Rajeev’s dad insults Shastri ji and rejects Alka’s proposal; Alka agrees to marry Rohan in Shastri Sisters


shastri sisters





Shastri ji was very much hurt when he came to know about Alka’s love affair with Rajeev. When he confronted her seeing her with Rajeev, she admitted she loves him and he came to stay in Delhi for her, and since one month, he has been waiting to talk to him. Shastri ji goes to meet Rajeev and Sareen accompanies him. Sareen says if a rich guy can live such life leaving his family for our daughter, then it means he truly loves her. They are glad meeting Rajeev. Rajeev tells them that he loves Alka a lot and left Kanpur for her. Shastri ji asks him to go back to Kanpur and inform his family that he wants to meet them and talk about his and Alka’s marriage. Rajeev is very happy and rushes to Kanpur.

Shastri ji tells Alka that he is going to meet Rajeev’s family and she is happy. He takes Anushka with him to Kanpur. Rajeev brings Rani Bhabhi to meet Shastri ji. Rani tells them that Rajeev’s family is very angry knowing about Rajeev and Alka and will not come to meet them at their house. She says Rajeev lied to them and went after Alka to Delhi. Rajeev requests Shastri ji to come and meet his dad once. Shastri ji, Sareen and Anushka go to meet him, and wait for many hours. Finally, Rajeev’s dad meets them and insults them badly. He says Shastri ji was so poor that he used to keep pending amount at his Kirana shop, and now he has come with the marriage proposal of his daughter for Rajeev.

He asks Shastri ji to make all his daughter trap rich guys so that he does not have to worry for them. Sareen is unable to bear the insult of Shastri ji and wants to give the arrogant man a good answer, but Shastri ji stops him thinking about Alka’s love. Rajeev’s dad says he won’t accept this relation and rejects Alka. He says Rajeev will obey me and he will not marry Alka going against me. Shastri ji looks at Rajeev for an answer and shockingly Rajeev is unable to say anything to his father and stays quiet, just following his dad’s decision. Anushka and Sareen are shocked thinking this may break Alka’s heart. Where did Rajeev’s madness go?

What will Alka do knowing about this failed love story result? When Alka gets this shocking news, she is shattered. Anushka asks her to think bout their dad’s respect, and tells her that Rohan and his family are still waiting for her yes. Rohan meets Alka and Alka finds him very innocent, but thinks she can’t break his heart as she does not love him, how can she cheat him. Rohan asks Alka to think about him again, and he is waiting for her yes. Alka agrees to marry Rohan for her family’s sake, knowing Rajeev has let her down by not taking any stand for their love. Will Alka really marry Rohan, or will Rajeev’s craziness bring him back in Alka’s life? Keep reading.


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