Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 8th August 2014 12th Episode on Zing TV starring Nikita Sharma and Abhishek Malik – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks of hearing that love and hatred cannot stay in one place together but if love can happen at any place then what you say because it has lot of passion and strength. There comes the time when love wins over hatred. The story is about a college girl Koyal and a medical representative Abhishek. Their love story began with a hiccup (Hichki in Hindi), let’s see their story.


Some Background was shown before Surbhi’s Introduction: The story starts with a boy is seen dragging on the road and is then taken by an eunuch Meera Bai and he is badly injured because he fell in love and came to that neighbourhood. She speaks that he has done the wrong thing of coming there.

Abhishek is seen at the boat and looks at the girl Koyal in her eyes who is seen wearing a Burqa which also covers her face [Pehle Kabhi Hua Karti Thi Dil Se Meri Dosti… song plays]. The boat man suggests him to go and speak with her and he speaks that he was looking in her eyes and suggests that God has given her great eyes and took much time. He then goes to speak to her while she gets a call from her mother. He introduces himself as Abhishek and speaks of being a medical representative and then speaks that since she is having problems so wants to give her a medicine. She replies no thanks and speaks of going to a doctor if needed. She asks him whether he finds people like her and offers medicine. He speaks in not doing such thing, she leaves from there.

As she walks, he follows her and she then removes the burqa and he smiles after seeing her without Burqa. He comes to her neighbourhood which is a red light area and she goes to a shop to buy some things and runs from there as it was getting late and its already evening. She comes home and finds a young couple being threatened and the girl belongs is the working girl in that area. The boy is thrashed and is then sent to the hospital. Koyal speaks with her mother who is an eunuch and she speaks of giving all the small benefits of life and also asks her why she is late and remove the burqa. She replies that people know her since childhood and everybody knows her and don’t worry and asks her mother whether she was beating that boy. She speaks that everything is written by God and then Koyal speaks why she was beating ?

Next day, Abhishek follows her at places and she also feels that someone is following her [Kahiye Tere Dil Se Chup Chup song plays]. Koyal’s hiccups continue and is seen at the boat and he comes and gives her a tablet to get relieve. He speaks that hiccups come normally before rain, right ? She asks him whether of drinking some cold drink, and asks what she eats in lunch – Pav Bhaji. Wada Pau, and thinks that she got allergy. She speaks that as he is a medical representative so how he knows about medical knowledge. He speaks of leaving his medical studies because of financial crisis and his father is also a doctor. He gives her a tablet which is a sample and he then offers her for a Chai (Tea) date so that she can feel better. She agrees and wants to pay the bill.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Koyal and Abhishek were naturally drifting towards each other and love was the binder.

Later, Koyal speaks to Abhishek on phone and informs him that everyday she is coming late and if her mother comes to know about them then she will face lot of scolding. She is interrupted by Tai (who manages the work there in the red-light area and is the boss). Tai informs her by first warning and then speaks of just joking and informs that she brought a gift from Kolkata. She then comes and Tai gives her the necklace which looks very expensive. Koyal’s mother comes there and scolds her why she is late ? Koyal speaks that she was late because Tai called her and then goes.

Next day, Abhishek meets her at the boat and asks they don’t go for watching movies and doesn’t meet in public much and then wishes to see her face once. She scolds him and makes a taunt that they are doing love without knowing the face, right? He asks her to not become angry and wishes to see her once. She then removes her veil and he looks at her and shares warm eyelock and feels very happy. He goes on to touch her and showers a kiss. Koyal’s mother at her end speaks to Tai to leave Sandhya the girl who was beaten along with her boyfriend. She speaks that as Sandhya is in love thus she is dejected and also making her clients angry. Moreover, she suggests that her boyfriend is willing to give all the money so we should leave her and their business will not get affected by one girl’s departure. Tai speaks to Koyal’s mother (Meera) that she doesn’t know about love while holding a pistol and suggests that if they allow like this then their business will fall down.

After hearing it, Meera is bit anxious and then Tai speaks of leaving Koyal away from their business. Meera suggests that it was Tai’s thought earlier to not bring Koyal in their business so doesn’t want to hear about her. She speaks of serving the Tai  for her entire life and doesn’t want her Koyal in their discussions. Tai replies that she haven’t thought earlier but see now Koyal is so beautiful and her face is like apple and then speaks that a customer for Rukmini when looked at Koyal changed his mind and wanted to give three times the money for Koyal. Tai speaks of declining the customer offer because of the promise she gave to her.  She then wants Meera to kill someone (Sandhya and her boyfriend) and gives her the pistol. Meera goes on to kill Sandhya and her boyfriend by shooting with pistol and before doing that remembers of Tai speaking of her favor in not agreeing to the customer who was wanting Koyal instead of Rukmini. After shooting, she informs other women there that as Tai’s place there is only business and no love should prosper there and speaks in big voice.

Koyal sees the double murder done by her mother and later meets her and asks why did she killed Sandhya ? Meera asks her why is she late and also not wear a Burqa ? Meera also replies of killing not for the first time and has already killed many people before and speaking of doing it because she is forced to do so just to keep Koyal away for men who wants women for their lust. She informs Koyal that if she removes her Burqa from now on then she will kill her own daughter which was a scolding. Meera cries while talking such things and speaks that instead of going into the business it would be better if she dies and leaves from there.

Later, Koyal calls Abhishek and wants to speak a truth to him and asks him whether he will love her like before after knowing the truth. He speaks of not changing the love and she wants a meeting with him at that time. Abhishek at his home is being asked with her mother with whom he was talking and she speaks definitely that will be a girl. She informs him of loving a person on whom he has utmost trust and feelings. Next day, early morning at 5 am, Koyal meets Abhishek at the boat and also is not seen in Burqa and informs him that she is not a Muslim and he speaks that such thing she could have told on phone as well. He also wants to confess and says that he was following her a day before he actually gave the medicine. He speaks of doing such thing because he haven’t seen a beautiful girl like her before. She speaks that he doesn’t know about her – who is she, where does she live and so forth ? He replies on wishing to know her more. She then wanted to share a truth with him and its very important for her. She then speaks to him about her completely and suggests that she was selfish and now doesn’t want to complicate his life and thinks that he has his mother and responsibilities. She apologizes and was going but he stops her. He speaks whether there is no meaning of their meanings and then speaks that he loves her a lot and there is no more simple thing than love and love needs only two true hearts. Moreover,  he doesn’t have any problem where she has grown and from where and it only affects if she is not with him and also respect her mother than her. He then proposes to her – Will you marry me ? Both share warm hug and Koyal reciprocates the same emotions like him.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Koyal and her mother Meera’s relationship was very special and true and she does not want to run from her. Koyal knows how she was grown up with love and also got protection and even Meera loves her so dearly that she can give up her life for her.

Koyal calls her mother Meera and she informs her of doing the right thing. Koyal speaks of not being comfortable there and also couldn’t see Tai troubling her. Meera is crying profusely and Koyal informs that she will be doing court marriage. She wants Koyal to not inform people about her identity but she insists of telling the people that Meera is her mother and she is not an orphan. Also, Abhishek and his mother know that she is her mother. After hearing it, Meera cries and then Koyal speaks that she is doing court marriage a day after tomorrow and wants her mother to come for the registration. Meera replies of not promising since if someone there gets a hint of this happening then there will be big problem. She wants Koyal to take care of her and gives her blessing. Meera is being called by Tai and she goes there. Tai speaks of a plan that they will take a vacation and will go to Thailand. Meera speaks where and it is foreign, right ? She speaks of asking Koyal first and then Tai wants Meera to control her since the boys who work there has seen her with a boy and then shows a photograph of Koyal with Abhishek at the boat. Meera asks who is the person who took this photo and then Tai speaks just joking and then suggests that it is fine that Koyal is meeting with a boy who is good and thinks that for how long Koyal can sit at home.

After hearing it, Meera starts to become calm and starts to believe in the words of Tai. Tai wants Meera to brought Koyal and the boy and she informs her of not trusting. Tai speaks that Koyal is her daughter as well and then wants to show something for her. Tai shows some marriage dress for Koyal and Meera speaks that the clothes are worth in Lakhs INR. After hearing sweet words from Tai, Meera speaks of not informing one thing to her before, she then speaks that Koyal and the boy are going to marry day after tomorrow at the court. The boy is good and what to do in the court, and Tai speaks its a good news and got hurt a lot. Since all things are final and suggests that both should be called to get blessings from Tai and wants Meera to phone them. Meera is beaten by Tai’s men from behind on her head and is seen wrapped with ropes on her hands with Abhishek in some room.

Meera removes her robes and then also helps Abhishek and runs to save Koyal as bidding was going on there to buy her.  Tai speaks to a man and refers to him as Doctor saab and wants him to not be sad since there is a special thing for him and it is worth more than a Lakh atleast. Koyal is then brought forcibly and is seen in a bridal dress. Tai touches her and speaks that her body is so fine and until now she haven’t touched anybody and everyone like her eyes but she has more things to offer which will make him mad. She is also more interested to marry and then the doctor speaks the amount 3 Lakh INR to buy her. Sooner then, Meera comes with Abhishek and starts to thrash Tai’s men and takes out a small knife to threaten people there. Tai speaks that Koyal’s biological parents have deserted her so why they should think about her ? Meera replies that she is the mother of Koyal and until she is alive koyal will not be touched and speaks that Tai has broken the promise since earlier she told to not bring Koyal in the business. Tai then shoots down Meera and is killed. Tai makes more taunt that Meera couldn’t not see her daughter getting married and died. Koyal is in tears after seeing Meera died in front of her eyes and remembers about Meera’s words which she spoke before. Tai takes out Koyal along with her and drags and then in the schuffle Koyal shoots Tai and soon then Abhishek comes there and gives her comfort.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Koyal killed Tai and also her fear in which her life was caged.  Because if Koyal doesn’t do such thing then along with her mother she needs to loose Abhishek as well which she would have never wanted. She faced her situation and correct it. She went to jail and after a long time she was released since her action was for self-defense. On that day, many things were lost and on the same day Abhishek and Koyal started their love life, and this is love when it happens once then it will make you do anything. Surbhi asks the viewers to share their opinion/feedback and asks whether Koyal did the right thing because of her love. People can share their thoughts on Zing TV’s facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtag #PTKK. Surbhi signs off by saying – Keep watching and Keep Loving !

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing Surbhi Jyoti

Additional Note: We couldn’t write it yesterday, apologies!

Info on Cast:
* Koyal is played by actress Nikita Sharma
– Nikita is an Indian TV actress and model from New Delhi. She was born on 28th August, 1990 in Delhi in a Punjabi family.
– She is known for playing the female lead role of Antara in Life Ok’s Do Dil Ek Jaan opposite actor Ayaz Ahmed (playing the role of Raghu).
– Recently played the role of Payal in Bindass’ Halla Bol episode on Fighting girl trafficking at Bars (Episode 12, 16th May 2014). If interested, read the written update of that episode on our site here.
– Currently appeared in the role of Mahi on MTV Fanaah which has ended.
– Nikita’s Wikipedia page
and Twitter page

* Abhishek is played by actor Abhishek Malik
– Abhishek is also a model. He was born on 24th August 1986 in Delhi and is a commerce graduate from Delhi.
– Debut in Color’s show Chhal-Sheh Aur Maat (2012) and portrayed the parallel lead role of Rishi Shekhawat.
– Portrayed the role of Rahul, parallel lead in Sony’s Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat (2013),
– Worked in Zee’s Punar Vivah (2013) in double role of Rohan/Guru donning the personality of as an Antagonist / Supporting Protagonist.
– Currently seen in MTV’s show Splitsvilla 7
– Abhishek’s Twitter page

* Meera is played by seasoned and well-known actor Rajesh Khera.
– Famous for playing the role of a fashion designer Maddy in Sony’s Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin (2003-2007)
– Also worked in many Bollywood movies.
– Read more about Rajesh at his Wikipedia page.

* Tai is played by actress Roopa Ganguly.

Full Episode: PTKK 8th August 2014
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Nikita (Antara) and Ayaz’s (Raghu) romantic and memorable song – Mera Mahi Tu Mera Raanjhan Tu based on Punjabi folk tunes from Do Dil Ek Jaan (the show ended on 24th Jan 2014)
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