Love By Chance 9th August 2014 11th Episode Bindass, Reporter No 1 – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 11th Episode - Reporter No 1, 9th August 2014

Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show acting as the reporter and is reporting from Ranchi and this particular episode name is “Reporter No 1”. He speaks of knowing from its sources that love is not done but you will fall in love and he came there to Ranchi to find about it. He speaks about Scientists after many years have concluded that love doesn’t happen easily and according to their report love comes in between people’s priorities.


Kavi (the host) speaks that career minded journalists will give love a chance in their life and he then introduces a senior reporter Tej Sahai who took a selfie with an item girl at a big party. He speaks that very strange incident will be seen today since Sahai is there and introduces his organization as News by Chance. Tej Sahai speaks to his Editor in Chief and informs him about 1 Lakh INR and then tries to reduce the amount and the editor speaks that three times Tej have brought wrong breaking news and he has to apologize to concerned parties. Tej responds that the editor himself took bribe from other parties so as to apologize and then editor speaks that he cannot prove such things. He is then informed that another journalist who is a women is already there and thus Tej is not needed there. Tej speaks that how come a women without much strength will overpower him. He takes out a batch from a person there and puts on his suit and tries to enter the hotel and he is stopped by the security. The security asks about his name and then Tej looks forward at the batch and speaks the name which has Adivasi and then the staff doesn’t believe but lets him go. The mission of Tej is to cover a story of controversial international cricketer who is believed to be involve in match fixing.

Abhay Rana the cricketer in controversy tries to flirt with the journalist reporter Chandini (journalism ki Ubharti Sitara) whom Tej’s editor has send for work.  He calls her a wonder and speaks about his amazing figure. She speaks about his girlfriend and suggests that they have gone to Bali together. He replies that her age is Bali. He is trying to flirt with Chandini and specially when he have drank atleast 3 drinks then he is more funny and flirts more. Abhay then enacts a cricket shot and then Tej who is acting like with a name Jharki Hum Laye Nahin. Tej speaks of having a senior position in his company and she makes a taunt at him and calls herself as the pop singer and wants him to look at his own business and interfere. She wants him to meet her outside and they leave from there while Abhay is playing his shot.

Chandini informs Tej of knowing his name as Tej Sahai and he replies that she just turned journalist and is sent to compete with him. She asks him to be far from her and thinks that such people like Tej have already taught their lessons by her and challenges that she will only cover the story of controversial cricket star Abhay. Tej makes a taunt that she first needs to open the umbrella to walk in flood/storm. She calls him mad then and suggests that she know him now. She asks him how did he enter ? He speaks a funny line that people who does doubt her put sugar in their mouth and the ones who insult them put Upma in their mouth and make sure that the milk man drinks the milk and the one who speak lies greets them. He touches her while speaking those words and smiles. Chandini is amused a bit when he spokes those lines and speak that it is nonsense and then goes to meet Abhay. Tej comes there of having a 150 Crore INR offer and she speaks of her Kamar (waist). Abhay contemplates whether to go for money or the girl then he chooses the girl and leaves with Chandini. He then tries to touch her and flirts whether she does special exercise or her mother is hot. He then takes her away with him.

Tej is also following them and then hits a man named Sweety who is Abhay’s security guard who is very tall and Sweety then lifts him in air and warns him to not act over smart with his boss Abhay otherwise he will teach him a big lesson. He then drops him and Tej informs the security man that the girl with whom Abhay is spending time in his room is not a journalist while teasing his mole. Abhay is in drunken mode and falls on Chandini in the lift and Tej comes there and wants to take a photo of her together with Abhay and she tells him to help her from there since she cannot stand because Abhay has fallen over her. After some efforts, he lifts Abhay who is unconscious since he was drunk and informs Chandini that if the security guard sees them with him then they will have problem. She then asks him what he propose ? He replies on not proposing her though she is beautiful and instead takes Abhay to the kitchen.

Tej speaks of getting the story there and she warns him to not hijack her story and he informs her of not giving the story. She speaks of taking his eyesight and tries to scold him and even before counting three throws water which has Mirchi (Chilli). He also throws the same water at her and then he throws Chilli in the eyes of Abhay. They all tries to remove the effect from their eyes and then Abhay tries to teach them about cricket. Chandini hits Abhay from behind and after getting hit he becomes conscious and then Tej replies that there is no story. Later, they take Abhay together on some container with wheels and Tej chides her for childish behavior and then she informs of her frustration at office bureau where people only speak about Tej. She then refers herself as a fan of Tej Sahai. After struggling him, she was remembering why she became a journalist. Sooner then, Sweety comes there looking for his boss Abhay Baba and Tej informs he is not there and then he holds the collar of Tej and warns him. Abhay at his end inside the container puts a finger out so Sweety locate him but is covered by Chandini. Sweety then tries to find Abhay inside the container and is stopped by Chandini who asks his name and he replies Sweety. He then runs from there looking for his boss.

Kavi (the host) as reporter suggests that as we have seen Chandini and Tej wanted to defeat one another but there is some twist since Chandini has referred herself as a fan of Tej which he has accepted. Whether this is a plan from her and who will get Abhay Rana’s story and Kavi says how many questions will he ask ?

They come to a restroom where water is getting poured from the top and they all become wet. He asks her whether she is really a fan of him. She asks him to not take advantage and speaks of not giving him the story. He replies of not meeting a fan before that day and in the way he looks whether she follows his principles or not. She replies of answering many people like home, office unlike like boys. She speaks of not having mother and he speaks of not having mother as well whom he lost in his childhood. He then speaks of having 5 Lakh INR loan amount which he has to pay since the last two stories he didn’t got any dividend and also its credibility has been questioned because his boss took the bribe and wanted to speak an abusive dialogue to express how credibility has gone for a toss. She then wants him to change his clothes since they are wet and he informs of her of even not wearing inners as well. She then speaks of not interested in knowing in what he wears or not wears and speaks that atleast change Abhay’s clothes since if he die then the entire story will go away. She then gives him some dress found in the restroom and put those clothes on him.

Sooner then, some women enters that room and he informs of an idea to Chandini and then calls Abhay baba Abhay Baba so as to call Sweety. Just thereafter comes Sweety after hearing the call, and Tej and Chandini goes inside a room but keeps Abhay in front of a door and moves his head to show some gestures that he is sharing intimate moments with a girl inside and Sweety thinks in that way. Sweety wants to wait there but he is signalled to go which is done by Tej. He becomes angry at his boss and also speaks of leaving the job and going away and will not come back if he needs help as well. Chandini is relieved after finding Sweety has gone and Tek speaks of a date with her. She doesn’t want him to hit on her and he speaks that if they meet by chance in normal way then would they have come close. He speaks of changing his look and put some mole like Sweety so as to look big and he is expert in making plans. She then gets a call from her mother who wants her daughter to come home in 15 minutes. She becomes angry at her mother and wants her to speak with her future son-in law on phone.

Tej takes the phone and starts to speak that they have really eloped and couldn’t inform her (Chandini’s mother). Chandini then takes the phone and cuts the call of her mother and wants her to think in anyway she likes. Then, she speaks to Tej that he is very smart since he has made sure her mother doesn’t speak anything. She speaks of giving a reply to her mother and he suggests her to give reply to show her male chaunivism (Mardaangi) and soon takes back the words. He speaks that she has the courage and persistence to hang on with the story since she didn’t gave up and give him the story yet. And speaks that now Tej Sahai is her fan now. Abhay wakes up and speaks of becoming a fan of them and wants to speak something and says that he doesn’t wanted to become a cricketer but he become one because of his father. He speaks that his father used to send balls at him and just to escape them he used to hit those balls and mimics like Sr. Bachchan and Dev Anand and other actors. They then ask him then what does he wanted to become ? Abhay speaks that such question nobody questioned before and as he was just saying Sweety comes there and hits him from behind by mistake. Abhay falls down on the ground and becomes unconscious and Tej wants to put some breaths/oxygen via mouth suction and Sweety informs him to not do such cheap things. Sweety speaks that such things have happened before as well, and after hearing it both Tej and Chandini wonders what is that thing ? Sweety gives a injection to  wake up Abhay which is also a energizer. He wants Tej to apply the injection which he declines since he doesn’t want to touch Abhay’s lower back and ass.

Sweety then wants Chandini to apply the injection and cites his own shyness to not touch his boss’s Ass (spoke a word Culo which is a spanish word for Ass). She becomes worried at first and then takes the injection and applies it at Abhay’s Ass and he then is about to be awaken. Tej informs her to take the story while he will find a new story. Abhay starts to act crazy and then sweety learns that Chandini has applied the entire injection. He runs all over the place in the hotel and scares people there while Sweety, Tej, and Chandini follows him. Abhay is only in shorts and restroom clothes and then finally Sweety catches him and brings to his room. Sweety informs Tej that in some time Abhay will be sentimental and he will get his story. Tej thinks that there is some mess there and tries to make straighten Abhay who was lying on the bed. Abhay holds Tej and tries to not leave him and Chandini thinks that Tej is doing such behavior for quick success. She wants him to delete the photos which he took earlier (of her with Abhay in lift) and she will delete his photos. He learns that she is lying and haven’t taken photos of him. He informs her that people who come close to him got only pain. She replies that it is because he didn’t meet a person like her. Both tries to come close for a kiss but stops.

Kavi(the host) speaks that night is approaching and they need to extract a story and there is one more twist in the plot which is Tej has sacrificed his story and he spoke of not giving a deceit, Is this true ? Abhay calls for drinks and Sweety comes with drinks (Daru in Hindi) and he then dances and feels ecstatic. She informs him why he drinks so much and he is being adored by many girls in India. He speaks people don’t see his inside pain and then Tej asks Abhay to tell more on the matchfixing instead of his father’s hitting him with cricket balls. She asks Tej whether he is not sacrificing the story as he has earlier suggested. He speaks about his forceful habit and also suggests of accepting her as his student. She thinks that he is trying to flirt and then Abhay speaks that his father used to flirt with a neigbour. Abhay speaks of becoming a cricketer now and scolds Sweety. Sweety again becomes sentimental and confesses his love for him. Abhay then tries to console him and asks why is he crying again and holds his head and Sweety suggests of knowing that Abhay doesn’t wanted to become a cricketer. Abhay then opens out and speaks that he wanted to become the winner of a dance reality competition instead of a cricketer. Tej learns that Sweety used to sit and watch Abhay dancing in front of him and then Sweety compliments on Abhay’s dance moves like Hans (Goose or Swan, Hamsa in Sanskrit) and that of fox. Abhay speaks of doing the thing which he never did and then takes out a Rakhi and puts it on Sweety’s hand and declares him as his official brother though Tej and Chandini thought otherwise.

Abhay speaks that his heart says to become a superstar winning all the hearts of peope and then readies them for a breaking news. Later, Chandini takes a interview of Abhay becoming a brand ambassador of Envy 1000 and asks him how does he feel now after becoming a youth icon ? He replies on being on top of this world and then she asks him about his future plans ? He replies on his wish to focus on dancing and singing from now on. She then asks him whether it is true that he uses injection. He speaks of joining the bollywood to do a realistic movie after winning the dance competition, Right ? She informs him that her question was different which she he didn’t answer.  People come there and praises him for giving a good interview leaving Chandini amused. Tej comes there and asks her for a date and informs that there will be a different setting there like holding his hand and coming close. She speaks that the next step after it is.. He replies of not being so fast (Tez) and then she holds his hand and makes him drools over her and then both share warm and close eyelock and smiles and becomes lovestruck.

Kavi (the host) speaks that the breaking news is that if you give a chance in love then the chance of you getting a true love increases by 35% according to scientists if we starts to make out a list on how much different we are from others then we will never come close. Moreover, if you blindly fall in love or give a chance for true love such news he has received just now. Kavi speaks that he is Ranchi city and humorously refers to himself as Raunchy. He speaks that people can share their opinion/talk on Twitter using hashtag #LoveByChance @ Bindass TV.

Full Episode: Love By Chance, 9th August 2014
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