Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 12th September 2014 43rd Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 43rd Episode 12th September 2014

Precap: Cheeku speaks that Kimaya has broken his heart when enacting as Dushyant and calls that Armaan is still her boyfriend. They come out of the scene and Kimaya is about to leave from there and he holds her hand and stops her.

Highlight of the Episode: Cheeku accepts friendship with Kimaya and arranges a birthday celebration for her – All in the name of friendship. Kimaya dejected on seeing Cheeku not able to feel for her and their love.


Cheeku speaks that he doesn’t have feelings for her in his heart and after hearing it Kimaya gets composition and without looking at him suggests that everything was past and they need to live in present so as to focus on important things like project. Kimaya carries a teary face but covers her emotions well and then offers friendship to Kimaya and when she lends her hand he accepts it. Cheeku tries to be normal and she then leaves from there.

Cheeku is seen with Dodo and Gattu at the cafeteria and he is pondering while Dodo and Gattu are seen enjoying themselves. Kimaya also come there [Hogaya Beasar Hum pe Nahi song plays] and he looks at her and they meet and crosses their path another time and both only share eyelocks and doesn’t speak. Cheeku looks back at her and there are many occasion they meet. Sid is seen at the office and the customer scolds him for not solving his problem and Sid finds some excuse and ends the call. Sid finds there are 5 more hours and finds that 12 missed calls from Devika. She speaks of missing him and wants a hug. Sid thinks of an idea and calls to Devika by acting as a customer care executive. Sid’s bosses sees him making that call and shouts at him and Devika hears it as well.

Cheeku at his home finds update from Kimaya that she has lost someone today but found a friend back. He thinks that the message is from him. Sid is being scolded by his boss and Devika hears the conversation and the boss informs that it is his last warning and if there is one more complaint then he will be fired and also he will booked and arrested. Devika listens to all warning and insults meted out at Sid and carries a sad face. Dodo and Gattu at the cafteria and he speaks that a girl there will be for him and she reminds him how he behaved at Cheeku’s birthday party and there the girl’s father who is their professor came and scolded him. Cheeku comes there and Gattu reminds how there was so much fun at his birthday and also Cheeku went on top of terrace to commit suicide. Cheeku reminds about Kimaya’s update and speaks of doing something special for Kimaya. He informs them on becoming a friend of Kimaya and wants to do something special and after listening to Cheeku, Dodo and Gattu smiles while speaking – ‘Ha friends’. Cheeku is in his own and speaks of his friendship and its responsibility. Cheeku interrupts Devika who asks him about Sid but he is in hurry and leaves. Professor speaks about law of diminishing returns which defines a product consumption and utility and the professor informs Devika to focus in the class.

Devika calls Dodo and he meets her and she wants to speak about Sid. She informs him that Sid is not replying for his SMSes, chats, and phone calls and Dodo replies that Sid is working hard and trying to become capable and thus working hard and going to college and job. Devika listens to Sid getting scolded and receiving a warning at office. Cheeku and Kimaya are seen at the library and doing test preparation. He speaks of passing in a particular subject and she informs that he used to top in every subject. He replies that he used to get top marks but before and not now. Kimaya reminds that they are friends so he can share what’s inside his heart. He informs her about US graduate exams and he has fared badly in that exams and was not surprised because he deserves it. He speaks that his mind was diverted and was in some other zone and laments on the reason on not able to focus. She asks whether he is blaming her. He replies on not blaming her and leaves.

Kimaya comes to a class room and finds Belated Happy Birthday Kimaya and then Cheeku appears from there. He wants her to come online and they are online on 2 laptops and he sings the Happy Birthday at his end on the video chat. He speaks on wishing her late and then brings out a cake for her and she becomes in awe and calls it unbelievable and calls him a sweet heart. She speaks that this is the best birthday gift of her life. She looks at him and imagines Cheeku coming close to her and speaking that he can do anything to bring smile on her face and both sharing the cake and even have a birthday ball room dance while looking at each other. Kimaya comes out of the imagination and Cheeku speaks that he wish that they are always happy like before and there would be no laptop screens between them. She then asks him whether he is truly.. He stands up and speaks that they are friends so they can have fan and interrupts her. He blows the candles and she remembers how she did on Cheeku’s birthday. He wants her to cut the cake and then wants to cut the cake by himself, and she remembers how she cut the cake for Cheeku. He then again wants to give a bite of cake to Kimaya and again takes back and speaks that he will eat first and smiles.

Next Episode: A boy with a guitar comes in a dark room and speaks that he knows the thirst of her eyes and can feel and understand. And if she thinks more would be more confused.

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