Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 8th August 2014 28th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 28th Episode 8th August 2014

Precap: Dodo informs his parents about Cheeku’s heartbreak but they laugh at him and doesn’t believe such thing at first. Dodo pays money to a travel agent to go to bangkok. Gattu comes with Kimaya and Cheeku becomes shocked and annoyed on seeing her and carries a not interested to talk attitude.


Highlight of the Episode: Kimaya and Cheeku couldn’t break the ice; Devika’s Must-have plan for Group Get-together with Sid’s entire family- Sid and herself, Dodo and Gattu, Cheeku and Kimaya. Sid and Dodo wonders on how to convince Kimaya to attend the party.

Cheeku doesn’t want to speak with Kimaya and even doesn’t greet her. Gattu speaks of mediating between them. Cheeku speaks to himself that Kimaya spoke so many lies with him and wants to vent out his frustration and then stops and doesn’t want to speak anything. He speaks of not listening to Kimaya and then wanted to leave from there but Gattu stops him. Gattu informs Cheeku to stay there and resolved in their matter in 30 minutes. She then leaves from there to meet Dodo and continue with her Mission Dodo. Cheeku and Kimaya couldn’t talk and then comes Devika there as she saw him from her car. She identifies Kimaya and asks them whether they have resolved their issue.

Dodo speaks with the travel agency man and he is being informed about not getting tickets and the agency man is giving the two tickets to other customers instead of him. Dodo informs of bringing the money by tomorrow. Dodo also speaks of buying two tickets maybe.. and then he hesitantly wants to buy two tickets.. Gattu comes there and hear the conversation between Dodo and also about the agency man who speaks of duping Dodo and making him a fool. She runs from there after learning about the Dodo’s being duped.

Kimaya wants to go to some other place so they can speak but Cheeku speaks of going to America and making a taunt at her. Dodo and Devika also gave their comments and now the tea stall can give his comment as well. He speaks that Kimaya has already made him a fool and then the tea stall owner calls him a Dhakkan (fool) and suggests that let the girl also speak. She speaks of having a reason for her words and lie. Cheeku speaks of not trusting her anymore. Kimaya speaks of coming there to speak the truth and thats the reason she came there. He speaks that her lie came forward. Soon, rains starts to pour and he leaves (Alvida..Hum Dono Ke Apni……Ab Haste Leke Khushi Yaariyan………….song plays]. He looks back and Kimaya looks at him with sadness and tears. Cheeku remembers all the good moments he shared and the same with Kimaya and she imagines him as well. Cheeku is in tears at his end and both are going through the same feelings. [Na Chode Yaariyan song plays].

Cheeku’s parents speak about their worry for Cheeku and his mother thinks whether Cheeku has left the home. Cheeku comes there and his father speaks that his mother haven’t watched the TV serial. The mother speaks that he worries less for Cheeku because he is very understandable and capable guy while Sid and Dodo have problems. The father speaks of praising him but couldn’t know when. The mother speaks of being not so happy with him since he haven’t shared his heartbreak event. She informs her husband to know about Cheeku’s heartbreak. Both blame each other for not knowing the son’s heartbreak. He blames her daily soaps while she blames him about watching news. Cheeku thinks that his parents will not change.

Sid attends his class of MicroEconomics and asks Devika when he will look into her deep eyes via a chit. She informs him about what are his thoughts on get-together ? She then informs him about a group get togther involving herself and Sid, Dodo and Gattu, and Cheeku and Kimaya. He speaks of thinking and asks her when she will start playing with her hairs. She replies of him arranging the group and then he asks what group and she replies she-Sid, Dodo-Gattu, Cheeku and Kimaya. He wonders how to get Kimaya and he speaks of not possible. Then, Devika becomes worried as the professor is watching him and then he is being told to get out from the class. Sid wonders on how to arrange the big group and he needs to convince kimaya so as to come close to Devika. Gattu surprises Dodo and she calls him cute. She speaks of catching him after 50 years and informs him of coming there for an urgent meeting and she is being called by Sid Bhaiya. She speaks of becoming a member of his family and also informs that he is planning for a bangkok trip and suggests that the agent is fraud. Dodo speaks that she always look for him.

Sid meets Dodo and Gattu and asks them what was the agenda of the meeting for whom they were called. He doesn’t know himself and Gattu informs about the group get together. Dodo speaks how come gattu is there and speaks about his objection. Gattu informs that with this event even Cheeku and kimaya can be patched up. Cheeku comes there and Dodo speaks of playing Antakshari just to give an excuse. Cheeku informs them that everything is sorted which is he will never trust her and speak with her. Soon, then the door bell rangs and Dodo receives a bouquet and wonders.

Next Episode: Cheeku informs Kimaya on seeing her face and Devika again asks Sid whether Kimaya is coming. Gattu suggets Cheeku to party and enjoy if he really wants to move on in his life from Kimaya.

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