Yeh Hai Aashiqui 29th August 2014 Episode 62, Bindass starring Abhishek Tewari, Vinny Arora and Aalika Sheikh – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 62

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks that love is blind as people suggests and it doesn’t keep it bounded in the rules defined in life and because of which we might be committing mistakes. Today’s story is of Sachi and Abhijit. Sachi is a caretaker at his home and Abhijit at his end has married Pratyusha without much thinking but with love and in hurry and later realized that they were not made for each other. Sachi is very different from Abhijit’s world and now how will they compromise on their love after fighting with the rules set by the world. Let’s see their story.

The story starts with Rinki rhyming the Twinkle Twinkle little star poem and Rinki’s father Abhijit speaks on a phone with a colleague on not hiring a potential employee. As he is about to give milk to Rinki it falls and his wife Pratyusha shouts at him after seeing the milk spilled all over the ground. He informs that in 2 years they have got 5 maids and nobody stays and work them for long. He asks her to pick their daughter Rinki from school since he has a meeting but she cites on not having time and doesn’t listen to him. Abhijit then calls his mother who was doing meditation and informs her to pick Rinki from school. He tries to convince his mother but she also cites on being busy because of art gallery. He then decides to take Rinki to his office after her school. Pratyusha then calls a male friend and then wants to go on a long drive with him and fixes an appointment with him. In the night, Abhijit meets the new caretaker Sachi from a small town Raipur and her father has expired thus she came to a new city for work. He learns that Sachi is asking for 10 K INR as her salary and only one holiday per week on Sunday. Abhijit is assured that Sachi will not give excuses in her work and then Sachi goes on to tie the shoes of Rinki. She cleans her shoes as it was dirty and Rinki thanks her.

Abhijit informs Sachi that her duty will be from 7 am to 7 pm and she can begin her work from tomorrow. Sachi comes next day and gives breakfast to Rinki and then goes on to give breakfast and lemon tea to Pratyusha. Pratyusha is browsing her mobile and smiling and takes the food. Rinki is been prepared for her school and she also goes to say good bye to her mother but Pratyusha didn’t even answer. Rinki feels to cry and then goes from there and says bye to her father and leaves. Later, in the night, Abhijit fights with Pratyusha and asking her to attend Rinki’s annual function and she informs him of having her own life and suggests that children’s have their own demands. He informs that it is her responsibility and she responds that he needs a glorified maid. He states that he does need such thing but she doesn’t listen to him and leaves while fuming in anger. Abhijit feels loss and Sachi sees all those things and comes to give him water. He carries some smile on his face and Sachi goes on to spend more time with Rinki before she sleeps. Sachi hugs Rinki and compliments her drawing.

Rithvik (the host)speaks that Sachi gave mother’s love to Rinki which she didn’t got in many years and Abhijit was happy and the house which was just of stones was made like a home by Sachi.

Sachi is getting more offers for work and even getting 1K INR more to work in that house but she declines to work. She speaks of liking that work in Abhijit’s home and suggests that Rinki needs her and even her boss is good though her boss lady speaks loudly with her. Abhijit comes to his home and his mother comes there at the doorstep. He informs her of coming to pick up his file as he forgot. She informs him that a man Manoj comes there everyday at 2 PM and leaves at 4 PM. She suggests him to come more often like how he came then. He asks her whether she is keeping an eye on his home by keeping a detective. She informs on learning from a nearby worker that Manoj comes and is invited by Pratyusha. He informs that he might be a friend for her. Abhijit’s mother doesn’t accept his argument and suggests how a married women (pratyusha) can invite her friend in her husband’s absence. Sooner then comes Rinki with Sachi and informs her father that she came first in her class. Abhijit hugs Rinki with excitement and calls her an angel and showering her love. He informs Sachi for tea for his mother and suggests that pratyusha is hot-headed but she respects their relationship and will not do anything that will hurt her in-laws and husband. His mother continues to insist that some stranger man comes to his home in his absence and his wife doesn’t let him (Manoj) meet her husband. He thinks that as he is busy so she might be not thinking to arrange a meeting with her friend. His mother suggests him to face the truth and if he can’t speak with his wife then she will speak to her in the capacity of a mother-in law in her way.

Sachi then comes there and speaks to Abhijit’s mother that the man actually comes to meet her. Abhijit’s mother becomes annoyed and suggests Sachi to meet her friend outside the home since she is just a servant and wants her to understand it. Sachi apologizes and his mother leaves by saying my foot. Sachi then apologizes to Abhijit by saying that she will meet that man after 7 PM and he learns that she is just acting and speaks that he knows that the man comes to meet Pratyusha. She speaks that he is doing all these things to save his marriage and for Rinki’s sake. He thanks her and agrees with her words. He looks at Sachi as she prepares tea for him and smiles. She gives him tea and waits to hear something from him and leaves. He looks at her and carries some smile and leaves from there. Next day, Rinki was playing with baloon’s in Sachi’s presence and he comes there with a gift for Rinki – fairy doll. Rinki asks her father how come he know that she liked a fairy doll. He replies on getting a dream with a fairy. He then thanks Sachi for informing him about Rinki’s liking which has brought smile on his daughter’s face. Sachi replies while keeping her eyes lowered that he is like her father and a good one who used to know without her knowing about it. Rinki then wants to play a card game and Sachi speaks of not knowing it and she replies of learning from her father. Abhijit joins them in the card game and they all play the card game together and have good times. Pratyusha comes there drunk and speaks that nobody cares for her and speaks that stupid Manoj has made her wait for 2 hrs and eventually didn’t turn up. Pratyusha then learns that there is a birthday party of Rinki and she is then informed that its not Rinki’s birthday and they are celebrating her birthday.

He informs Pratyusha that after she started neglecting her daughter then he became both father and mother for their daughter. She informs that marrying him was her biggest mistake and she hates his daughter more than him. He then suggests her strongly that Rinki is their daughter. Pratyusha responds angrily that they have destroyed her life. He then informs that he knows all about the things on her end, now there is Manoj in her life and six months earlier it was Vikas. He is quiet because of Rinki and doesn’t want to see their daughter’s  being destroyed. He informs her that in a husband-wife’s relationship the most important thing is Trust which she couldn’t manage to maintain. She replies good and behaves insensitive on that point and leaves in that same drunken state. Abhijit becomes worried and informs Sachi to go to her home as it is becoming late. Next day, Pratyusha leaves from there with her bags and Sachi tries to stop her and suggests that Abhijit is a good person, fathewr and he is trying a lot to be a good husband. Sachi then suggests Pratyusha to give a chance to Abhijit in becoming a good husband. Pratyusha replies really and asks her whether he looks so good for her. She then suggests Sachi to satisfy all the needs of her husband. Sachi replies that after hearing her words she is not angry instead she feels mercy for her that she has fallen so low that nobody can help her in climbing up. Sachi informs Pratyusha that even after a good husband like Abhijit she has made relationship in some other place. Pratyusha then tries to slap Sachi but Sachi holds her hand and stops the slap. Sachi suggests that she is leaving a happy house to look for happiness outside but she won’t get it. On that note, Pratuysha shrugs off Sachi and leaves.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Abhijit has lots of respect for Sachi in his heart and also lots of gratitude but he has one more feeling in his mind which he was not understanding or trying not to understand. Also, Sachi has lots of respect for him and also having the feelings of humanity for him but also carries some emotions which she was unable to give some name. They became an integral part of their lives without actually intended to.

Abhijit learns that Pratyusha will not sign the divorce papers from her lawyer and she needs more time and space from her marriage. He informs the lawyer on realizing that his daughter’s life and even his one will be better off without Pratyusha and needs a divorce from her. Abhijit then attends a call on his phone and Sachi informs him that the breakfast is ready and goes to call Rinki. Abhijit feels bit happy and smiles. Sachi goes to Rinki’s school for the parents meeting since Abhijit is late. She also introduces herself as Rinki’s Nanny. The principal there informs on not speaking to a maid of the student as they need to tell lot of details about the student. Sachi replies that she is working there as a Nanny from one year and knows lot of things about Rinki. The principal then asks whether she knows what are the nutrients that Rinki’s takes in food. Sachi replies in hindi and is then told to speak in english. Meanwhile, Abhijit also comes there at the school and comes near the principal’s room where Sachi was present. Sachi speaks in english about all the nutrients – Rinki eating sprouts, vegetables and fruits, cheese burgers, iron and calcium intakes and this is seen by Abhijit. He smiles and later speaks to Sachi that she is super Nanny and she calls him Super Daady that even with so many responsibilities he makes sure to give proper attention and care for Rinki. She informs him of passing 12th Standard from night school and after finishing her work she goes to the same school. He compliments her and asks her to complete her graduation by correspondence since she is smart. She replies that even bringing a smile on a 5-year old kid is a big thing and even she likes to spend time with Rinki and every moment spend with Rinki is memorable for her.

Rinki comes there and they go back together. Later, they go together with Rinki for an outing and does many sports bringing smile to Rinki and in the process Abhijit and Sachi come close. Even a photographer who is covering a story on happy family takes their photograph. They come back home and Abhijit finds his mother there and becomes surprised. She informs him that Sachi is not of his class. She then asks – Do you think that you should keep distance from her ? He replies that his mother is interfering in his life and she replies on caring for him. She suggests again that Sachi is not of his type and he then responds that she is of his type and he even loves her and will also marry her. His mother speaks that her son became mad and reminds him about Society’s thinking. He replies on not worrying about the society and instead wants to see his daughter’s happiness and well being and knows that after the divorce she will be well taken care by only Sachi. His mother then asks him how about her boyfriends who used to come to see her ? He replies that she took the blame on her side to saveguard his relationship and then suggests that from that day he developed……Sachi hears his conversation and comes there and becomes nervous. Abhijit’s mother goes to Sachi and asks her whether she loves Rinki a lot and then wants her to think when Rinki informs her school friends that her father married a maid (Aaya in hindi) then what will be the reply that she would get ?  Abhijit’s mother then leaves from there.

Abhijit comes to Sachi and looks at her and holds her hand as she was leaving. She shrugs off his hand and leaves while having tears.  She goes to Rinki’s room and on Abhijit’s end he is worried as Sachi didn’t reciprocated the same feelings for him and remembers all the moments he shared with Sachi. Sachi cries at her end and then goes to meet Abhijit who was sleeping by then on the sofa. She cries and sooner he wakes up. He goes to Rinki’s room to find her asleep. Next morning by 8 AM Sachi is not seen at his home and he goes to Rinki’s room to find that Rinki has dressed herself on her own and learns that Sachi has told her about a test that she needs to dress on her own and she will not come. Abhijit then finds a letter from Sachi informing him that she cannot work and after reading it he becomes dejected and feels helpless. Sachi at her end feels sad and speaks to her friend that she cannot go back as Abhijit has fought with her mother. She admits her love for him but thinks that its not in her destiny to get her love. The story moves ahead by one year and Abhijit on his way in the car sees Sachi and goes to look for her. Finally he meets Sachi on the road there and also finds her wearing  a Saree. He then asks her whether she is married and she informs him of working at a nearby store and she is wearing uniform for that store – a Saree. She informs of doing graduation by correspondence and he cites that now she is a independent working women and well educated. She then asks him about Rinki and he replies that she is good and asks her why she has left them.

Sachi replies on not having other way at that time and he responds that if they have thought on it together they would have found one certainly. He suggests that still its not late, and she asks him whether she should come as super Nanny. He replies no but as a Super Mommy. She then asks him about his wife and he informs of having a divorce with his wife 6 months back. He then goes back on his knees and proposes her to marry him. She then asks him whether Rinki will accept him and he informs that she can ask Rinki directly about it. He holds her hand and calls Rinki. Rinki comes and gets a warm hug from Sachi and she calls her Sachi Aunty. Abhijit then asks Rinki if she has one more option to call Sachi then what it would be ? Rinki replies Mamma. After hearing it, Sachi feels relieved and hugs Sachi and cries because of happiness. Abhijit also feels elated to have a happy family again with Sachi becoming his wife.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that many Poets say the right thing that love is not sought for but actually you fall in love and speaks that any point in life you can get your lifelong partner and when you get him/her then all the world’s rules and policies will not be a hurdle in your eventual meetup. He speaks that in life many times we get a fairytale ending and in this case Sachi was lucky to have a lifelong partner like Abhijit who didn’t care for the society and wanted a fresh start with her. Rithvik signs off by saying – Keep falling in love, guys !!

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 61, Rithvik Dhanjani

Additional Note:
* We. TellyReviews believe that this episode is also one of best episodes of Yeh Hai Aashiqui in recent months. Kudos to Yeh Hai Aashiqui team including Rithvik and Actors who were cast in this episode.

Info On Cast:
* Abhijit is played by actor – Abhishek Tewari
– Role of Siddharth Sood in Star Plus’s show Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein (2010-2011)

* Abhijit’s wife is played by actress – Aalika Sheikh
– Played the role of Kesar (Kesar Shakti singh) in Star Plus’s show Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya which ran from 2009-2012

* Sachi is played by actress Vinny Arora
– Role of Urmi in Sony’s show Aathvaan Vachan (2008-2009) and of Gayatri in Color’s show Maata Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg (2009-2010)
– Portrayed the role of Neelu Nigam in Sony TV’s show Shubh Vivah (2012)
– Role of Ruksana in Life Ok’s show Do Dil Ek Jaan

* Rinki is portrayed by child actor who is portraying the role of Kavya in IPKKND 2.

Image credit: Twitter page of Bindass TV and Episode Video, and Twitter page of Perfectpix[For Kavya Pics]

Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Episode 62, 29th August 2014
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