Purab slaps Aaliya to save Bulbul; Suresh re-enters to marry Bulbul in Kumkum Bhagya


kumkum bhagya




Aaliya’s anger is at the peak as she sees Purab and Bulbul together outside the hospital where Sarla is admitted. Purab came there to pacify Bulbul and give her strength in this tough time, but Aaliya and Tanu arrives there. Aaliya loses her mind and holds Purab’s collar asking why did he run after the marriage mandap leaving her alive and cheating her. Bulbul comes in between and makes Aaliya away from Purab. Aaliya emits more heat on her and holds her neck to kill her being so angry as she is the reason for Purab not marrying her. Aaliya taunts her badly and even pushes her on the car to hurt her. Tanu tries to stop Aaliya as this road scene makes their fight public. Tanu enjoys it in her heart.

Purab tries talking to Aaliya asking her to leave Bulbul, as she is not responsible for this. He says it was his decision to run away from the mandap and Bulbul did not even know this. He asks Aaliya not to blame Bulbul and makes her away by pushing her. Aaliya rages and again tries to hurt Bulbul. Purab saves Bulbul and in this attempt, his anger rises and he tightly slaps Aaliya showing his guts for the first time. Aaliya and Tanu are stunned. Aaliya feels her humiliation and Purab asks her to just leave. Bulbul hugs Purab and cries, annoying Aaliya even more.

On the other hand, Bulbul is worried by Aaliya’s anger and that her love will make Pragya’s permanent exit from Abhi’s life and home. She decides to marry Suresh and keep Purab at bay. An annoyed Purab will then go ahead and marry Aaliya, just to reply Bulbul. The lovers will part ways only for Pragya’s sake and we have to see where will this big sacrifice take them. Keep reading.


  1. Good, Bulbul will leave Purab alone. Idiot. She doesn’t know what she wants. Aaliya and Abhi started this whole thing and now Bulbul thinks it’s good idea to sacrifice her life for their doing.

  2. this twist is unacceptable.seriously…is ekta kapoor gone mad.are all viewers dumb to happily accept whatever they want to show…
    We cant see bulbul marrying that suresh and overall pragya and abhi’s love story is on slow track bcoz of misunderstanding
    slowly im loosing interest in this show.

  3. Sryy ..bt i think dat this change will seriously low down trp of show …i dnt know why bt i feel i m losing interest in dis show now although initially i thot this is d serial i was searching for…i liked it or say loved it bt now…i m sad nd upset that i will have to stop watching it….:'(

  4. If Ekta Kapoor allow this serial to take this turn then believe it that nobody will watch it anymore. What exactly is the moral behind this serial? The same thing that happened with Pavitra Rishta is going to happen to this show. To me it means her creative team r not creative at all but dumb and they should not expect viewers to be.

  5. i sincerely wish ekta and her creative team will come up with a better story line cos these her idea of making to lovers part by marrying another person is insanity, honestly i thought indians respected relations made and marriage but i now realise my country nigeria is better. i would stop seeing indian serials if these twist of bulbul suresh comes in. pls come up with something brilliant like abhi’s dadi calling back her bahu pragya and also getting purab bulbul married and asking aliya to start on a fresh note by marrying someone that love hers and also help pragya abhi relationship grow by forcing them to do things together and forbid tanu from getting anywhere close to her family again. also come up with something that can unite akash and his wife again plsssssssssssssssssss.

  6. Bulbul marrying suresh doesn’t make sense at all. The series has a nyc story line from start. Now its taking a downturN. Do something fast before it loses all its viewers.suresh is not needed.

  7. im from mauritius and i just love that serial but it will be very boring with the new twist of suresh and bulbul wedding and abhi pragya slow love story .. we are waiting when abhigya will unite..too much time..

  8. This is the dummest show in on zee TV Canada. Keep your show

    Abhi has a stupid roll. Praggha women don’t put up
    With the crazy ass thing you going through

  9. Wot d hell yar ekta hav u lost urz nobody will watch dis show wot a boring scene u r going 2 create .u r killing our interests from d show.no more m going to watch it…. I will suggest to change the scene

  10. Pls dnt make true lovers be separated pls unite purab n bulbul u writers make al da viewers to stop seeing kumkum bhagya

  11. I guess Bulbul and Suresh were meant to be together. Initially, Suresh was in love with Bulbul but because of his closeness with Pragya, everyone thought they should get married. Purab does not deserve Bulbul for me instead, Suresh. I knew from the unset, Ahbi would marry Pragya whiles Suresh married Bulbul. My guess was right!!!!
    It’s being shown in Ghana and because it’s in our local dialect (FANTE) everyone loves it here just that, the time is very short for us.

    Keep this shows moving, I love the story line!!!

  12. I agree with the creators 100%. Suresh has always loved Bulbul from day one. The fact that, both (Suresh and Pragya) are shy people, they couldn’t rubbish their marriage plans at the right time. Bulbul always thought Suresh was in love with her big sister that’s why she was always joking about Suresh loving him. Look at the scene where Suresh bought the ring for Bulbul and the flowers too. I guess Suresh has done good enough to be an in-law in that family.

    I love this show very much. It’s been shown in Ghana to and we’ve translated it in our own dialect (Fante) which it very understandable and we love watching it. Keep the story line for Ahbi and Pragya, Suresh and Bulbul.


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