Yeh Hai Aashiqui 15th August 2014 Episode 58 on Bindass TV Starring Ridhi Dogra and Gaurav Bajaj – Written Update


yeh hai aashiqui Rishi and milli love story - Ridhi Dogra and Gaurav Bajaj

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show saying family and society are important, but your inner voice is also important. The man shows knows it on time, he gets everything. Rishi’s dad slaps him at the train station as he is refusing to marry. The marriage is in two days and the girl’s family is waiting. Rishi’s mum asks him to agree as the girl is very good, saying his dad has spent a lot on his MBA studies.


Rishi is from Varanasi but he studies out of the city. He has always accepted his father’s choice and felt suffocated. All of them board the train. Rishi gets Swati’s call. His mum says great, talk to her, you will feel good. Swati talks to Rishi in video call and asks him not to shy being the groom. Rishi says he will talk later. She says she has learnt Pakodis making just for him. Rishi cuts the call.

Rithvik (the host) says the love air is different, and can come from anywhere, this happened with Rishi. Milli is the girl who will knock his door and change the direction of their lives. Ruhi stands at the door and is about to leave the train as it gets slow. Milli throws her bag and gets inside the train, looking gorgeous and hair flying which would drive any guy mad. She says I m sorry, where you going down, come I will help you, go down. He says no, why will I get down, its so fast now. He asks did she travel before. She says yes, last time when I travelled, train met with an accident. She goes to her seat saying nice meeting you. Rishi wanted to jump off the train as he did not wish to marry Swati. He has seen a new world and studies to fulfill his dreams. Milli’s entry in his life was a blessing.

rishi and milli first meeting in train

Rishi and Milli see each other. Rishi’s mum says he can’t go to her upper seat as her knees have pain. Rishi asks her to lie on his seat. Her husband asks her to sit quiet if she can’t go up, and does not disturb relatives. Milli hears this and offers help. Rishi’s dad says he won’t accept help from strangers. Milli introduces herself and says now we are not strangers. She asks Rishi’s mum to take her side lower seat. She argues with Rishi’s dad. Rishi’s mum says I m sitting here by my wish. Milli talks non stop and asks her not to follow her husband always, self respect is something. She asks her to sit and not ask uncle. He gets annoyed and what she is saying wrong, is our traditions and values.

Rishi simply looks on. She calls him Fattuuuuu and he looks at her. Milli comes to know about Rishi’s marriage. The relatives asks Rishi’s parents to have some music. Milli helps them by using her speakers and asks them to dance. Everyone dance in the compartment. Rishi looks at Milli. Her shoulder back gets torn. Rishi sees it and makes her realize. She looks at him and says thanks. Time passes. Miili changes her dress and comes to keep her bag. She falls on Rishi intentionally and gives a chit in his hands. Rishi’s dad gets angry seeing her clothes and attitude. Milli goes and Rishi sees the chit. He reads if he has to live the life, do what he wants, not that what his dad wants, she is waiting for him outside. Rishi goes to meet her near the door. He greets her and says don’t say thanks, anyone would have done what I did. She laughs and says you think I called you to say thanks. She asks what did he see. He says we are close and I did not get to see anything. They have a talk. She says your face is like pressure cooker. He says what to do, my parents don’t understand, I even breath by my dad’s permission. She asks him to go and tell them what he wants. He says she is going on 2 month holiday to spend with Vishal and calls him a Fattuuuuuuu. He says I m not Fattuuuuuuu, I respect my dad, your parents are different to give you money and freedom. She says my parents don’t have time for me, as they are not in this world. She says they died in the train accident near Varanasi 5 years before.

She says she got money as their death compensation and her injury compensation. She says she has Rs 12 lakhs and she is living with her cousin sister and husband now. She cries. She says don’t be after me, as I said I m rich, see you. She goes. Rishi smiles. Rishi started feeling his family is like strangers, he also felt he should live her life, he was an ideal son, and topper in studies, but he wanted to see a new world, that feeling was Milli. Milli also felt Rishi is the guy she can share her feelings with. Milli goes to the upper seat and her phone falls. Rishi gets it and gives a missed call to his number, to get her number. Milli asks him to give her phone. He says yes and gives her. Rishi’s dad sees them and asks Rishi where is his focus. He asks Rishi to be away from that girl. He says my business is not doing well and I need Rs 10 lakhs from the girl’s family. Rishi gets in his upper seat and smiles seeing Milli. He messages her. He writes I m sorry, I did not know about your parents. She asks how did you get my cell number. He says he stole it when her phone fall. They chat and she asks him to become daring. His dad coughs and he acts like sleeping. She says Fattuuuuu.

She messages him asking him to become like her boyfriend who took her to his room one day. He messages and asks did she go alone in his room with him. She smiles and says chippo, don’t get ideas, I went his home in my imagination. Rishi smiles and says yes, I did many things like this, but how did you meet. She says we did not meet, I m going to meet him. She says you are going now to meet him, you are mad. She asks him to meet her at 12am when everyone sleeps. She gets down and signs him to come. Rishi goes to meet her again near the door. Rishi turns and she pulls his hand and gets him in the bathroom. He gets tensed as she closes the door. She moves her hair and shows her mole on her neck. She removes her jacket and shows the accident burns on her shoulder. He is shocked and closes his eyes. She says this is my truth, so I did not go in any guy’s room, I m also a Fattuuuu, this scar will be with me all my life, this scar if not on my body, but on my soul. She says after my parents died, I did my upbringing, and scolded myself like my dad and pampered myself like my mum, the world thought I m handicapped and useless. She says she is living in rental apartment alone since one year. The day she got the compensation, her brother in law (BIL) changed and wanted the money, so she left his house and running from him, and he is after her to get money for his election campaign. Rishi hugs her.

He asks the scar you have hidden form the world, how did you show to me, who is a stranger to you. She says don’t know and cries saying some questions does not have answers. He says he got the answer and says she looks hot with this scar. She says chippo……… He says what to tell you, you are mature and sensible, and you are going to meet your boyfriend Vishal, whom you know online, you don’t know him. She asks what should I do. He asks her not to cry and wipes her tears holding her face. He gets attracted to her and goes close. She says you are going to get married, save something for your wife. She goes out of the bathroom and is shocked to see her brother in law (BIL) with his goons. She asks why is he after her. He holds her and says I don’t like running after you like this, you are golden bird, I will free you. She asks him to think about her Didi. He says he needs money to win elections, and asks her to give money. Rishi comes out and asks whats going on. He gets threatened by her brother in law (BIL). He holds Milli and Milli asks him to leave her. Rishi’s parents wake up and see Milli getting troubled. Rishi’s dad asks what did this girl do. Milli’s brother in law says she has run away from home. Rishi’s dad says I knew this, girls should not be given so much freedom.

Rishi’s dad calls her shameless. Milli asks uncle why are you saying this. Rishi comes there and looks at her. He sits in his seat. Its morning, Rishi sees Milli and her BIL notices their eyelock. Rishi goes to wash his face. The train reaches the station. Rishi sees Milli being dragged by her BIL. He keeps quiet. Milli asks them to leave her. She sees Vishal and Vishal runs to rescue her. The goons beat up Vishal. Milli says somebody please help. Rishi gets down the train and beats the goons with a stick. Milli’s BIL beats Rishi and they have a fight. Rishi beats him a lot fuming in anger. Milli is stunned. Rishi comes to Milli and holds her hand. He takes her to Vishal and joins their hands. He goes back to the train. Milli looks at him. Rishi’s dad sees his wound on his face and is angry. The train leaves. Rishi keeps looking outside the window and thinks how he has beaten the bad guys, that he is not a Fattu and is daring. He thinks of his dad’s words and thinks to dare and tell he can’t marry. He thinks about Milli. The train reaches the station and Rishi’s dad asks him not to do anything wrong. Swati’s family welcomes them. Milli is already at the station, and comes to hug Rishi. Everyone is shocked. She says I m sorry, I think what I m going to say, you all will feel its wrong.

She says if a girlfriend gets the groom and makes him run away, it will be wrong. She tells Swati’s family that Rishi can’t keep Swati happy as he loves her. Swati’s family leaves. Rishi’s dad gets angry and is about to slap him, but Rishi holds his hand asking him to stop it, as they all are sad for his happiness. He reasons him why everyone did like he wanted, and you did not care for anyone, what does he want, shall we all die for you. Rishi’s mum asks him to be quiet. Rishi says I decided I will work in MNC and will marry the one I love, I won’t let my dad sell me for his business. Milli says she will give him money for his business, she has money, she will sign cheque and give him, but he should not compromise with his son’s life. Rishi’s dad leaves. Rishi’s mum says this had to happen some day and your dad will agree. The elders leave them alone. Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays..Besharmiyaan barbadiyaan………….

Rishi asks about Vishal. She says he has run away. He asks why, did he get scared by the fight. She says no, by my scar. They laugh and hug. He thanks her and asks will she keep him happy. She says excuse me, you are doing what you wanted to do. He says you mean I m happy because of you. She says indirectly yes. She asks his name. He says Hi, my name is Rishi. She says Milli. They leave from the station. Rithvik says Milli told her big secret with Rishi, and it was the result of her inner voice. She gave strength to Rishi. Love does not happen at fixed time or place, it can happen anytime. Aashiqui Zindabad!! Keep falling in love!! Keep reading.

rishi and milli fall in love

Info on Cast:
* Milli is played by actress Ridhi Dogra
– Ridhi was born on 22nd September, 1985 in New Delhi, India
– She was known for portraying the lead role in Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak? (Star Plus) and Laagi Tujhse Lagan (Colors TV); Role of Rajkumari Damyanti/Savitri Rai Chaudhary in Life Ok’s Savitri TV series.
– Ridhi is married to Raqesh Vashisth her co-star from Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak? Raqesh was recently seen in Qubool Hai as Asad.
– Ridhi with her husband were seen in Nach Baliye 6 (2013-2014) as contestants.
– Twitter page of Ridhi and Wikipedia page.

* Rishi is played by actor Gaurav Bajaj
– Known best in the role of Daksh Patverdhan in Star Plus’s show Sapnon Se Bhare Naina and Rajveer, the main lead in recently ended show Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai… Ajab Sa Risk Hai (ended on May 23, 2014).

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Episode 58
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