Raman upset reminiscing about Shagun; Ishita to boost him up by her love in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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The ditching and dumping by Shagun has made Raman’s heart hard, where in he does not believe in any rituals or prayers through fasting as he used to do before. Raman was very happy go lucky and not 1% arrogant, when he was married to Shagun. He has all his love and care to Shagun, and did not expect her to ditch him for Ashok. Having done that, Shagun has spoiled the wife’s image in his eyes, which Ishita is correcting by every day efforts in Raman’s life. Raman now understands that he is lucky to have a wife like Ishita, and Shagun was really the ‘Apshagun’ of his life. He has moved on in life as he has started caring for Ishita, and feelings worry and a bit of love for her. But he still has memories of Shagun, which are very strong, as she was not just his wife, but also the mum of his children.

Raman thinks of his past where Shagun keeps Karwachatuth fast for him and in unable to bear the hunger. Where the darling husband can’t see this and makes her eat the food hiding from family, thus showering his love on her and not making her fast. Shagun was not serious about the fast and knowing its importance too, she did not keep it. Raman did not care about the rituals and just went with the flow to keep Shagun happy. Times have changed, and now Ishita has kept the fast for Raman and that too with full devotion and belief in the fast.

This fast is from the Iyer’s side, where all the Iyer women are keeping it. Mrs. Bhalla is happy that Raman is indeed lucky that Ishita kept a fast for him, and hopes that love enters their lives soon. Ishita gets beautifully dressed in a south Indian saree and Gajras with simple light jewellery. She looks stunning and waits for Raman to come. Raman will be depressed thinking about his first wife Shagun, where he comes out of the FB to see his present which has Ishita and Ruhi with him. Raman asks Ishita not to put her small brain in this fasts etc and break it to eat something. Ishita does not listen to him and continues to keep the fast.

Well, will Raman come on time to break her fast. Yes, for sure, as this moment will take them ahead by one more step towards their strong marriage. But there will be some drama, as Ishita takes Romi’s help to get track of Raman who will be still bouncing his head in anger and sadness. With Bala romancing Vandu, Mihir romancing Mihika, and the head of Iyer family, Mr Iyer romancing Mrs. Iyer, this fasting track will surely be entertaining. Raman’s one liners will be icing on the cake. Well, Ishita try to read Raman’s eyes to know the truth, as for a moment, heart and mind can lie, but the eyes never lie, and you won’t see Shagun in it, but only you. Keep reading.


  1. what else can we expect from shagun…her love was not true rather we can say that she didnt loved raman .but ishita will complete her vrat with full devotion which will touch ramans heart.


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