Sakshi’s shameful and sickening act does not deter Durga in seeking revenge in Ek Hasina Thi


sakshi geonka and durga in ek hasina thi




Sakshi Goenka, a name that looks so strong when heard and seeing Simone Singh donning the character perfectly, we can recall all the big vamps of Indian Telly, with good attire, good looks and a cruel insensitive mind. Sakshi has become disgusting this time, as she plans to separate Shaurya and Durga, and falls so low that she ruins the name of a ‘’woman’’. A mother can’t be so blind to save her son after he rapes someone, or he kills someone, or ruin someone’s future. Sakshi has always been protective about Shaurya, and senses Durga is not right for him. She understands Durga will end Shaurya’s happiness and is misfit as his life partner.

She plans to make Durga refuse for the marriage herself, and uses Payal in this process, to make Durga sure that Shaurya is indeed Payal’s rapist and how can she marry such a guy. She wants Durga to think again on her decision to marry Shaurya, and take a step back. The woman with no conscience, Sakshi goes ahead in her evil plan and hires some goons to threaten Payal and make her recall her rape, that she gets scared of anyone’s presence around her. She plays with Payal’s mental health and sends her back in her past, thus making her have a mental relapse.

She sends the goons to the farmhouse where Payal is kept, and four men dressed as Shaurya, Karan, Rishi and Tarun go in Payal’s room, having colored their faces and playing Shaurya’s trademark whistle which makes Payal think they have come to rape her again, as they create the same scenario of that unfortunate night. Payal pleads them to leave her and seeing her getting mad, they leave messaging Sakshi that the work is done. The farmhouse gets ruined by them, and even Payal’s doctor is beaten up by them. The doctor calls Durga and informs her everything. A shocked Durga runs to see Payal, leaving the Goenkas in the temple. Sakshi is glad that her plan is working. Durga reaches the farmhouse and sees everything ruined and Payal in same state as before. Durga shouts Sakshi Goenka and gets more determined in taking her revenge. Sakshi becomes a bad remark on womanhood and Durga pledges to take her revenge by counting all sins of the Goenkas.

Durga does not deter in her decision to marry Shaurya which shocks Sakshi. Sakshi gets ready with her next move and plans to bring Shaurya face to face with Payal, so that this time Payal’s madness and fear can change Durga’s decision to marry Shaurya. With Durga knowing her plan, she still continues to show her belief in Shaurya and plans a big move to hurt Sakshi. She plans to get married to Shaurya before the date and enter the Goenka house, giving a surprise to Sakshi and shut her mouth for once and all. Will Durga succeed in her revenge plan to ruin the Goenkas? Will Akash and Dev help her out? Keep reading.


  1. such a shameful act by sakshi goenka.i wish one day durga may send her to asylum and give electric shocks everyday no… twice a day


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