Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 21st August 2014 33rd Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 33rd Episode 21st August 2014

Precap: Devika breaks her relationship with Sid after seeing his Tapori language. Kimaya initiates to speak with Cheeku and wishes that he listen to her and wants one chance but in vain. Dodo and Cheeku goes from Devika’s home where party was organized. Gattu informs Cheeku outside Devika’s home that after not listening to Kimaya he lost his last chance as well.


Highlight of the Episode: Babusha – Cheeku’s family guest acting as the catalyst in bringing Cheeku and Kimaya [Cheeya] together again bringing in happier times for both of them.

Cheeku comes home and remembers about Kimaya’s word who wishes him to give her a chance and also remember how she left him telling she will not meet him again. Dodo takes the butterfly specimen from Cheeku’s hand and Sid is also there who speaks that even his relationship with Devika got hurt. Sid and Dodo tease Cheeky by throwing his butterfly specimen and taunts more on Cheeku’s heartbreak situation and calls him helpless. Cheeku becomes annoyed and speaks that he is not helpless and wants to prove that his left has not ended and wants them to see.

Cheeku’s mother speaks about a guest to Dodo and Sid and Cheeku at his end comes out to see that guest who is a girl and he starts to stare at girl and thinks that its a good chance for him to dance with her and he is not helpless. Dodo and Sid becomes happy to see her as well and then the girl welcomes Sid and all. Dodo tries to flirt with her and she then asks Cheeku his intro and Cheeku comes there to tell his name as Aditya Khosla. She speaks that his name is Sweet and their mother introduces her as Babusha. She came there for 1 week to prepre for her exams and Dodo wants her to stay in his room and wants to give a warm reception to guests. Sid wants Dodo to stay far from her and Dodo informs him that he couldn’t handle one girlfriend and then Cheeku comes there and speaks that Babusha is for him. Dodo and Sid laughs on him and Cheeku speaks of showing them what is Aditya Khosla.

Cheeku was doing Yoga and comes Babusha and she wants his company and both start with stretching and he touches her hand and then she wants his help for stretching. Dodo and Sid follows Babusha and wishes to do Yoga with her and finds Cheeku helping Babusha in stretching. Sid receives a message from Devika asking him to come for jogging but he wants to go later. Sid and Dodo tries to flirt with Babusha and Sid referring to her as Babbu.. She then teaches all stretching and compliments Cheeku. Cheeku imagines Kimaya complimenting him and Dodo tries to take Babusha’s help so as to touch her. Sid receives a message from Devika asking him to not come late.

Cheeku informs Babusha to not take tension and he speaks on teaching her Yoga Aasan making Dodo and Sid surprised. He helps her in the Aasan so as to remove her back pain and she thanks him. She then asks him how does he know that Babusha has problem in that back ? Cheeku speaks of going through Babusha’s facebook message and she calls him caring and then gives him a warm hug and calls him honest and even takes a selfie with him. Dodo and Sid are unhappy with the developments and Cheeku makes a taunt at them and speaks that he is stylish and also have the effect because of his honesty and old fashioned way. Cheeku speaks of only working for his project (babusha) and cannot waste time right ?

Cheeku’s mother calls him to take breakfast and he founds the gift he gave to Kimaya and becomes frustrated. He speaks on being happy even after impressing Babusha and also proved his worth to Sid and Dodo. He then speaks that heart is all nonsense and he should look for Babusha. Sid does trimming to impress Babusha and soon Devika comes to Cheeku’s home and their mother welcomes her. Sid becomes nervous on seeing Devika and hesitantly introduces her to his mother as his friend and classmate. Babusha introduces herself and Devika looks in odd manner at her and Dodo speaks that Babusha is not her sister but a guest. Sid speaks that guest is a God in our country and Devika becomes annoyed and leaves from there. Sid follows her outside and asks what’s the hell going on ? She asks him that he didn’t call her after the party and she then understands that he just wants to get physical and asks him to first have some emotional bond. She asks him why he didn’t thought before running at her like a puppy dog ? He replies that actually she is following him and becomes annoyed and leaves and doesn’t want to see his face.

Babusha gives her exam and meets Cheeku at the exam centre and Dodo and Sid are also there and both wishes to help her. She then wants Sid to drop her Yoga bag and mat at the home and then wants to go with Cheeku at the cafeteria and chill. She then tells them that later they can join. Cheeku becomes ecstatic while Dodo and Sid are unhappy and dejected again. Babusha wants Cheeku to eat some cake and when she puts it in his face and he calls her as Kimaya. Babusha then speaks that he likes a girl which is seen in his eyes. Cheeku speaks lot of things about Kimaya. Kimaya at her end meets Gattu and she speaks on moving from Cheeku. Gattu suggests to her to not leave Cheeku and give him another chance. Kimaya decides to meet Cheeku another time and wishes that he speaks to her in a positive way and doesn’t create any issues again. Babusha holds Cheeku’s hand at the cafeteria and speaks that everything will be fine and then gives him a warm hug and calls him a nice man. Kimaya comes there and sees them together sharing a hug and becomes dejected again.

Next Episode (22nd August): Dodo tries to speak to Kimaya that she is hurt because she likes Cheeku and Cheeku likes her too but she doesn’t accept his point. Babusha speaks to Cheeku that he haven’t moved on and even Kimaya and suggests that he should act like a man and win back Kimaya. Kimaya’s friend Armaan decorates the bus stand and waits for Kimaya and she becomes surprised to see his sudden shift in behavior.

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