Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 4th September 2014 39th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 39th Episode 4th September 2014

Precap: Sid gets a job and is being scolded at his first job at BPO centre for coming late. Devika goes with Cheeku on his bike since Sid cannot drop her as he is very tired after first day of work at office. Cheeku finds Kimaya sitting beside him in his class and then learns that she changed college because the subjects she is interested is in Cheeku’s college.


Highlight of the Episode: Cheeku’s confesses about liking Devika to Gattu and on other hand not able to focus on his exams after thinking Kimaya’s birthday and past chat moments with her. Cheeku is very confused and nervous.

Dodo interrupts Cheeku and wants 500 INR from him and Gattu is also there and supports Dodo and Cheeku informs of only focusing on his exams. Dodo warns about informing Sid about not giving tuition to Devika and then Cheeku meets Kimaya again and she asks him about his exam preparation. He replies on focusing lot and she replies of being sure that he will clear his exam and cites that he is not able to study properly. At Sid’s photo studio the senior photographer scolds his junior and wants pin drop silence on the set and then hears someone snoring and then learns that Sid Khosla is snoring and sleeping there on the set. The senior photographer scolds Sid and makes taunt on him and asks Sid was he partying there and informs about professionalism and speaks of having 100 % commitment, dedication and focus. He warns Sid to get some rest and warns that he will be fired if he does the same tomorrow.

Sid have also received message from Devika but he haven’t see and becomes worried. Devika at her end meets Cheeku at the college and wants to have another lesson test. He tries to avoid her but she informs that Sid is not taking her calls. Cheeku after thinking to say no instead says yes and goes with her at the cafeteria. Sid comes to his another office and comes late. The senior scolds him on coming late for the second day and asks Sid who has authorized his entry and wants Sid to work 2 shifts as punishment. Sid is the call centre there and meets a colleague Tanisha who calls the senior as Doggy. Sid calls himself as the bulldog. Cheeku sits with Devika and wants her to complete the test in 45 minutes and then becomes nervous. Devika finds Kimaya there at the cafeteria and greets her. Kimaya is with her friend Armaan and he asks her that they need to try once more starting with friends. Cheeku listens to Devika and when she says of completing one answer he then wants a high five and in that process with his hands falls down her cup and Devika needs to go to the washroom to clean the dress. Cheeku acts strangely and feels shameful for not able to impress Kimaya. Kimaya speaks to Armaan that there is a good start for their friendship and leaves from there. Sid continues to work and Tanisha is about to leave and greets him. Sid’s immediate senior Parlekar sir and tries to taunt him and soon he gets a call and is unable to understand the caller. Parlekar pushes the button of hold but instead doesn’t press properly and finally learns the caller has heard what he has spoken with Sid about degrading the caller. The caller learns their conversation and vows to complain to BPO’s head.

Cheeku remembers the embarassing moment with Devika and also seeing Kimaya at his home and then Dodo comes with Gattu and tries to signal Cheeku with his words. Dodo wants Cheeku to understand him and then Gattu wants Cheeku to concentrate on his exams and then finds a chit with Devika’s image drawn by Cheeku and she asks him whether he loves Devika. He tries to explain to her that how can he can like his brother’s love though his own love life with Kimaya is going on a bad phase. He asks Gattu how can she think in that way ? Cheeku speaks that Devika has cheered him so that means he will develop feelings for her and maybe Devika has done to him because of mercy. Cheeku becomes too nervous and shouts how can he be selfish. He then apologizes to Gattu and then says sorry because he is started to like Devika and then calls him a jerk because he is liking his elder brother Sid’s girlfriend. Gattu wants him to concentrate on his US graduate school exam and he speaks of having more deadlines at college. Gattu leaves from there while asking him to relax.

Cheeku gets a message from Devika who gives her best wishes to him for his exams and also wants him to relax in the night as well. Cheeku gets an alarm reminder about Kimaya’s birthday. Cheeku calls it stupid and wants to focus but cannot get one and remembers how Kimaya wished him on his birthday by showing a cake and wanted him to blow candles and even she sang the Happy Birthday song. They even share a cake at that time. Cheeku’s nervousness grew many folds.

Next Episode: ┬áDodo and Gattu wishes Kimaya a very happy birthday. Armaan comes to Kimaya’s college and comes with a cake and she then cuts a cake and shares it with Armaan. Armaan wants Cheeku to wish Kimaya on her birthday and he wishes her not in a good way and feels like he is forced to do so.

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