Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 28th August 2014 36th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 36th Episode 28th August 2014

Precap: Devika and her friends attends english lessons with Cheeku after pleading to him a lot. Kimaya’s boyfriend Armaan proposes to her wanting a second chance.


Highlight of the Episode: Kimaya declines Armaan’s offer of becoming her boyfriend. Devika falling for the cute Cheeku since Sid is not giving her much time because he wants to be more mature and trying to find a job.

Cheeku wants to have focus since there is only one day for exam and he only wants to go to US and then he receives a SMS from Kimaya and then she sends its not for him. Cheeku takes lessons for the girls and informs them about figure of speech and on other hand Dodo flirts with Devika’s friend. Soon, Devika comes there and Cheeku’s mother wishes to have a daughter like her. Sid comes there and gives an excuse to his mother that someone aunt is calling her and then hugs her. Devika informs that after class she wanted to go on a movie with him but he speaks of some commitment and goes from there citing the reason to become more mature. She then meets Cheeku and asks him whether he is upset about Kimaya seen at the bus stop. He informs her on moving on from Kimaya and she is the past.

Kimaya is on a date with Armaan at the cafeteria and he tries to pamper her and give a gift so as to bring a smile on her face. The gift turns out to be a coffe mug and locket with heart shapes with their pics and even small teddies kissing each other. He tries to remind her that even she gave him the same gifts earlier during their date. That was 3rd weeks anniversary and at that time he complimented those gifts as silly and speaks that she even doesn’t know to choose. Kimaya comes back and informs him that she remembers all and he then apologizes to her and speaks that he is a changed man and calls her Kim and wants one chance so as to rectify his mistake and asks her whether she will give him that chance.

At Cheeku’s home, Gattu gives feedback forms to Devika and girls and speaks thats going on with management and wants Cheeku to focus on teaching. Devika and the girls write about the feedback forms and Dodo then comes to take back the forms and then asks one girl for a phone no to be written on the form and the girl informs him that her father is wrestling champion and she may think to give a reply or not. Gattu speaks that the rating 5/5 for Cheeku and then Gattu informs that for each subject is 500 INR and also there is a group package as well. Cheeku gets compliments from Devika and other girls.

Kimaya at the date with Armaan speaks that she can’t be with him now. He asks her what wrong he did that she doesn’t want to be with him and speaks that love doesn’t make any sense without Kim. As she was about to leave, he asks her whether she can be friend for him. She then replies of needing some time to think about it. Gattu gives 1/3 of the fees payment to Cheeku and the other 1/3rd for herself and Dodo for their services. Cheeku speaks of not taking the money.  Devika informs Cheeku that he deserves it and informs that he overthinks a lot. She informs him when he goes on a date with other girl then he needs money. Cheeku becomes nervous and then takes money from Gattu taking his 1/3rd part. Gattu deletes the mobile data from Dodo’s phone so as to remove Devika girl’s phone number. Before leaving, Devika kisses Cheeku making Dodo very surprise.

Sid takes the photos of a girl there and the senior there informs him that the photos are good and he is a good junior photographer.  The senior informs that he needs to buy some expensive lenses which costs 1 Lakh INR and soon he receives a message from Devika asking him to go on a dinner tomorrow. The senior speaks that he can pay 1 lakh INR in 10 installments. Sid speaks that its very hard to become mature.

Cheeku listens Devika’s voice and she was telling him to go on date other girls and then continues to listen her voice and even remembers her kiss and also the good moments she shared with him referring to photos he took with her. Cheeku comes back and wants to focus on his exams and then Sid comes there and informs that Devika wants to speak with him on phone. Cheeku speaks with Devika and she informs him that some moron and he informs that oxymoron and she asks him bitter sweet love and asks him whether he is upset because of Kimaya. She informs that moving on takes time and suggests that he will feel lighter if he speak with others and she is just a phone call away and tells him to never underestimate himself and even she can yes to him and signs off by saying sweet dreams.

Dodo tries to call Devika’s friend but all the lines are busy and the phone is not dialing and the messages are not going. He informs that shreya – devika’s friend told him to send her message but his messages are not going and wants to join call center as an employee. Devika comes to Cheeku’s home and he becomes surprised to see her late in the night and he then goes to call Sid but she stops him. She informs him on coming to see him and then pampers him on his cheeks and reminds him that what she was telling last night was right and she meant it and then suggests that Sid is not caring and is not like him and then pampers Cheeku more on his cheeks and calls him very cute and just wants to kiss him. He speaks that she is right and then informs her that is wrong and then she goes on to kiss him and hears Sid sound calling Cheeku a deceit.

Next Episode: Sid attends an interview but having notes and words with him and not speaking with confidence. Kimaya speaks with her friend about Armaan and her relationships. Devika is seen to come closer to Cheeku and is seen going on a bike and bumping on him when there is a speed break.

* oxymoron in english: a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true).

Sneak Peek: YJTRRR, 28th August 2014
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