Nihaal Singh, the subtle and stunning dude steps back in Pritampura in Star Plus’ Veera


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A ‘’Start to Current‘’ Banging Review on Nihaal Singh
Nihaal’s Role showcased: Mohabbat bhi karke dekhi, kya paaya wo kaise bataun………..
Haan mai hoon tera Gunehgaar………….
Hope things change after his entry post long leap…….
TR Ratings: *****


Teri Ek Nazar Pe Dil Mera Nihaal Hogaya……………. Was something sung by Ratan, in her heart seeing the dashing Nihaal Singh, when she was getting dependent on him, seeing how well he is taking care of her children Ranvi and Veera, and also managing Sampooran’s responsibilities of home, business and family. Chaiji also wanted to get Ratan married to Nihaal, knowing Nihaal loves Ratan from the bottom of his heart. `When Nihaal saved Ranvi and Veera from the tiger in Pind, it was a Balle Balle moment for Ratan. Later on, the truth broke out to her that Nihaal is responsible for her husband Sampooran’s death. She mourned like she is the only widow in her Pind, and forgot that she was annoyed with Sampooran, for having an affair and he had an illegitimate daughter Veera, whom she accepted only for Ranvi’s sake. She forgot how Nihaal has saved her from every trouble in her life, and stuck at only point, that Nihaal was the one whose car has hit Sampooran and her husband died falling in the valley. The truth was Nihaal tried a lot to save him, but could not, and his smile could not come back on his face because of his heavy guilt. Nihaal won everyone’s heart by his sweet gestures and goodness. He got popular in Pind, and Baldev’s mum Bansuri was busy flirting with him and giving him wrong signals, to woo him, but got no attention from him.

After knowing the truth, Ratan changed her track to ‘’Main hun ek angel and Devil mera yaar’’ and asked Nihaal to leave her home, as she had the other support, her son Ranvi, who has very small, but had anger as hard as a mountain. Ranvi showed the door to Nihaal. Nihaal’s heart was beating for them, being worried how will they manage when he goes off far, but he obeyed Ratan and Ranvi, and took their hatred with him to Poland, where he joined a rich farmer who taught him farming techniques and died giving all his property to him. Lucky Nihaal did not fall in love again, really lucky, as love bites!! The show took a great leap and the children grew. After a very long time, Nihaal met Veera with Neel’s identity when she applied online to learn farming from him. He ignored her at first, but knowing she wants to fulfill Sampooran’s dream, he agreed and called her to Poland. He stayed hidden for many days and being curious about him, Veera got to know the truth that he is her sweet Nihaal Chachu. They became good friends again, sharing everything and bonding well like they did in her childhood.Nihaal asked Veera not to tell anyone that she met him in Poland, and she came back to Pritampura after learning the polyhouse farming techniques from him.

Chaiji spots Veera talking to Nihaal on videochat and asks her to stay away from him, and not his name infront of Ratan and Ranvi. Veera shares this strange thing with Baldev and he thinks that only Bansuri can tell them the secret behind this. They find out from Bansuri that Nihaal is responsible for Sampooran’s death, he is the one who broke Ratan’s family and ruined it. Veera decides not to forgive Nihaal and make her heart stone. She confronts Nihaal on this matter and he explains her how it all happened and under what circumstances. Veera’s heart melts again, and she asks him to come back to Pind, to prove his innocence if it was not his fault. Nihaal thinks its high time, he can’t be quiet, and comes back to Pind only on Veera’s insistence. He also decides to unite Veera and Baldev.

The Raksha Bandhan day comes and Ranvi and Veera celebrate it grand. Veera ties Rakhi to Ranvi, and Ranvi asks Veera to ask for her gift, and Nihaal’s Ek Do Teen…. Aaja Piya Aayi Bahaar…….. entry happens. Ratan is shocked seeing him. Ratan and Nihaal eye each other for a while. They can take some time in staring, as Ranvi can wait to get Ratan’s reaction later!! Ranvi is shocked to see him, as Veera asks him to forgive and accept Nihaal back in their lives for everyone’s happiness. Will Ranvi be able to explain Veera, his emotions how he sacrificed everything to be the head of the family after Sampooran’s death, and how he has seen his mum cry being lonely? Veera was far off to study in city, and does not know about their problems, as Ranvi and Ratan always showed a perfect picture to Veera to keep her in peace. Will Veera be able to convince Ranvi to forgive Nihaal? What about Ratan? Will her heart sing-ring or fume fire seeing Nihaal? We are expecting a great twist ahead in Veera, as Nihaal is going to really rock the show. Ratan and Nihaal’s love chemistry was more special than the younger lots now. The eye talk and heart beating signs were most romantic, now they got oldies, and let’s see how they romance. Ratan still looks lovely, in her short suits and Nihaal looks dashing as ever, with no grey hair and no specs, both just rock. We hope to see their love story revived and they have a good kick start!! A Happy Shappy wala love for Ratan and Nihaal, cheers…… !! Hats off to Kapil Nirmal for this perfect portrayal of Nihaal Singh…… Keep TellyReviewing!!

Additional Info:
* Nihal Singh is played by amazing actor Kapil Nirmal. Kapil’s Twitter page


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