Yeh Hai Aashiqui 8th August 2014 Episode 56 on Bindass starring Rohan Shah and Aaradhya – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui- Episode 56, Deeksha and Mohit

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show  and speaks about the irony which is between you and God. He speaks that we complain many times to God instead of thankfulness. Deeksha was also like this but after the entry of Mohit her life changed. Let’s see her story.

The story is set in Panch gani 2012. Deeksha prays to God for not going to the deaf and dumb school. Deeksha’s parents speak with her school’s principal who is a sister/Nun. She informs her parents about Deeksha’s behavior of attacking other girls and thinks of them as punching bags and gives final word that Deeksha has to go to the deaf and dumb school. Deeksha is then informed by her parents about the same and she shouts of not going there and cries. Deeksha’s father speaks of his business and speaks of his helplessness. She then goes to hit the girl who has complained for her and creates ruckus there and then taken away by his father. The principal speaks that she has lot of anger and only fights and if she goes there then it would be of help.

Mohit at his school does the drawing of a guitar in the class and gives it to his teacher and then takes his own guitar and while playing goes from there. As he walks in his own hits Deeksha and both fell down and she also didn’t see him because she was carrying an umbrella obscuring her path. Deeksha meets the principal of the school there and she is informed to have patience and also will not judge by her reputation and is then told that she need to keep updated about her daily experience. She is also informed about Mohit who is the class leader of 12th class and have hearing problems and also couldn’t speak properly (problems in speech). Deeksha asks her then how could he speak ? The principal asks her whether she thought that only by mouth you can speak or ears you listen. Mohit is then called by the principal and she then sees him and speaks that he is also blind. She is then told to not speak in such a way otherwise she will not get admission in school anywhere. Mohit is informed by the principal to change Deeksha from being angry to a lovable nature. He speaks in his not so clear voice that students follow rule there and she then laughs. She asks him whether he is mad for laughing unnecessarily.

Later in evening, Deeksha sees Mohit playing guitar and wonders how come he is playing and hearing the sound since he is deaf. She then remembers her principal’s words that you don’t need to listen/speak with ear/mouth and then plans to break some rule in the school. Next day, she attends the class and learns that Mohit is partially deaf and can hear the bell. She is also informed that Mohit lost his hearing capacity because of a car accident. She comes to him and speaks that he plays guitar well and she has seen him playing in night. She tries to snatch his guitar but he shrugs it off.  He speaks her to manage herself and calls her name Deeksha but in clear voice. She then thinks that he called her Rickshaw (three-wheel cart for transport) and becomes annoyed and leaves. Mohit also feels lot.

In the night, Deeksha writes a post and speaks that Mohit is a creep and her mom-dad is enjoying in Dubai for the diamond expo and also speaks that she doesn’t have any friend there. Mohit comes to her home knocking at her door and she takes out a stick thinking that somebody random person or thief is there. He comes forward as she opens up the door and misses her stick and asks why she was going to hit him. She asks him what is he doing there ? He speaks of coming there to ask her if everything is ok since in the morning she was having problem ? He speaks that her lips work fast and she doesn’t use sign language and cannot understand her. She then asks him whether he really doesn’t hear. He replies that people thinks that he is very cute and after hearing it she sends him away and wonders how he was speaking about his cuteness ?

They meet at the school and he calls her Rickshaw. She informs him that her name is Deeksha by writing on the book. He speaks of reading her lips that’s why he was mistaken on her name. He wants her to speak slowly and he will interpret her lips instead of writing. He then holds her hand and both shares a cute and warm eyelock. She marks the calendar crossing off the first 4 days of April and speaks that after some days she will leave. He informs her that during the time of her leave she will start crying and come to him. He speaks of not having anything since his childhood and remembers only a tune and when he sees her he remembers the tune. She speaks of troubling him and he refers her as his tune. He speaks of the tune as mad and because of which will not let her go. She speaks of getting removed from her first school and he is the first person who doesn’t want to leave him. She then asks him why with tears in her eyes ? He then plays the guitar and she watches it with much care and smiles. Both spend more time together, and she enjoys his company more and feels much better and happy. Both do yoga together and on another occasion they spend more time together in lift and also does fun moments in class.

He removes the crossing from her calendar and also stops her from hitting some other girl and makes her calm and puts more food (burgers) in her mouth with love. She eats it  and feels happy. Soon, she learns the sign language from him and feels ecstatic and also showers the – I love you via sign language and speaks to herself of her love for him since he has accepted her in whatever good/bad and she couldn’t got far him even if she wanted to and after coming close she wants to come more closer and then speaks – I love you Mohit. At his end, Deeksha while playing guitar also speaks I love you Deeksha. Then, the next moment speaks of knowing that she cannot be with him and only the thought of having her is wrong and thinks that she only likes him as a friend.

Deeksha at her home feels that there is life than just shouting and speaks again – I love you Mohit. She also wonders whether he loves her or not, maybe he might just think her as his friend. But for her he is everything and wonders how she will express her love. Next day, they meet and she looks at him with much love and then sometime later she shows him a heart sketch but he doesn’t appreciate it. She doesn’t mind and takes it positively. At her home in the night, she crosses the calendar and cries. He speaks to himself of able to tell her how much he loves her and also there is one day left and she speaks of how to express her love. She then brings a mike in her class and wants to speak some thing before its too late. She speaks not today then she will never be able to speak. She things sing a song (Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song) and also uses the sign language to show her love for Mohit and cries. The teacher and students also sees it and smiles. While crying, she speaks of loving him – I love you Mohit (Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays). He also reciprocates the same feelings and he hugs her and both becomes love struck and shares a warm hug.

Deeksha’s parents is informed that she has got a 360 degree change because of the principal’s idea (sister) at her new school. Her father thanks them and then speaks that she wouldn’t have changed then he might needed to cancel his European conference trip and another trip with his wife. The principal’s watches him and they wish to see their daughter in a normal school before their departure. He speaks that the company there in the new school is different and wants to shift her to other school. Deeksha hears it and cries and comes near Mohit. He asks her whether she is leaving and he then touches close to her heart and speaks of checking her heartbeat whether it beats fast nor not. She speaks of her heartbeat faster and he then informs her that means she really loves him and then both hugs her. She first speaks I love you Mohit and he replies I love you too. He wants her to go and he speaks of understanding. She tries to take him away with her but  he stops. The principal’s tries to convince her father that she wants to stay there and learn music. Her mother speaks that music is wastage of time and she needs to focus on her studies. She tries to convince Mohit dearly to come wit her and he then tries to calm her down by Yoga breaths and speaks that her entire life is ahead and doesn’t want her to argue. He wants her to not argue and wants her to focus on studies and future. Both exchange sign language and he speaks that if she shouts it doesn’t help since he cannot hear and uses sign language. She replies before also nobody listen to her shouting and while crying goes away from there. Mohit also cries and her father speaks boldly that Deeksha is playing and singing for a boy and doesn’t want to see her daughter’s life getting destroyed with a boy who even couldn’t hear properly.

Deeksha’s mother hugs her and wants to take to her hostel instead of home. Deeksha wished to go to her home but instead has to go to her hostel. She informs her of learning so much there which she haven’t learned in 18 years of life. She speaks of learning that she has everything in life – ear, eyes, heart, parents, and family (the ones who were not with her always) and also got best admission in a school. She then speaks of being a student of life and wants to be happy and wants to teach/learn and study there. She speaks that her studies has a condition which is come to this school/institute and learn music by volunteering there for 1 day. She again reiterates that is her condition in order to complete her study. Deeksha’s father speaks in high voice against the principal and doesn’t want to tolerate such things there. She speaks calmly and informs that the boy name is Mohit and informs them that as she has crossed 18 years old and is now adult. Thus, she is calmly wanted him to grant her 1 day of Volunteering there. She then brings out Mohit and introduces him to her parents. She speaks that he cannot listen but he has the one who has heard her the most. She speaks of staying with him whether her father give permission or not. Deeksha’s father speaks of going to the higher authorities and she informs of not going with him and she is also stubborn and the only difference is she will not shout and stay calm. Deeksha’s parents leaves with anger and she holds the hand of Mohit and shares a beautiful eyelock of love.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Deeksha learnt the point of view after meeting Mohit and falling in love and both learnt that love is not just an emotion but it has the strength to change your life provided you meet the right person like Deeksha and Mohit for whom love changed everything. Rithvik signs off by saying – Keep falling in love, guys and asks people to share their thoughts using the hashtag #YehHaiAashiqui on Bindass Twitter and Facebook pages. He also thanks the viewers for loving the show so much.

Info on Cast and Note:
* Mohit is played by actor Rohan Shah
– Worked in Channel V’s show Humse Hain life (2011-2012) in the role of Gautam aka Gauti Dhillon, younger brother of the female lead Sia (played by actress Abigail Jain). Gauti is an IT geek and wants to become rich.
– Coincidentally, his movie Shuruvaad Ka Interval is releasing on 8th August the same day of Yeh Hai Aashiqui episode telecast this friday. The movie has 8 short stories(films) and Rohan’s story is named No exit. The movie is mentored by Imtiaz Ali, Vikramaditya Motwane, Anand Gandhi, Vikas Bahl and more. (a total of 8 directors).
– Rohan’s Twitter page

* Deeksha is played by an upcoming actress Aaradhya

* We (Tellyreviews) feel that this is one of the best episodes of Yeh Hai Aashiqui (should be in the top 5 of the Episodes in last few months). Kudos to actors and the team BBC worldwide for this excellent – concept, acting, social message and heartfelt episode.

Additional Notes:

* Since this is a special episode where actors need to learn sign language, BBC worldwide the production house behind the show did researched and has also brought sign language instructors to teach the actors about it. The instructors were from this Institute – Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped.
* We remember two recent movies – Barfi and My Name is Khan where the actors need to emote dialogues and expressions via sign language or mannerisms related to their particular character.

Full Episode: Episode 56, 8th August 2014
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Deeksha’s love song for Mohit (Truly Heartfelt)
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