Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 1st August 2014 25th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 25th Episode

Recap (Preview): Cheeku does the play in remarkable manner and speaks emotional words that of a Romeo and wins everybody’s heart there at the play. Devika attends the play and sits with Sid. After the play, Sid proposes Devika to come with him for a play. Kimaya is also there at the play but in disguise. She becomes dejected to be in disguise and not informing Cheeku about her truth.


Highlight of the Episode: Cheeku learns that Kimaya is in Mumbai and not in Chicago and feels the pain of Kimaya’s lie.

Sid comes home and informs Dodo about winning Devika’s heart. Dodo speaks to him about Cheeku’s contribution in mending Devika and making her close to Sid. Sid is excited to have a girlfriend Devika and speaks about three important rules. First, they should be away for 3 km away radius from them, and second they should help in small things, and the third is 25 % of their pocket money should be given to him. Somehow, he manages to win their support on all three rules. Kimaya comes home and remembers cheeks and speaks of going there to meet him as she was missing a true friend. She remembers Cheeku’s play and his last momentous words and he was looking was very confident. She writes them and suggests that she need to say the truth in some way as it took lot of time. Kimaya meets Cheeku in his college and he asks how come she is there and in an air-hostess dress and also not in chicago. She speaks of staying in France, and then in Germany, and then speaks Canada but then speaks of living in Brazil, Argentina. He speaks of buying tickets since he knows she lives in Chicago. She makes a taunt at him and calls him loser and then tears his ticket. As always it turns out to be a dream and Cheeku wakes up from it and coughs.

He receives a message from Kimaya and she wants him to come online in 1 hour as she needs to speak some important thing. Sid remembers about Devika while lying. Devika calls him and  he tries to flirt and speaks cheesy lines. She informs him to stop cheesy line and suggests him to come at 7 PM at her home since her parents are going away. Sid becomes excited to go to Devika’s home and her home and room. Dodo tries to tease Sid for going to Devika’s home. He tries to advice Sid when a girl invites you to her home. He needs to be clean, and use men’s face wash so his skin will be soft, and third has to wear a good inner-wear and grand-finale about some chemist shop. he speaks about all brands.. Dodo speaks that Sid will first go to medical store.. Sooner, Gattu calls Dodo and he takes her call. She wants him to meet her at Gift world. Cheeku at his end attends a skype chat with kimaya.  She is very silent and carries a very sad face. She speaks of not having good times with her boyfriend, and even she got insulted and speaks of breaking up with him. Cheeku speaks that everything is fair in love and war, and if he is trying to change then he doesn’t love her. Cheeku speaks how come she knows that he spoke those lines on stage. He then asks her what’s the time in Chicago ? She couldn’t answer about the time and he cuts her call. He suggests that there is something wrong for sure and wonders whether Kimaya is in India and wants to speak with Dodo.

Sid comes with Devika’s home with flowers and gets a warm hug. He flirts with her and speak that she is very beautiful and then as she is about to fall he saves her and shares an eyelock. Sid thinks the evening is special. Dodo comes to the gift shop and meets Gattu. He carries a lipstick and wonders about the different types. Gattu gives him the address of Kimaya which she got from the shop person. Gattu speaks of giving the address to Dodo instead of Cheeku since she wants to go on date with him. Dodo speaks of getting 1000 INR from him since he will win the bet. Kimaya laughs on his brotherhood and suggests that they need to support Cheeku. Dodo and Gattu comes there and he informs Cheeku about Kimaya’s address. Cheeku gives 842 INR to Dodo which satisfies the bet and give more money. Dodo tries to explain that he did to make him calm down. Gattu tries to relax Cheeku and his frustration, and he wants to face his own problems which Kimaya has taught. Gattu speaks that its a good news that kimaya is here and not in US. Cheeku speaks that she has given him a lie and called herself as a best friend for him. He wants to got to her home to get all answers.

Sid at his end have a ball room dance with Devika  and both feel happy and hold her hands. She gets a call and attends it. She speaks with her friend Natasha who got dejected as a boy has tried to hit on her with force and she suggests natasha to hit that person where it hurts the most. She praises Sid on his attitude on phone. Sid becomes worried after hearing it and changes his mind and asks Devika to give him juice instead. Cheeku goes to Kimaya’s home and waits to see her coming out from her home. Soon after 30 minutes, he finds  a girl coming out but its not Kimaya. He thinks that he should changed his mind and thinks Kimaya is in Chicago. Just then, he hears Kimaya’s voice and sees her going in an auto. Cheeku is shocked and literary in tears.

Next Episode (7th August 2014): Cheeku is dejected at college and at home and is very annoyed. He wants Kimaya to come her online. Everybody wants Cheeku to speak with Kimaya and even Devika wants Sid to first convince Cheeku to speak with Kimaya and then only she will speak with him.

Additional Note: Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri have fresh episodes on Thurday and Fridays at 6 PM IST but on Saturday repeat telecast those two previous episodes in one episode, so it is not fresh. Hence, we haven’t written YJTRRR’s Saturday episode.

Full Episode Video:

Sneak Peek, Episode 25 on 1st August 2014
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