Comedy Nights With Kapil 30th August 2014, Neha Sharma and Rakhi Sawant – Sneak Peek Snapshot


Guest on the show: Neha Sharma – Actress and Model; and Rakhi Sawant – Actress, Television presenter, Dancer.


Kapil starts the show and greets all and speaks of talking on fashion and suggests that without oxygen ladies can survive but if we shut down lip stick or powder then in 5 mins they will be affected much.

Raju comes there and calls Bittu as Bittu Sharma Rodericks. Bittu is amused when he hears it and then Raju is seen with a man and informs Bittu that this man is from Palampur and wants to have a fashion show in his town. Bittu asks the man about the budget and he replies it used to be 50 lakhs INR before and then bittu readily wants Raju to run and bring chicken sandwich for the guest. The guest then informs that his current budget is only 5 lakhs INR and after hearing it Bittu wants Raju to only bring sandwich. The guest then wants Bittu to organize the fashion show in 4 lakh INR. Bittu becomes annoyed and informs the man that recently he has organized a birthday cost for which the cost was 50 lakhs INR and then the man asks why so expensive ? Bittu replies that the cake was theirs and he has only kidnapped the boy and gave them. He then agrees to organize the show for 4 lakhs INR and then asks advance from the man. The man gives him 2 lakhs INR and tells him that the show is to be done today and Bittu agrees. Bittu informs Raju to tell Dadi to become a tight model and Raju asks how about the judge ? Bittu calls Sushmita Sen and introduces himself as Kaps.. (Kapil sharma) and on the phone speaks that she is giving him abuse like that of a boy. Sooner then, actress Neha Sharma comes there and he wants her to become the fashion judge for his show. She speaks of being busy in the night.

Bittu aka Kapil informs her that as both their surnames are same – Sharma so he feels the feeling of husband and wife.  She replies why can’t they be siblings (brother-sister) as they have the same surname bringing laughter. Bittu compliments on her beautiful face. The same guest who came earlier comes there with money bag in his hand and asks her how come she is there ? She replies that her car was not working so she came there and Bittu asked her to judge his fashion show. Bittu replies oh what a co-accident and she replies it is coincident and he then suggests whatever you like to think even increment will work fine as well bringing laughter. Bittu informs that Mumbai Fashion week will start with desperate models.

Rajiv Thakur comes there as the first model and acts very rough but with fun, and then Bua comes there in a black dress and even dances passionately and goes to Siddhu and pampers him a bit as well. Palak comes there and walks with much energy and then Daadi comes as a model wearing green and orange dress and with plant hanging on her head and goes on to sit on Siddhu’s lap and pamper him a lot. Bittu welcomes Raju as the queen of hearts whose father is an electrician and Raju is dressed in blue as a model and when Bittu splashes some money on the floor all of them fights to get the money.  The guests becomes annoyed after seeing them and Bittu informs that there will be second round with Q and A and wants the guest to have patience. Bittu wants Neha to start the Q and A round, and Neha asks first question to Palak, what will she do if she wins the contest ? Palak enacts like too much excited and opens her mouth completely and Neha taunts that its a smart answer and very original.

Neha asks second question to Daadi asking from where she got prerna (inspiration, also name of character played by Shweta Tiwari in kasauti Zindagi Ki). Daadi replies that she didn’t meet Prerna but have met Gunjan (from Veera show) yesterday. Neha informs Daadi that her height is bit small than needed to become a model. Daadi informs that as she was born in a village so her height didn’t grow much.. Bittu wants Neha to declare the winner from those 5 (Daadi, Palak, Bua, Rajiv, Raju). All 5 are anxious and Daadi and Palak even closes their eyes just moments before hearing the answer while Neha looks nervous too. Stay tuned to Comedy Nights every Sat/Sun on Colors @ 10 PM.

Pics from this Episode and few off-screen and last week pics.

Additional Note:
* Neha played the role of Anwita Chauhan in the recent movie Youngistaan (released on 28th March 2014).

Image credit: Wikipedia page of Neha Sharma and Rakhi Sawant and Twitter page of Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Full Episode: Neha and Rakhi on CNWK, 30th August 2014
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Sneak Peek:
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Suno Na Sangemarmar song from Youngistaan – Neha with Jacky Bhagnani
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