Halla Bol 16th May 2014 12th Episode Bindass Written Update – Fight Girl Trafficking at Bars


Halla Bol Bindass

The story starts with Payal teaching Kathak dance to some young girls. Payal’s younger sister Chutki praises Payal Didi and wants to learn the dance from her. Payal and her family stays in their uncle’s home in Benaras (Varanasi). Payal says that practice is only needed to learn dance. Payal then gives her mother the money that she earned from the dance class, the mother asks her to give the money to their maternal uncle (Mama) as he does lot of things for them after their father’s demise. Chutki is unhappy and then Payal also tells about her mother’s hard work and toiling hard nature in her uncle’s home.


In the evening, Mama comes and shouts at them and tells that people makes fun because of the dance in the verandah (open place at their home premise). Payal speaks in low voice that she already took permission from him and also she earns some money. Chukti says that the money goes to him so what’s the problem. Mama comes to hit Chutki but is saved by her mother.

Karan Tacker (the host): says that the Mama has given them the place to stay in his home but has never accepted them by heart. Payal was a well-trained dancer and the survival overrides her dream. At that moment, a new entrant Gautam comes in her life with a ray of hope.

Gautam a distant relative comes to their home and speaks about sending Payal to Mumbai for a dance competition. The uncle is unhappy about Gautam’s plan. Gautam reiterates that she has seen her practicing dance and as he has some contacts so she can get an entry and also informs Mama that her success can also bring him success as well. Payal speaks that dance is only her passion and doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Later, Payal speaks with Chutki about her decision as their mother Amma has decided not to send her. Gautam comes at the moment and fills her ear with the promise that he will help in realizing her dream and wants her to convince her mother. Next morning, Payal tries to convince her mother by saying that there is no exams needed to participate and wants to take care of them as this is the only chance. Her Mama doesn’t want to send her as he doesn’t want to see her dance on TV. Gautam again tries to persuade him but in vain. Her mama finally leaves it to her mother to decide. Payal’s mother agrees to send her and also tells Gautam to take care of her. Payal leaves from there with her mother’s blessings.

Payal reaches Mumbai with Gautam. She speaks with her mother and informs that she is fine with Gautam Bhaiya (brother). Gautam wants her to rest and next day they will go for auditions and also visit the city. Next day, he takes her to some place and she waits there not knowing what kind of dance she has to do. She asks a girl there about the audition quite unaware of the actual intention of Gautam. She comes in the room and a man wants her to dance on a Ha Anta Amlapuram.. song. Payal says that she cannot dance on such a song and then Gautam tells her to dance on something else. She then begins to dance and is then stopped by Gautam who takes her Dupatta away upon the big boss’s insistence. She again starts to dance and the top boss -Daya Bhai stops her dance and says that she dances very well. He touches and asks her name. She then becomes annoyed and goes outside and tells Gautam that she wants to go back to Benaras. Gautam then takes her to some place instead of the station. She then finds out that she is in a bar and then finds the same Daya Bhai in that bar. Daya Bhai gives money to Gautam by saying that he has bought Payal and also gives him a compliment. Payal now realizes the actual intention of Gautam and the trap and Gautam wants her to make money by dancing at the bar. She is then taken away inside the bar and kept hostage. Payal cries in her room by looking at the photo of her mother and Chutki. Sooner, a girl Rusha comes and speaks with her and asks why does she came here ? Payal in heavy tone voice wants to go back to her family. Rusha calms her down a bit and also gives her water to drink..

Daya Bhai meets and confronts Payal. He then tells his men to beat Rusha in front of her and blackmails her to listen otherwise Rusha will be beaten much more. Payal in order to save Rusha agrees to his demands for dance. He tells her to get ready for dance. Payal then comes on the stage and feels uncomfortable to dance. She then remember her mother’s words (who wants her to respect her art -dance). (Munni Badnaam song playing in background)..After a while, she finds a mobile phone and hides it with her. After the dance, she calls uncle at her home in Benaras and asks for his help for her safety. She speaks that Gautam has sold her in some bar, after which the uncle asks her to be quiet and not worry and tells that he will help her.

Later, Daya Bhai comes to her room and asks her about the phone. Gautam speaks to him that he cannot manage a girl. Daya Bhai asks, how does she stole the phone ? He then beats her and then Gautam receives a call from Payal’s Mama and Gautam informs him that things are fine and also tells that he has send the money to him. Payal gets another shocker about her uncle’s role both in selling her at the bar and also informing Daya Bhai about her phone call. She recounts the helping words of her uncle and also his initial words about disagreement regarding her participation in a dance reality show in Mumbai. She cries on remembering her uncle’s deceit.

Karan Tacker (the host): Payal always thought the uncle is good, strict, the one who doesn’t love them but she never thought that her uncle will work in tandem with Gautam to realize such a big trap to sell her. Karan says folks do not keep blind faith with people as it can be very dangerous.

Payal goes out from her room and is interrupted by another girl. She cites going to bathroom as the reason and then somehow manages to go outside the bar. Daya Bhai’s men finds her and takes her back to the bar. Daya Bhai says that he will teach her the lesson as she tried to escape, Rusha requests him not to beat but he doesn’t listen and beats Payal with a wooden rod. After some time, she is forced to speak with her mother and say nice words about her. The men informs her that if she wants to see her mother alive there then she needs to not disclose the mother about her real situation. Payal then goes to the stage as they want her to dance. She stands on the stage and is then eyed by a sheikh (rich arab man who buys girls) who then wants Daya Bhai to bring Payal to him. Payal is then taken for a meeting with the Sheikh..Sheikh comes and touches her and says that she is very nice and tells Daya Bhai that he will give him one more Lakh of rupees and wants to take her away by next flight. Daya Bhai agrees to take her at Sheikh’s place.

Halla Bol Bindass

They then binds her hands and mouth with rope and plastic and puts her in the trunk of the car and drives towards Sheikh’s place. On the way, they find a police picket checking cars and also another police car behind them. Daya Bhai wants his men to follow the picket as he will manage. The police asks him where is he going ? He says that he is going to meet a friend, and asks for license, and he gives a proper license. The police man asks about anything in the trunk, Daya Bhai convinces the police man that there is nothing in the trunk and leaves from there.

Sooner, they reach Sheikh’s place with her and hands her to him. Sheikh says that now who will dance at the bar in her place. Daya Bhai says that he will make Payal’s young sister Chutki dance at his bar in her place to which the sheikh responds that he will also take Chutki away if Payal’s turns out to be very good for him. After hearing this, Payal shows her anger and disapproval. Daya Bhai wants the Sheikh to take her away the next day as there is lot of police pickets outside. Sheikh agrees and tells Daya’s men to lock her in his room. Payal is locked in his room and she remembers about Daya Bhai and Sheikh’s words about abducting Chutki and for the sake of her sister she wants to fight and do something. Payal makes a sound of falling something after which Daya’s accomplice comes to her room. She hides herself there and hits the man with a heavy object from behind and he falls down on floor. She walks down from her room with the intention to escape somehow. Daya and Sheikh sees her running away from the home. Payal reaches a police picket and stops short in speaking about her situation. By then, Daya Bhai comes and introduces himself as her maternal uncle and in indirect words says that her mother and sister are waiting for him (which is warning to payal about harming her family).. Payal contemplates on her action as Daya Bhai tries to persuade to come back. She then agrees to leave with him and as she walks down remember all the incidents with Daya Bhai, Sheikh, her family. She stops to walk and moves back and informs the police about the truth about Daya Bhai’s crime in selling her. The police arrests him and asks Payal to explain the truth with more clarity. Payal fought and said Halla Bol !

Karan Tacker (the host): Daya and his men, and also Mama are arrested by police..

Payal also informs police about the bar where other girls were held hostaged and forced to dance. Payal saves Rusha as well and hugs her.

Sumona Chakravarti (guest on the show): karan introduces her and says that she will give her views on Human Trafficking. She speaks that there are only few people that fight like Payal and Payal’s courage is a lesson for them. She says that many times we hears about girls been sold for some money. She says that there are many girls valued their life and fights back. She talks on Human Trafficking which is a big offence and urges people to speak up and fight when they encounter a trafficking case.

Karan Tacker (the host): speaks on the Immoral Trafficking prevention Act in India which guarantees from 7 years upto full life-term to the offender. Karan signs off by saying – Don’t be silent, stand up, raise your voice and say – Halla Bol, Change Aayega.. Hum Laayenge..

Halla Bol Karan Tacker

Info on Cast: Payal is played by actor Nikita Sharma.
– Nikita Sharma, Indian TV actress and model from New Delhi. She is known for playing the female lead role of Antara in Life Ok’s Do Dil Ek Jaan opposite actor Ayaz Ahmed (playing the role of Raghu). Find more at her Wikipedia page and Twitter page.

Images credit: Official Facebook Page of Bindass

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