Suhani earns a soft corner in Yuvraaj’s heart; He guards Suhani’s respect in his friend’s party in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


suhani si ek ladki yuvraaj and suhani getting friendly



Suhani has always been good to others, even to strangers. But Yuvraaj felt she cheated him, and knew he loves Soumya and still married him to get rich. He stays angry on her thinking how Pankaj blackmailed him to marry Suhani. But the things are changing now with Suhani keeping the Teej fast for Yuvraaj and their relationship turning genuine now. Yuvraaj does not like her, as she is dark and not beautiful, but he realizes she has a golden heart, after he reads her thoughts in a word file he gets from her laptop. He comes to know Suhani is innocent, and did not know he loved Soumya. He reads that Suhani feels he loves her and Soumya always made her understand this. Yuvraaj feels its Soumya who has cheated both of them and run away with Krishna. He comes back and sees Suhani sleeping. He smiles seeing their wedding pic and turns good towards her. Suhani has finally won his heart, atleast a part of it.

Rags (Ragini) gets a party invitation and drags Yuvraaj and Suhani too. The guests there make fun of Suhani, and say how could Yuvraaj marry such a dark girl. Yuvraaj safeguards Suhani’s respect and answers all of them, saying she is Suhani Birla, my wife and I married her by my wish. Suhani gets really happy seeing Yuvraaj protecting her self esteem. Suhani thanks Yuvraaj with a smile. Rags’ plan fails and she gets angry on Suhani. She gets drunk and her anger explodes when she sees Yuvraaj and Suhani dancing happily, and sharing some romantic moments. Rags brings out her hatred for Suhani shocking Yuvraaj. Menka fills Rags’ ears furthermore to ignite fire between Rags and Suhani. How will Suhani wins Rags’ heart? Keep reading.


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