Homeless Shagun enters Bhalla house; Ishita falls in Parmeet’s clever trap in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


ishita in yeh hai mohabbatein


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Ishita ji……. As Parmeet calls her with due respect in the show. She really deserves a hats off for being so generous, even to her arch rivals. Shagun, who is always after Raman and Ishita, has failed big time, as Suraj has created a big valley between Ashok and Shagun. While Ashok is in no mood to marry Shagun and is just hanging around having fun, he has made his decision more clear now. Suraj has asked Ashok to stop funding Shagun and Adi, as at the end of the day, Adi will remain Raman’s son and will give his loyalty to him. Ashok is convinced by Suraj’s words and Shagun is irritated seeing Suraj creating rifts between them.

Shagun hires Parmeet to keep an eye on Suraj and try to know what is he feeding into Ashok’s senseless mind. Sooner or later, she will come to know about Ashok cheating on her and his decision to leave her. She is shattered and gets drunk as Ashok has shown her the door. She is abandoned by her brother and mum, she left Raman for richer Ashok and now lost him too. Really pitiful Shagun has no way to go now, it’s a hopeless situation for her, as she is fallen between two stools.

Ishita spots Shagun being so drunk and homeless, and brings her home. Way to go Ishita, to have such a big heart to welcome your husband’s ex wife to your home, not worried that she may take a place in her bedroom too. Well, think about Raman’s reaction seeing Shagun, as he still has a soft corner for her, as she gave him Adi and Ruhi. It would be great to see Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer’s reaction on this. Will Shagun be accepted by her brother Mihir now, at this phase and taken home? Looks so, but still that truth is waiting in pipeline to come out. Raman and Ishita’s sleep on the floor mattress and their reaction post their waking up in morning was very cute. While Raman clears out to her that he has no intentions of doing anything, in future too, we would be still waiting for that Ishq-e-ishhh…….. moment.

Mrs. Iyer’s attacks on Parmeet has gone in vain and poor Raman got in trouble instead. Parmeet is raging after Ishita started digging valley between him and Simmi, and oaths to push Ishita in the same valley. He thinks to do something soon else Simmi would go out of his control. Parmeet hears Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita talking about Romi’s colorful nature, and how he fools girls around. Mrs. Bhalla dislikes Sarika knowing she was helplessly linked to Parmeet before and asks Ishita to keep Romi away from her, and she fears Romi will do something wrong with her. She decides to be an alert mother this time and prevent her son from doing any wrong deed and bring shame to Bhalla family. Parmeet thinks to use this, and uses Ishita’s phone cleverly asking Romi and Sarika to come to a secluded hotel room/farmhouse. While the duo reaches there, Ishita is permitted to get this info of Parmeet’s reservation there and thinks to catch him red handed and bring his truth out to Simmi. Ishita expects him to be with someone Simmi would hate, but her plans fall flat, as Parmeet is nowhere seen in that room, and instead Romi and Sarika are caught in a not so but hyped compromising situation.

Ishita brings Mrs. Bhalla, Raman and Simmi there to show Parmeet’s truth, but they are shocked seeing Romi and Sarika. They question Romi what is he upto now and misunderstand him. Ishita is puzzled as the reservation of the room is on Parmeet’s name. Parmeet stands far and looks at the Bhalla drama and enjoys it live, as he is not involved in firing this time. Raman gets angry on Ishita asking whats going on, after Romi shows the message in his phone that Ishita messaged him asking him to come at this place urgently. All needles turned to Ishita now. Ouch!! Simmi taunts Ishita for spoiling Parmeet’s name and character. Ishita tries to keep her defending statements, but to no avail.

Parmeet comes there and makes Simmi’s trust on him more strong, pointing his finger on Ishita for always disliking him and making him leave from Simmi’s life. Mrs. Bhalla is annoyed as Ishita went against her saying and made Romi and Sarika more closer. Ishita is unanswerable to everyone as she is unable to understand how did this happen. After everyone’s anger is absorbed by her, Parmeet tells Ishita how he managed to do this. Cunning ‘’YHM Ranjeet’’ Parmeet has shown his smartness this time, and now our ‘’Madrasi Lecture Lady Gaga’’ Ishita will be showing her wits soon, this faceoff is really interesting, as Parmeet and Ishita are being on the see-saw and outdoing each other. Keep reading.


  1. ye toh apne pair par kurhadi marne jaisa hai.stupid shagun will take disadvantage of ishitas kind nature
    all yhm fans wanted that let ashok leave shagun and kick her out of house so that shagun get punished…but i think ashok should not leave shagun and get married to her bcoz if ashok leaves shagun then she will definitely try to enter ramans life again and create rift between raman and ishita.so its good agar do kamine log ek sath rahe.


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