Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 22nd August 2014 14th Episode on Zing TV starring Siddhi Karwa and Namish Taneja – Written Update


Meiyang Chang Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

Meiyang Chang (the host) starts the show and speaks that there is one question whose answer nobody have the former ones like Einstein and also the ones in current times like Karan Johar and the question is –  Is friendship love ? He speaks that people have imagined this question in their head and speaks that he brought the today’s chocolate love story of Sid and Alia which has many flavors and also have small fights, teenage best times and when the life without friendship seems incomplete.

Alia fights with Sid at their school on petty matter and he also follows her. She comes back home and her mother asks her to attend Sid’s call but she doesn’t take it thinking that he is calling her for Maths exam preparation. Both ponder on not calling each other and instead wait for the call. Sid comes to her home and speaks to her mother that he has sent 82 messages and have also sent chocolate to her but still she is not listening to him. Alia’s mother doesn’t help him and asks him to go and meet Alia in her room. Sid goes to her room and asks for her help in his Maths preparation. He informs her to help him in the renovation for his Dad’s cafe. Moreover, he adds that there he will a coffee named after her. He speaks that she is great in Maths and wants to get 85 % marks and promises to take her on a ride when he gets his bike. She agrees to help him and promises that he will get that 85 % percentage. He thanks her and they share a warm hug. They hang out each other near the coast and she wants him to thank her and she then asks him for a promise that they will never end their friendship.

Sid accepts the promise and also wants her to be around him. She then asks for the keys and he informs that the keys are at home and then gets the keys from him and calls him liar and goes on to drive his bike though Sid tries to stop her since she might fall down. Alia engages in a petty fight with a person on the road and informs that Sid her boyfriend will come to her rescue but Sid evades her but later appears and apologizes to her and help her in driving the bike. Sooner, she calls him for a movie together and he informs her that he cannot come since his mother is not feeling well and he cannot leave his mother. She agrees with him and wants to go with some other friend. Later, Alia comes to Sid’s home and brings some panipuri and other food for them. Alia speaks to his mom with caring words and informs him of a promotional event.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that if the friendship is strong then you will know a friend’s problem very easily and Sid and Alia were also the same and they used to understand each other and were different like one was North and other was the South pole but they were best friends and were an example of friendship to others. And the decision of Sid to start his father business and opening a cafe after the end of his school make them come closer.

Sid speaks to Alia that all the photos that she put on display there will be sold out and she then learns that DJ is not coming and has ditched them. He speaks on having an idea and brings young kids there and he dances with them while she takes photos. Sid informs Alia that a red-shirt boy is eyeing her and she informs of not liking him and he is not of his type. He then asks her what is her type ? She informs of liking the boy who develops plays at the college and importantly likes his eyes and he speaks that girls are random and then she goes to speak with that boy. Next day, Sid hits a girl and drops the coffee and her phone becomes a bit wet because of it and he brings to get coffee for her. He puts the Sorry message on the coffee via milk and powder. He introduces himself as Sid and she introduces her name as Roshni and is doing masters. He speaks of going to college and then asks her to try for Gol Gappas. She asks him whether he is becoming frank and then he manages to convince her with his words.

Before going with Roshni to eat Gol Gappas, he finds Alia with that same boy who even kisses her and becomes nervous. He waits to get keys for his bike from Alia and soon meets her and she informs him that the boy Abhi is interested in her as well and she is happy about it. He speaks of calling her several times and she didn’t attend his call and then asks her the keys of his bike. She speaks in high voice on sharing an important matter about her and he is not happy and didn’t show any reaction as well and calls him mad. He replies that he has to go and she asks him about his opinion about Abhi. He informs that he has a date and she ponders ok so you have a date and then informs him to not take that girl to their secret place and then gives him the keys.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that as he has told they are strange friends and the friend who is showing more interest in other will give you some pain..

Sid is present at Alia’s home and she speaks to Sid that he is missing lectures and he informs about some parshad which he brought for her. He speaks on flirting nicely with Roshni and then speaks that she is hot and speaks in mature manner and he speaks on liking her for that. He suggests that he sang lot of songs and have good time. To counter him, Alia also praises Abhi for his attitude and then he informs her on going a party with Rose (Roshni) and asks her to join them. She replies on not able to come with them and speaks that he has plans with Abhi. He then insists her to come alongwith her boyfriend Abhi. Alia goes with Abhi and joins Sid and Roshni. Sid continues to pamper and flirt with Roshni and also kisses her making Alia very jealous. She goes to the restroom and speaks in the mirror that she was jealous after seeing Sid with his girlfriend. She speaks to herself on not being jealous and then comes to the point that she can’t tolerate Sid with some other girl and continues to remain puzzled.

Next day, Sid and Roshni speaks of going out and also wants Alia and Abhi to come with them but Alia excuses and decides to not join them. Abhi asks her is everything ok and she replies of not having her mood and Abhi then goes on to speak about his play where the lead character is a boy who has never experienced love. She seems to be not interested about his play and checks her high resolution camera. He asks her what going on with her. She speaks of been confused about their relationship. He speaks of loving her and then tells her that when she realizes about loving him then she can come to him,. After speaking it, he leaves from there. Alia at her home looks at the pics of Sid, Sid and herself together, and cries. [Mujhko Rulaya..Benaam Rishta.. Bechaan Karta Jaooo. song plays].

Meiyang (the host) asks how will you feel if he snatches away the most precious thing from your childhood? He speaks that you will feel bad, right and the same happened with Alia and she learned to be in love with Sid though she realized late but now her friendship has turned into love.

Roshni comes to meet Alia and informs that Sid always talk about her. Alia speaks of knowing Sid since 12 to 13 years and Roshni then asks for some tips from Alia because Sid is flirting with her a lot and doing things which make her fall for him more dearly and now she is becoming serious about him. She suggests that in another 3 months her master studies will be complete and then she hopes to speak to her parents about getting married with Sid. Alia asks her whether she is thinking of marrying him now and she replies not now but eventually yes..Alia speaks that Sid is not a married material and for him relationship doesn’t matter and he is not serious about it and dates girls and also ditches them regularly. After speaking all those things she wants her to not tell Sid about it. Roshni becomes dejected and leaves from there and on other hand Alia also feels some guilt and low confidence. Alia is seen at her home who asks why she is so silent and also Sid is not around. Alia informs that Sid got a girlfriend and her mother asks is she feeling upset about it ? Sid comes there and informs that he spoiled everything and has messed though it was the beautiful phase of his life. He speaks that Roshni is upset and she wants him to see her family but he ran from there since he needed time and speaks of loving her. Roshni now is not listening to him and now she is doubting his intentions and suggests to Alia that she knows how is he right ? He speaks on his confusion on how Roshni got so much things in her mind. Soon, he gets a call and later it turns out that his mother passed away and Alia and Roshni comes to give him consolation and support. He hugs Roshni instead of Alia first though he holds her hand. [Darmiyaan song plays]

Sooner, Alia writes a message to him informing that she is going away and they will now be separated and will concentrate on each other’s life. After reading it, he imagines Alia there and feels helpless and cries. The story moves forward by six months and Roshni calls him asking to select the best dress for her and informs him of sending her pics. He asks her to choose any dress which she prefers. Alia at her end is being told to see some groom’s proposals but she is not much interested. She speaks to her mother to do what she feels right. Roshni meets Sid at his home and finds him engrossed in his laptop and wants him to listen to her. She then informs him that her father has booked some reception halls for their engagement and asks him to choose one of them. He shows no interest in it and instead asks her whether she needs tea. She becomes annoyed and asks him whether he has any interest about their approaching engagement.

Sid becomes more annoyed and doesn’t want any disturbance and she informs him that they are talking unfortunately about their marriage which requires both participation and she is not alone in that venture. He thinks that she is complicating the matter. She replies on not seeing any smile on his face since their marriage date has been fixed. He then opens up and informs her that he is just too nervous and thinks that their marriage decision is in haste and don’t know what to do. Roshni then speaks that she is foolish to not know that he doesn’t not love her and he speaks thats not the case and loving her. She speaks that he is lying and suggests on seeing a 360 degree shift in him in the last three months. Roshni suggests that now he doesn’t love her in the way he used to do before and cites there can be many reasons like losing his mother, or Alia, and then speaks that he loves Alia since she saw him seeing pics of Alia and also saw love for Alia in his eyes.

She then speaks of leaving him which she wished of doing it earlier. She then tells him to not repeat what he did with her and wishes him the best and leaves. [Tooti Hain Saari Mehfil.. Itna Satana.. Yun Yaad Aana.. Darmiyaan.. Kuch to Tha Tere Mere plays].. Alia is getting dressed by her mother since some groom’s family is coming to see her. Alia’s mother speaks on knowing why her daughter takes small breaks at her home when she is not working and cites that she does in that way because she misses and love Sid thus she doesn’t stay longer. Her mother speaks on knowing all the truth about her daughter and thinks that she is a good photographer but not a good actress. Soon, Sid comes there and wants to speak with Alia with much teary voice. Sid comes to Alia’s room and wants to share something important to her. She informs that he came to speak about his break-up story and he informs on sharing with her his break-up because she is her best friend and then asks her what is his mistake ? He then asks about his wrong and then apologizes to her and she wants him to go. Sid speaks on fighting a lot so as to not think about her but she always come in her mind and goes down on his knees and speaks that this is not friendship and is more than that. He then suggests that this is Friendship^1000.

He asks her whether she is understanding what he wants to say and then informs that even her Maths is good. He suggests that it was good that she left him so he understood her value. After she left he learnt that there is no meaning to his life and admits that he has messed up everything but what can he do and informs that he is a fool (buddhu). He speaks that even his scooty about her and reminds her how he trained her in driving the bike so that she becomes calm. He then proposes to her and wants any order from her.She accepts his proposal and says I love you to him. Both share a warm hug and she informs him that one boy’s family is coming to see her and then he asks her what to do ? She takes a promise that he will stand by her and then tells him to give his bike’s keys so that they can go away from there. Sid and Alia leaves from there after becoming lovestruck and the story has a happy ending.

Meiyang speaks that Alia’s mother thought that if both stay together then they will fight a lot but they proved wrong to her and showed that friendship is love. In this story, Roshni is hurt and Sid has apologized to her but when two people are destined to meet then in that case someone needs to sacrifice and apologize as well and in this case Roshni was the one according to his opinion. Meiyang speaks whether Sid and Alia did the right thing to change their friendship into love or was it a selfish move since they hurt Roshni and Abhishek in that process. Meiyang wants people to share their opinion/feedback using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV facebook and Twitter pages.

Info on Cast:
* Alia is played by actress Siddhi Karwa
– Worked in the role of Ankita Shah in MTV Webbed.
– Siddhi’s Twitter page

* Sid is played by actor Namish Taneja
– Namish played the role of Chiraag Modi in Sony’s show Ek Nayi Pehchaan
– Also worked in MTV Webbed

PTKK Season 1, 14th Episode, 22nd August 2014
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