Yeh Hai Aashiqui 24th August 2014 Episode 61, Bindass starring Ekta Kaul and Alok Narula – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 61, Rithvik Dhanjani

The story starts with RJ Yoshika scolding an intern when he wants to give her program schedule and she wants the schedule at her table instead of in her hand. One of the intern speaks that RJ Yoshika drinks rum and coffee together. Sooner then, the radio station boss CEO Tushar informs the interns that RJ Yoshika is meeting her expectations and is maintaining good ratings so they don’t need to speak about her and whether she drinks rum or whisky and scolds them. They speak that Tushar the CEO has love and friendship for only ratings.


RJ Yoshika starts the radio conversation and speaks that one lucky winner will get a surprise and wants people to call. Raghuveer Singh an auto driver calls RJ Yoshika and speaks that she is in his dreams and becomes very excited and she asks him what he wants to say. He speaks a couplet which compliments Yoshika which suggests that the ones who put bad eyes on her voice will have to see black marks on their faces. RJ Yoshika compliments him for his poetry and speaks that her morning became good and he speaks that his life is now made. She learns that he is an ordinary autorickshaw driver and smiles. She speaks in english a bit and then asks him about the contest. The first question for the contest is – One Young boy and One Young girl cannot be friends, and she asks him in which movie where this dialogue has been spoken. He replies the movie name – Humne Love Kiya. Soon, she gets a knock at her door and one of her colleagues suggest her to tell Raghu that instead of a gift hamper he will get a chance to meet her. Yoshika speaks to Raghu that he got an opportunity to meet her and she asks him to come tomorrow to her studio. He becomes excited and shouts that he is going to see her.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) of the show speaks that we have heard a quote that every shining thing is not gold and Raghu thought that Yoshika who is beautiful and have a good voice will also be good in real life but he was wrong. He understood it after he won a competition at Yoshika’s radio station. Rithvik welcomes all and see how their story progresses.

Raghu comes in his usual self at the radio station in his own Auto. Yoshika at her end informs Tushar the CEO that she is not comfortable in meeting people and she is only fine with them on Radio. Tushar informs that sponsors wanted her to meet people in person and he calls her sweetheart and informs her that there are two things to meet strangers – smile and drink (Rum). He speaks that if she does that then they will get numbers (ratings).  Raghu comes in Dabangg style and also wears cool shades and comes directly in the office. He informs a girl that he wanted to meet Yoshika and he is then send to a room where radio conversations go on. He imagines Yoshika while closing her eyes and soon comes Yoshika and her radio session goes on air. He only looks at her and imagines the Kick song – Jummah Ki Raat Hai. She informs the people on radio that her guest is Raghuveer who is the winner of the yesterday’s contest. She asks him how does he feel ? He speaks on having a dream and she asks him how does he like Yoshika ? He compliments her a lot and she informs the listeners that Raghuveer is good in poetry. He tells her to call him Raghu instead of Raghuveer.

She tells him about the radio equipments there  [Ek Ankahe Daastan song plays] and then again they go on-air. He speaks about her hair, smile, and in reality he loves her – I love you… She becomes surprised and her boss Tushar tells her to be calm on hearing it. She informs her listeners that her guest Raghu has just proposed to her and told – I love you. He also informs her that its real and she holds his hand and wants to say something that she also loves him and also all her fans because of which the show is so much successful. Raghu again goes on his imagination and imagines the kick song scene. He then asks her to go on a long-drive date in his auto and again Tushar suggests her to respond positively to him. She informs her listeners that she will go on a long ride with him.

She then asks him what song you wish the radio to play and to whom he wants to dedicate. He dedicates the song – Aaj Phir Tum Pyaar Aaya Hai and he dedicates the song to her  (the host of the show). She becomes more annoyed but doesn’t express it openly. Later, Raghu outside the station building speaks that when his colleagues will know about his story with Yoshika they will be much impressed. He then finds Yoshika going in her car and he runs towards her. He meets her and speaks that she promised to go with him on a ride and she informs him that to run the show she needed to speak it and wants him to go from there and don’t act like mad person. He asks whether mad people go on date ? She asks him how can she go on a date with him and wants him to look at himself in the mirror and tells the security to send him away. Raghu becomes dejected.

Later, Raghu meets one of his customers a girl  and asks her what does it mean – down market and that has been told to him by RJ Yoshika ? He also informs her that he has proposed a date to Yoshika. After hearing it, the girl informs him that he is mere auto rickshaw driver and smiles and asks him whether he is mad and informs him of the comparison between them and speaks that she is a big radio jockey. He asks her what’s wrong thing with him and suggests that for love you need heart and he has that. She informs him that love you need more things apart from heart and he needs to understand those things soon then it will be better for him. He speaks on not wearing clothes like them and doesn’t know english and speaks that he is the king of mind and says that from now on Raghu is dead and he can also speak english. He speaks with confidence that Yoshika will love him – downmarket Rickshaw driver.

Rithvik speaks if there was other girl than Yoshika then what he/she would have done. Raghu was a college drop out and he opted to drive Auto to make quick money. He doesn’t have that passion and not only Yoshika any other girl would not love him and will not think seriously about him.

The story moves forward by 1 month and Yoshika is informed by one of her colleagues that as she needed an intern so one intern is there waiting to meet her. She doesn’t show much interest and Raghu comes there as Veer – a new intern and speaks that he will show how he will transform himself from a loser to a winner.  Raghu is dressed very nicely with maroon shirt and she checks him out well and then her colleague suggests that Veer has a degree in Mass Communication and is an ideal match for an intern position with her. She contemplates a bit and speaks that if he does gossip like Rohan then she will fire him. She then asks him to hide somewhere because she wants to see his work and not his face. He calls her Mam and she tells him to call her Yoshika. She calls him enthu cutlet and informs him that his important work is her morning coffee and less coffee more rum because if its not good then her day is not good. He asks whether she drinks as well.

Veer and other interns are in a meeting with Yoshika and he stares at her. She informs him to think of an idea otherwise she will be going to fire him. He speaks of an idea and says that auto drivers have radio which works whole day. She informs them that they have never done anything for auto people and likes his idea and wants to speak with Tushar and compliments him and smiles. One of Veer’s colleague speaks of lining music because of monsoon and wants his help. Veer agrees for it and then informs about a song and the colleague suggests that such songs will not be liked by Tushar who is the fiancee of Yoshika. After learning it he becomes nervous and the colleague suggests that engagement is only for namesake and Tushar is only worried about his ratings. He informs Veer (aka Raghu) that Yoshika drinks rum in the morning and is able to work and if she didn’t drink then the show will be a big flop and Tushar doesn’t interfere with her and only worried about ratings. The colleague also suggests that Yoshika is only worried about money and Veer doesn’t want to accept it and soon he hears Yoshika shouting there that if she didn’t get a hike in her salary then she will quit her job. Veer learns about the things there with Yoshika and then goes to meet Yoshika and informs her that soon they will be on-air soon. She becomes annoyed and replies that she knows there are more three minutes and leaves. The colleague again comes there and informs Veer that she is very selfish to fight with her fiance. Veer suggests that she runs the show and its her right to demand more money. He speaks that even Auto wallahs goes on strike to increase the fare. Yoshika shouts for her coffee  (with rum included) and Veer has to bring coffee for her.

Veer stops short to put rum in the coffee and suggests to see how her show will run with only coffee. He goes to her with coffee and she drinks it and doesn’t recognize that it doesn’t have rum. She starts the radio session and her first caller is Raghu (Veer) from the same office but she doesn’t know. She asks what song he wants her to play. He informs the song is Aage Peeche from the movie Golmaal.. She plays it and then asks him to whom the song is dedicated. He informs that the girl who loves her should dedicate the song to him and she learns that he wants to dedicate the song to himself and he then speaks in Tapori language and speaks that if his lover dedicates the song to him then his day will be made. He ends the call and feels happy and then goes to tease her with program schedule and enacts the Aage peeche song. He continues to dance in the office and she looks at him and smiles.

They begin to spend more time together and he continues to not put rum in her coffee [Aankhon Hi Aankhon Ne Pehle Kuch Din baatein Ki… Karu Dua.. song plays] and shares meetings. He takes her coffee cup and when she looks at him falls down bringing smile on her face. Veer mingles with others well and starts to come close to her and wins her confidence. They also eat together while working and shares eyelocks and his colleague feels amused to see them coming close. Later, in the night after work he waits for her and she then comes out to see him. He informs her that he wishes to take her on a date but it will be different. She then shows her an Auto and before she say something he bends down on his knees and requests her which makes her accept. He then drives the Auto and takes her on a drive. She sits in the auto and smiles [I love you song..]. They drink some tea at roadside stall and she asks him how come he is always happy ? He replies on living in present and doesn’t think much on future and suggests that life is like auto rickshaw and speaks that whoever sits in the auto is destined. She informs him that he is good in story telling and asks him to write script and is liking it. He then asks her whether she can stop drinking rum in the morning and after some thoughts she informs that if she doesn’t drink rum then R of RJ Yoshika will go away and the show will be flop. She informs him of people hurting her and suggests that with rum she feels confident. He speaks that she feels lonely and she asks him how does he know ? He replies that since she spends lot of time in office, remains busy and has love of her fans. She speaks that he understood her in 3 months and others have not understood her in 3 years. He tries to speak about him coming to her 4 months ago but stops. He informs that she is hiding behind some relationships.

Yoshika speaks of being very conscious and doesn’t want to let people know about her weakness. He informs her that he has seen her salary slip and she earns only 2K INR more than his colleague Samar. She asks him how dare he look at her salary slip ? He informs that he had to look at it so to know whether all people speak about her is right. She informs that people think that she is materialistic but is fine for her and rum helps her in that. He informs her since he joined office she has left drinking coffee with rum and is only drinking coffee. She asks him whether since 3 months she is running with the show without rum and asks him how is that possible ? He says that he just use to put some rum drop on the cup for flavor and then wants her to promise that she will not drink rum from now on. She accepts and promises to not drink rum and they share some pakodas (snacks). Next morning, Yoshika is a changed person and is very calm and then asks Samar (veer’s colleague) about Veer. Samar informs that Veer is being fired by Tushar today itself and after learning it she goes to meet Tushar after becoming much agitated. She asks him why he fired Veer who was a good intern for her and also she would be the one to fire him if needed.

He informs her that he didn’t like his face and then opens up and speaks that it his responsibility to protect his fiance. She asks him what do you mean ? He speaks that people are saying that Veer and herself are together. She informs him how can he think on that way ? He speaks on seeing Veer and her together having good time, laughing, late night shifts, from strict Yoshika to lenient one. He speaks on not wearing any cloth on her eyes and knows everything. Moreover, he adds that he is the CEO and she is just a mere Radio Jockey (RJ) and after hearing it she becomes dejected and thanks him and calls him Tushar Sir and also thanks him for opening her eyes and until now she didn’t know what’s going in her heart and because of him she got clarity and came to realize that her heart beats for Veer and has special corner for him and she is the CEO of her heart and nobody can fire her. She speaks on hoping that they will never meet from now on and also informs him of quitting her job and leaves from there.

Yoshika comes out of the building to find Veer dressed in an autorickshaw driver dress. He reminds that six months ago an Auto rickshaw driver won a contest of her radio show. She remembers and speaks that it was Raghuveer but then.. He informs that it didn’t took much time for him to learn english and computers and change his dress. She then asks him about his degrees. He replies that all were fake and he just wanted to come close to her and also wants to see her love him the same amount as he does to her. She then speaks that he lied as well and he apologizes to her and speaks that he was under lots of stress to hide the truth but when he got fired from Tushar sir, he wanted to tell her the truth and bring the auto in the right track. He speaks of doing something and then gives her a letter and she learns that he wants to do Bachelor of Mass Communications. He speaks of becoming suitable for her first and didn’t have interest in studies before but now if he wants to walk with her with confidence then needs to study and make his mark. He then suggests that he is not worried whether she will accept his love and be with him but only wants to see her dumping Tushar who is not suitable for her. He speaks that she needs to be with a man and feel the same how she feels when she is at her radio session – bubbly, sweet bringing happiness to all.

She removes her tears and asks him does he know that like this there is only person and he asks who… She informs that such person is downmarket, autorickshaw driver and his name is Raghuveer. Raghu smiles and she then apologizes to him for not behaving well with him. He suggests that he should thank her instead and says that it is said that love is blind but her love has opened his eyes [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays in background] and he will not turn his back until he made a mark in his career. He then speaks – I love you Yoshika and then both share a warm hug. She carries smiles while also have tears in her eyes. He then shares a quote – Tere Pyaar Ne Yoshika Bana Diya Mujhe Mareez Dil Ka Traffic Kiya Divert Horn Ok Please… He speaks on completing his studies first and until he completes it they will not meet and cites that its important for both of them. He makes her understand about it and leaves from there.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 61, Rithvik Dhanjani

Rithvik speaks that in life there are many people like Raghu and Yoshika whose lives are like parallel lines and they run together but doesn’t meet and love is the Intersection who will change a lot and someone has said that love has lots of power and it can also turn the entire environment like in the case of Raghu and Yoshika. Rithvik signs off by saying – Keep falling in love guys !!

Info on Cast:
* Radio Jockey (RJ) Yoshika is played by actress Ekta Kaul
– Esha was born in Jammu and Kashmir and speaks the Kashmiri language and also has studied for MBA.
– Esha worked recently in the Sony’s show Bade Acche Lagte Hain in the role of Suhani.
– Contestant in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 6 (2013) with choreographer Tushar Kalia.
– Portrayed the lead role of Sahiba in Zee’s show Rab Se Sohna

* Raghuveer an auto-driver played by actor Alok Narula
– Role of Uday Vashisht in NDTV Imagine’s show Jyoti (2009-2010)
– Played the role of Aditya Kaushik in Zee’s show Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein (2011-2013)
– Worked in Sony’s Crime Patrol Episode in the role of Navin aired on 8th Feb, 2014.

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Episode 61, 24th August
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