu comes there and becomes the volunteer for helping Radhika. Radhika asks whether Dodo wants to really help her. She gives him some work to bring some paper and cosmetic things from the shop and asks him to not flirt with the girl there.

Cheeku speaks to the prof that it all depends on the director how it extracts the good work from him. He gives the opportunity to Cheeku and Cheeku thinks that his be positive nature has helped him. Cheeku is feeling very confident and gets a compliment from a girl. She speaks that Cheeku has changed a lot – the one from shy to the confident. The girl plays the role of Juliet in the play and leaves from there. Dodo comes there to the shop and ┬átries to flirt with the girl and asked her number and got a scolding form her. Kimaya comes to the same shop and Dodo sees her and wants to speak with her but then hits a girl and in that time Kimaya leaves from there. Dodo tries to ask the shop owner about Kimaya but didn’t get any answer. Cheeku meets Sid at the college and asks him how is he looking and wants him to attend the play. Sid speaks of coming to the college for attendance and also informs him of not interested in the play. Cheeku tries to remove Sid from his mental state and depression by making him participate in the play.

Cheeku gets a call from a friend and he boasts about the ticket price for 5,000 INR and speaks that Devika is coming there and vows to not sell the ticket. Sid becomes nervous after hearing about Cheeku’s play demand and then wanted to come to Cheeku’s play but stops short. Cheeku at the canteen speaks that he doesn’t have car, building, worth but has truth with himself which was actually the lines of his play and was rehearsing. Dodo comes ┬áthere and informs him that he has seen Kimaya at the shop and believes that she is in Mumbai and is not lying. Dodo speaks that he has seen Kimaya at the cosmetic shop and also informs about her dress and golden earrings. He also suggests of getting an image of the girl in his mind. He makes a bet of 1,000 INR though Cheeku at first believes on his own. Cheeku tries to speak with Kimaya and chats with her and finds her wearing pink dress and after complimenting it asks her whether she went on a shopping. She replies makeup, clothes and she informs of going to a cosmetic shop. He then asks her where does she live in Chicago. She asks him whether he knows about Chicago. He speaks of playing the role of a hero on 20th at college’s auditorium and the play’s name… Sooner, she gets a call and he cuts the call.

Cheeku gets a message from the girl Tara that people are waiting for him and is late for rehearsal. He comes there and gets scolded by the prof for coming late and he wants him to speak the lines without looking at the lines. He speaks to the girl that he loves her a lot and then remembers about Kimaya words going to cosmetic shop. He couldn’t speak the lines and forgot his lines and gets scolding and he is being told to remember the lines in 10 minutes. Gattu and Radhika speaks that Cheeku was fine a while ago and Dodo comes there and informs them that he has told Cheeku about seeing Kimaya at the cosmetic shop and he has also made a bet of 1000 INR thus it is very important for him to win the bet. Gattu supports him in finding details about Kimaya since Cheeku needs to know the truth. She speaks just see how Cheeku is behaving and feeling after getting a doubt on Kimaya’s presence in the same city.

Additional Note: </b We didn't wrote the update of next episode 26th July 2014 on our site since Channel V India have telecast YJTRRR old episodes of 24th and 25th July in today's episode instead of a fresh one.

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