Yeh Hai Aashiqui 12th September 2014 Episode 66 on Bindass starring Vinita Joshi and S. Ali – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Yashika and Neil's Love Story

The story starts with Neilkanth Patel (Neil) studying Biology and his friends makes a fun of him and wants him to do adventure. They want a treat from him on topping the exam and getting 99.4 %. Neil speaks that he also thinks to have adventure and regarding the treat he is happy to give them a Thaali treat but they are not impressed and leaves.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that the teenage years the most important thing is friends and every action depends on their approval. Today’s story is about Neil who wants to become a neuro surgeon but also want to do some adventure like dating a girl. Rithvik welcomes all to the show.


Neil’s friend force him to get white bread from the shop and Neil was about to leave he interrupts Yashika. They welcomes her and she informs them about the wrong bread received and gives them the bread. She introduces herself as Yashika and wants them to help her in arranging the things at the flat since she just came there. She asks Neil to help her since she needs only one person for helping. Neil’s friends speaks that he is only called by her for a date. Yashika speaks to the policeman who is her uncle on getting a flat in a good locality and have got an appt on rent easily and even with her past. Her uncle wants to focus on future and not on past. One of Neil’s friend find Yashika as an escort in his laptop and they speak that he has been called to have adventures. Yashika at her end speaks to family who understand and supports her.

Neil is afraid of getting lower marks and his parents will be unhappy. His friends influenced him to enjoy since he will staying in Mumbai for 1 month. The police uncle wants her to not feel low and instead wants her to focus on future. Neil’s friend learns that he has a wish to kiss a girl. They makes a challenge with Neil and speaks that their new neighbour will fulfill his wish and forces him to go at her flat. Yashika ends the call with her parents and speaks of earning money with her hardwork and respect. Neil comes to her flat and she thanks him for coming to help. He informs on getting a 99.4 % exam in his board exams and is waiting for his medical entrance. She informs on working at the call centre and works at night and then they go on to arrange things at her flat. As she was putting some things on the ceiling she falls and Neil supports her as she falls over him.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 66, 12th September - Yashika falling over Neil

Neil comes back and looks like he is day dreaming and his friend asks him about the date. He informs them that she was moving ahead and he protected her. He informs that she was falling from the stool and he protected her. He speaks that she is a caring girl and he loves her. The friends advice that she is a different girl and he can have adventures and suggests him why is he looking for love ? They asks why haven’t he used the advantage of the opportunity. They want him to not leave the next opportunity and he is determined. Neil goes to Yashika’s flat and eats with her and soon electricity goes off and comes back. He spends more time with her and helps her and she smiles looking at him. Both also goes on to chat on phone. Yashika’s friend informs that she is happy to see her smiling and asks her whether she has informed him (Neil). Yashika speaks of not thinking before that she will feel true love and knows that he also likes her. Neil’s friends speak about his next step and he informs them that he doesn’t know the next step and they call him a labourer on doing all petty works. They want him to call her at their flat the same night as they will be going out and also they force him to call her. Neil plans to fulfill his first wish (to kiss a girl).

Rithvik (the host) speaks that problem was not peer pressure but something else that was Neil wanted to make his life adventurous and to kiss Yashika was on his agenda. Rithvik speaks that its easy to make judgement about a girl and asks whether it is right to think in that way ? Whether Yashika was such kind of a girl and whether Neil will use any kind of advantage.

Neil calls Yashika and she is working at her call centre and she informs of attending people call and wants to meet him tomorrow. He then wants her to come to his home since he is cooking food specially for her. She speaks that at 4:00 am since the cab drops her at that time. He wants her to have dinner with him at his home at that time and then convinces her by saying that he likes her a lot. Niel’s friends comes to know that he has convinced her for dinner. They want him to get food from outside but he decides to make the food by himself. Yahsika comes to his flat and he hugs her at the onset and she feels bit amused. He asks about her work and then puts on TV and then puts his hand on her shoulder. She feels uncomfortable and looks at him. They go for dinner and she praises on his food – Daal and Chawal. Neil’s friend call him and asks about his progress. He informs him of fulfilling his adventure which was in his wish list (a Kiss) and moreover if there is an opportunity he will go on to next step as well. Yashika comes there and hears Neil’s conversation. Neil speaks to his friend on completing his wish today and ends the call.

He comes to Yashika and then hugs her. She asks him where they should do in bedroom or there. She suggests that all he was doing – food preparation, helping her to do such things with her. She informs that because he learnt about her so he decided to act in that way. She suggests that her parents were aware of her earlier work and she came to Mumbai to start a new lease of life and speaks that wherever she will go will find boys like him who will try to take advantage of her. She suggests that nobody will understand her feelings and was wrong about him and leaves. Next morning, Neil’s friends comes there and asks him about his night. They all want to take her on a date and then Neil becomes angry and slaps one of his friends. He informs that they have thought that her character is loose because she was used to such works earlier and calls themselves as losers because of thinking in such a way about a girl. He speaks of his wrong that he has met her with wrong intentions and one of his friend reminds him how he was yearning to kiss her. Niel accepts it but suggests it was only wish and think that their friends have brainwashed him. He informs them that she has left her earlier work and has started a fresh lease of life and  asks one of his friend if someone speaks in that way about his sister then what ?

Yashika remembers moments she shared with Neil and also how he hugged her and cries. Neil goes to her flat trying to apologize but she doesn’t listen to him. She finds SORRY message from him written at her door step. His friends advice him to forget her but he is not listening to them. Next day, at a college where Neil is being felicitated, Yashika also comes there and she is called by her friends. Neil gets appreciation and recognition for his hard work and his principal wants him to never lose his focus and gives a medal. Neil looks back and finds Yashika and he runs to her. He stops her and learns that she has been called by his friends. She asks whether he wants to spend some time with her so as to make his friends happy. He then speaks on loving her truly and wants some space in her heart. He speaks of feeling shame on thinking about a girl with whom he loves her so much. He speaks on not knowing when his adventure has turned into love and speaks – I love you. She reminds him that they are of two different world and dreams and the problem is not with love and the problem is with them. One of Neil’s friend that he has called her and she doesn’t deserve him since he is a much better boy and can find a better girl than her. Neil speaks that Yashika is his first and last love and Neil’s friend puts blame on Yashika and calls Neil as a cheat. Yashika takes Neil with her and Neil’s friends feels relieved on sending Neil with her as their fabricated plan of fighting has resulted in Yashika showing interest in Neil. They speak on being hyprocrite in the name of decency and is happy to have Neil as their friend.  Neil is with Yashika at her home and she confesses about her love to him with a I love you message and speaks that she has fallen in love on the first sight when she fell in his lap. He also informs her on falling with her on the same moment and soon both share a warm hug. She informs that his first kiss will be from a girl who loves him truly and lot and then goes on to kiss him on his cheeks.

Neil gets excited after the kiss and feels very happy and speaks that he was looking for adventure in love and speaks of his feeling of love. She carries some worry on her face as they hug and then speaks to him about what will happen if his parents come to know about her past. She asks people will be interested to know more about her. He speaks that she is not wrong and doesn’t want her to take tension and calls her as the solo mission and to bring happiness to her will be his focus. He again hugs her on that note but she has still worry on her face. Later, they go on a candle light dinner at her home and he sleeps on the sofa after dinner. She looks at him and remembers how Neil’s principal spoke to him about never losing focus in his life and making studies as the solo mission and also how Neil spoke that she is his solo mission and to bring happiness is his focus. Neil wakes up next morning  and wants to start Mission Happiness Yashika and he begins to search for her at the flat. He doesn’t find her so early in the morning and then finds a note from Yashika. He reads the letter which expresses thank you for loving her. She informs that because of love you need to go far and suggests on not coming in his dreams and thinks that she will become his life destruction and wants him to fulfill his parent’s dream. He cries and remembers Yashika and cites that he loves her.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 66, 12th September - Yashika and Neil having a candle light dinner

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Yashika thought that she will create lot of problems for Neil and she couldn’t handle and hence she left. He speaks that love is unconditional and thus if love gives you second chance then you need to accept it without any conditions. Rithvik signs off by saying Keep falling in love and wants people to share their opinion/feedback if any using the hashtag #YehHaiAashiqui on Bindass TV Twitter page.

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Episode 66, Yashika and Neil’s love story
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