Spicy drama galore ahead in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein spoiler




We wrote till Shagun made an entry in Bhalla house and now let’s go ahead with the new twists coming in the show. Parmeet calls up Ashok to give him the breaking news of Shagun sleeping in Raman’s bedroom, which makes him furious. While Ashok was expecting Shagun to be in Adi’s room, not knowing Suraj has kicked her out of his house. Ashok hurries up to take his belongings from Raman, and enters the Bhalla house claiming Shagun to be his and argues with Raman. Raman tackles him on his move to throws out a woman at the night to leave her helpless. Well, Shagun agrees to move out with Ashok feeling he realized his mistake and she can no way let Suraj win over her. Shagun leaves with Ashok and Raman fumes on Ishita for making him see this day. Parmeet has his good laugh seeing the perfect husband and wife fight.

Mihir and Mihika are going for their register marriage and Iyers are happily dressed to be a part of their marriage. Even the Bhalla reach there to be from Mihir’s side, but shockingly their marriage is stopped as the registrar does not accept their forms based on the complaint made by Mihir’s sister. Havoc is created and everyone pops up their questions on Mihir to know about his family. Mihir is tight lipped and finds support in Raman, who manages the situation and answers on Mihir’s behalf. Soumya (Mihika’s mother) is unconvinced by Mihir and thinks if he can leave his family, then in future he can leave Mihika too. She feels unsure about Mihir’s background and thinks he is hiding something really big that even Mihika won’t be able to forgive him. She calls off the marriage and everyone come home. Ruhi senses Ishita and Raman to be upset and asks them to solve their problems. She talks to Ishita and having knowing a little of her problem, she asks her to be a good spy and find out about Mihir, if it’s about Mihika’s future.

Ishita tries to find out about Mihir’s sister and Raman hides the Shagun’s truth knowing Iyers won’t accept Mihir if they know Shagun is his real sister. Raman and Mihir go to meet Soumya at the Iyer house and try to convince her. Mihir tells her that his family is only and only Raman now and he does not want to divulge any other personal details, and explains how much he values relations. Raman too talks in Mihir’s support and tells her he maintained his loyalty to him despite not being blood related to him. Soumya is finally convinced about Mihir being the right man for Mihika, as Mihika too defends him as she knows him since years.

The Iyers and Bhallas start the marriage preparations in grand way. While the marriage is near and the day finally comes, Shagun and Mihir’s connection comes out in the air shocking everyone around. Will Mihika and Iyers support Mihir even after knowing the truth? Iyers will be upset with Mihir again, but Mihika’s stand for him matters and mostly the righteous Ishita will support Mihir too winning Raman’s heart again. Keep reading.


  1. when will this stupid serial finish? Such an utter nonsense.. when heroine starts talking she will never stop.. koi acha sa serial play karo … like in Zindagi channel

  2. Raman must use his brain,he is always blaming Ishu for everything that went wrong it’s not fair.he is foolish sometimes bt anyway I’m enjoying #KeSumerBossa


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