Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 14th August 2014 30th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 30th Episode 14th August 2014

Precap: Kimaya and Cheeku couldn’t break the ice between them; Devika speaks of a must have plan for a Group Get-together with Sid’s entire family-Sid and herself; Dodo and Gattu; Cheeku and Kimaya. Sid and Dodo wonders on how to convince Kimaya to attend the party. Cheeku is very disheartened and sad with Kimaya’s lie.


Highlights of the Episode: Dodo gets saved from getting duped by Gattu; Cheeku re-invents himself as a cool guy and as Mr. Aditya Khosla so as to move on from Kimaya; Kimaya gives him a surprise by visiting party at Devika’s home and not giving up on Cheeku.

Dodo receives a bouquet at his home and the bouquet has the note please take it K. His mother wonders it is for Khosla her husband. Kimaya at her end calls Cheeku and on other end Cheeku’s mother confronts her husband who suggests that the flowers are for her instead. Both engage in a small petty fight and Cheeku reads the note in the bouquet and informs the flowers are for him and takes it. Cheeku’s mother tries to please her husband and they became fine again.

Sid calls Devika and speaks that it is telepathy and she asks him about the status update. He speaks about accepting relationship with her. She wants him to register 5 star Imperial hotel and doesn’t want cheap chips and 18 varieties of cocktails. She asks him whether nothing has happened until now and wants him (Sid Khosla) to not let her down. She informs that until now she didn’t get any RSVP. He speaks of inviting all and she informs him if there is some problem or if anyone doesn’t turn up then his relationship status will be single again. Sid speaks to bring kimaya for the party at any cost.

Cheeku comes to his room with the bouquet and is watched by Gattu, Sid, and Dodo. Cheeku calls Kimaya and thanks her and suggests that he is thanking her for the lie and speaks of moving on and if goes to US he will go for him. He asks her to not manipulate with her free talks and doesn’t want to even see her face and then in high voice says Good bye. Dodo, Gattu wants to make him calm but cheeku goes away from there. Dodo wants to leave from there as Sid is worried about not being able to invite kimaya. Gattu speaks of finishing the work when nobody can help. Dodo is at the travel agency and wants a discount from the agent. He speaks that the discount is in visiting pubs since he will busy in pubs there. Dodo finds the agent being taken away by police and is then informed by the policeman in civil dress that the agent has duped more than 200 people. Dodo becomes worried and the policeman wants him to come to the police station since in such cases customers are also involved with the agent. Gattu comes there and speaks in Marathi with the policeman so as to rescue him. She speaks that Dodo is a shrewd fellow who wants shortcuts and the policeman warns Dodo that if he is seen in such places then he will get hit by sticks by the police.

Gattu wants to speak with Cheeku after coming to Dodo’s home and she asks Cheeku about him. Cheeku says he is fine and they want to invite for the get together and doesn’t listen to Sid and Dodo. Gattu speaks that if Cheeku wants to move on then he needs a break and try new things and just live it up. She speaks of telling her things and then Cheeku becomes relaxed and refreshing and wants Sid to tell Devika that he will come to her home for sure. Sid and Dodo becomes surprised on seeing Cheeku’s 360 degree mood shift. Sid and all comes to Devika and she introduces them to her friend Andy. Andy identifies all and he asks about cheeku and his Internet girlfriend. Cheeku comes there on a bang in a cool attire and shades and speaks that he is sorry for being late. Devika and Andy compliments him. Cheeku informs them Cheeku is dead and they are meeting the new and cool Aditya Khosla and wants the party to start. Cheeku is very excited and Andy feels much awe. Devika takes Sid aside and asks him where is Kimaya and he replies she might be coming soon. She informs Sid that Andy is a soul buddy just think Andy has a part of her and again warns him. Andy compliments the pair Dodo and Gattu and he wants them to come and see him in Bangkok. Gattu wonders whether Cheeku got hit by police and then came here on the thought of his move on. Sid and Devika dances and Cheeky dances himself with Andy. Cheeku is very much excited in his dance doing rap dance and Devika wishes to see Kimaya soon and Sid informs that she will be coming soon.

Cheeku becomes quiet and Devika asks him why is he so quiet and all good and suggests that he is whether for a special entry (Kimaya) and calls him the heart of this party. Sooner then, Kimaya comes to the party and is welcomed by Andy. Cheeku becomes unhappy after seeing him though she greets him. Cheeku wants to go from there and says thanks and wants to go and asks them instead to enjoy the party. Kimaya carries tears via her facial expressions.

Next Episode (15th August 2014): Gattu speaks to Cheeku that if he has already moved on then he should come back to the party. Cheeku agrees on that thought and re-joins the party at Devika’s home. Devika wants to mend the broken relationship between Cheeku and Kimaya and wants to see them together and takes the responsibility in doing so. Devika then suggests that all play a game of Truth and Dare. Cheeku suggests on knowing who will loose the game with much confidence and bit of arrogance on his face.


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