Gumrah Season 4 returns with Abhay Deol, starts 31st August 2014 on Channel V India


Gumraah Season 4

Gumrah Season 4 with the message No One is Born A Criminal is going to start from 31st August on Channel V India. The show will present some real life shocking teen crime cases and tries to unearth the larger reason behind such teen crimes. The show is hosted by actor,star,producer and singer Abhay Deol

There are several promos of Gumrah presenting children speaking they want to become a serial killer, drug peddler, kidnapper and murderer. Abhay then raises the question – Do criminals bring their crime intent by birth or the circumstances forced them to commit crime ? He speaks that every day more than 50 teenagers are involved in serious offences like rape, murder, kidnapping. Abhay suggests that one wrong – step, thinking, decision can astray (Gumrah) the innocent one.

The first three seasons were hosted by Karan Kundra who is currently playing the role of Vivan, a vampire in Fanaah on MTV India. The NoOneIsBornACriminal is the central theme of this season and the channel – Channel V India have initiated to look more deeply into the issues surrounding teen crimes. We watched Gumrah Season 3 last two episodes and felt awe of Karan’s hosting and has set a benchmark and Abhay hopefully will be able to match that benchmark.

Some of the Questions they raised and asked people on Twitter are:
* Is society responsible for a teenager’s actions? After all #NoOneIsBornACriminal
* What minimum age should the Juvenile Justice Act be amended to? Share your view with #NoOneIsBornACriminal

With the show’s theme and concept, it would then be possible to use the learning to provide some steps in curbing and reducing teen crimes. Stay tuned to Gumrah – Season 4 every Sunday @ 1 PM on Channel V India.

Abhay Deol - Host of Gumraah Season 4

Additional Info: Wikipedia page of Gumrah

Image credit: Twitter page of Channel V India and Abhay’s pic from his Wikipedia page

Gumrah Season 4 – Promo/First Look
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Gumrah Season 3 – Last 2 Episodes
Ep 31: Full Episode,
Ep 32: Full Episode,

Sneak Peek: Gumrah Season 3 – Last 2 Episodes
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