Romance to consummate between Raman and Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


raman ishita yeh hai mohabbatein romance


We are not talking about the marriage consummation as of now, as it still has some time to go. We will inform you when it happens for sure. Its about romance consummation, which is beating in Raman’s heart with high intensity. Raman has been always a raw mango for Ishita, and nowadays he has got ripen, and showering love and care on Ishita. Raman is an adorable guy and his sweet smiles says everything to his smart and understanding wife. Raman and Ishita had their cricket match with families, where Ishita got hurt and her hand got fractured. It was a very funny scene where Mihir taught Raman how to make Ishita wear a saree, as she won’t be able to wear it herself by one hand. Raman is glad that Ishita has managed to wear it, but he gets involved when he steps at her saree and all the pleats come out. He takes her to the room and does all the pleating and tucking work. The scene looks very romantic, and Mihir and Mihika witness their romance and applaud for them. Ishita is all smiling, as she has succeeded in making a good place in Raman’s heart. Raman accepts his love feelings to Ishita by saying her I love you, shocking Ishita by his confession.

Meanwhile, Ashok is deciding to finalize Mihika for the model shoot and also make her his girlfriend, inorder to cheat and hurt Shagun. He has invited his elder brother for his marriage, but he is eyeing Mihika, to blackmail her and make her agree to marry him, leaving aside Mihir. He wants to teach a good lesson to Shagun by dumping her. Mihir is totally unaware of Ashok’s evil intentions. Will Mihika fall prey to Ashok’s plan or not, has to be seen. We are sure Raman won’t spare Ashok is he tries to hurt Mihika or Ishita by his dirty act. Poor Shagun will be upset knowing Ashok won’t marry her. Shagun will have a tough time, as she had cheated a good person like Raman for Ashok and he did not reward her by anything. The show will be having an overflow of Raman and Ishita’s sweet romantic scenes. Keep watching YHM and keep reading here.


  1. they love each other but will not admit it bcoz of their ego.but till when will they hide their emotions,one day they have to waiting for that day.
    Mihika’s life should not be spoiled.

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