Abhi counters Purab – Bulbul’s love affair; Pragya out of Abhi’s ‘’dock of doubt’’ in KumKum Bhagya


kumkum bhagya abhi and pragya


Purab’s running away from the marriage mandap has once again raised Abhi’s anger and hand on Pragya. Though he controlled his hand from slapping her, he could not stop his verbal torture on her, making her stand and hear the scoldings for the mistake she never did. Abhi was planning hard for Purab and Aaliya’s marriage, and was happy seeing his little sister getting married to her love. But with Purab’s heart still beating for Bulbul and Purab leaving the venue, Abhi has started blaming Pragya once again. Abhi and Pragya were getting along well, and Tanu was getting distanced away. Pragya has failed Tanu and Aaliya’s plans many times, and won a special place in Abhi’s heart as his wife. Good things have come to a halt with Abhi unable to bear Aaliya’s tears.

Aaliya blames Pragya for everything wanting Pragya to leave her house. Though Pragya wants to clear everything, Abhi does not give her a chance to speak. The letter Purab wrote, about him and Bulbul’s love landed in Tanu’s hands. Tanu was shocked knowing Purab loves Bulbul and Pragya is bearing Abhi’s anger without any reason. Tanu apologizes to Pragya, and offers a friendly hand as per her plan and fills Abhi’s ears against Pragya saying she has also eloped with Purab. Aaliya is fuming on Purab and Pragya for ditching her big time and finds solace in Abhi’s angering support.

Purab meets Bulbul at a temple, and asks her to marry him. Bulbul straight away refuses thinking their marriage will affect Pragya’s life, as Abhi will take revenge from her. Purab tries to convince Bulbul, as he can’t live without her. Bulbul is tied with sister duties and starts leaving. Pragya comes to meet Purab and asks why did he leave his wedding and came here to marry Bulbul, if that was his motive, then why did he hurt Aaliya by showing her fake dreams. Purab tells her that Abhi decided to leave her once he marries Aaliya, and his sacrifice is of no use if this happens.

One after another, everyone’s destination is temple this night. Abhi comes after Pragya and reacts angrily seeing her with Purab, thinking the lovers are uniting in this temple. Abhi showers his anger on them and beats up Purab, and just then Bulbul pops up to defend Pragya, and admits she is having a love affair with Purab since long and Purab regards Pragya as elder sister. Abhi is shocked knowing he doubted Pragya for wrong reasons. He feels ashamed and guilty thinking how much he has troubled and insulted Pragya till now.

Abhi is also in a dilemma regarding Aaliya’s future, as she madly loves Purab. When Purab makes Abhi realize that love can’t be forced into heart and no one can be given wife of husband’s rights easily, explaining him why he did not accept Pragya by his heart till now, even he can’t accept Aaliya if he loves someone else. Abhi understands Purab’s point and is clear now. Tanu and Aaliya call up Sarla to give this shocking sad news about her daughter’s sufferings and Sarla gets worried about Pragya’s future. She thinks about Bulbul’s problems and now Pragya’s troubles, and gets a heart attack.

While Sarla is rushed to the hospital, its Abhi who concerns for her like a son. He starts taking much care of Sarla and assures her that he will always keep Pragya happy. Abhi can’t see Pragya sad and makes her smile signing he is there with her always, to support her in bad times. Pragya sees Abhi being good towards her and Sarla, with a changed attitude. She sees Abhi’s goodness in excess now and starts falling in love. Will Abhi love Pragya as all misunderstandings are gone now? Keep reading.



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