Mahamanga’s death shakes Jalal; They share few last honest words in Jodha Akbar


mahamanga jalal jodha in jodha akbar


Mahamanga has finally died in the show Jodha Akbar and her brilliant character was loved by many, as its sketch of having various good and bad feelings was shown nicely. Mahamanga can’t be said as totally negative character, and can be regarded as grey. She has given all her motherly love to Jalal and ignored her own son Adham. She did the best upbringing of Jalal which no one could do in her place and raised him to be a heroic figure for the millions and have a voice that shakes the country. Mahamanga has given the strong roots to Jalal and got cut off from his life, when Jodha took her rights off Jalal and asked her to limit in the palace just as a minister and not show fake mother concern. Mahamanga was very much hurt and then her grudge disabled her mind and she went ahead to support Adham and scheme against Jalal.


The differences between Mahamanga and Jodha prevailed as Jodha is a Rajvanshi and was disliked her her. Mahamanga did not even accept food by Jodha in her bad hungry state and even hurt Jodha. Jodha was tensed as she was answerable to Jalal. Mahamanga was expecting not to see Jalal at her final time, but its Jodha who has made him go. Mahamanga is touched by Jodha’s kindness and salutes her to the best wife of Jalal for bringing out humanity in him. Mahamanga praises Jodha in her last words and apologizes to Jalal for her evil deeds. She cries realizing her wickedness and Jalal cries remembering the good times they had in his childhood. Jalal regards her as his mother and owes a lot to her. As he has killed Adham and hurt her feelings, he apologizes to her. Both have a crying session and she then dies in his arms making Jalal emotional and sweeping his feet off the ground. Jalal forgives her for all her mistakes. Jalal takes her in his arms and cries holding her. Everyone in the palace are spellbound on her death. Watch this special Maha episode on 13th September at 7pm only on Zee TV. Keep reading.

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