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Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Akshay Kumar (Host, Mentor) is seen coming out from the water and welcomes all and all of them then grooves on the Dare 2 Dance title track. Sayantani and all sings the birthday song for Akshay (9th September was the birthday) in the Dare 2 Dance title song tune. Akshay informs them that there is a seat left and suggests that Rithvik got 2 red cards from the daring 10 last week and when he gets atleast 1 green card he can come back and join them in their seating area. Akshay informs about the challenge and suggests that it never came on TV.


The Temperature of water is 7 dregre celsius and they will be taken down at a depth of 20 to 25 feet inside the swimming pool and they will have support system which make them not come up until the end of their performances. They will be given oxygen mask for safety measures and also eyewear (Goggles) through which they can see the water and they have to do the performances inside water. All the stunts/performances are performed under expert supervision and viewers are advised to not repeat them at their end. Akshay shows them the performances of some girls who are doing in tandem at the same swimming pool and with ease. Akshay speaks that they will do much tougher than their act. Prince speaks of not knowing swimming and hence is afraid. Akshay suggests them to take use of their weightless body since they need to do resistance walk and cut the water. They need to equalize their ears and if don’t equalize their ears then there is a threat to their life and also bursting of ears.

Akshay suggests that when you go to swimming pool you need to first assess the height of the swimming pool and if it is 7 feet or bit more then you can go ahead to make a dive and only if you know to make a dive. He speaks that there are many cases coming forward where people are making dives without knowing or without enough knowledge and it leads to their death or serious head/spine injuries. Akshay wants them to be careful and there are 4 Scuba drivers as survivor mechanism and he will also be present. He then speaks that every daring contestant needs to have a partner. Akshay asks them what have they done this week ? Prince speaks of not knowing swimming and Akshay makes a joke and asks how could he will do locking/popping there. Akshay asks who is feeling better. Sayantani doesn’t keep her hand high and he calls her. Sayantani comes to him and speaks of being scared and though he has learnt swimming now and earlier she was afraid about it. She speaks of accepting the challenge so as to remove her fear. Sayantani speaks of doing the performance and not worry about result. Sanjay Shetty and Francois Grobbelaar the experts are invited by Akshay and the contestant Kunwar Amar asks Sanjay how he is going to judge them inside the water. Sanjay informs on seeing how the contestants perform with their partner, how they breathe, balances their body and how they will take use of their props. Akshay wants them to have calm and do not take breaths fast and their act will run for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes.

Akshay asks them whether they are ready and they give their nod and he selects Emilie as the first contestant. Emilie performs on the Sun Raha Hain Tu song from Ek Villain and Emilie does the prayers and speaks that all will give their best performance and enjoys as much as they can. Emilie is partnering with Alex.

* Emilie rehearses with Alex but forgets some dance steps. She was breathing too much during her drills. For the first introduction shot she has removed the oxygen mask but soon puts it back and dances inside the water and uses her legs and hands moves and also seen in sync with her partner Alex. She makes many turns and does stretching in her dance as well. She carries the flow of the song and changes her moves according to the lyrical flow of the song. She walks inside as well and many times goes up and swings as well. Everyone applauds Emilie and Akshay speaks to Emilie that she was excellent and he came to congratulate her. He also congratulates Alex on giving her excellent support. Karan singh pangali thinks that Emilie is a fish and not a human in the way she performed. Sayantani speaks of getting inspired. Akshay informs that more they worry and become nervous under water the more troubles they will get.
Result – 2 Green Cards: Emilie receives green card from Francois [Amazing lifts] and another green card from Sanjay [Flawless Performance, she also walked on the hands and head of Alex during her dance routine]. Akshay is very happy and asks how come she has done ? Emilie informs on her liking for swimming and other sports and she enjoyed her act and also compliments her partner Alex.

* Rithvik Dhanjani is in the mirror room and speaks that anyone will get lower morale if they don’t have a good performance at the start and wants to get out of that room very badly. Akshay informs that only if Rithvik gets a green card then he can join them. Rithvik prepares for his act and then goes inside the water. Rithvik speaks of the toughness to dance inside water when he was rehearses and speaks that they need to control lungs and breathing as well. Rithvik starts his act while holding his partner with his in one hand and then holds her with two hands and stands while holding her. He shows some slow dance moves and then continues to hold his partner as she walks inside the water and then goes on to do some jumps, sommersaults and lifts. He stretches his body and uses his hand well and ends with holding her in his hand. After the act, Rithvik speaks of feeling cold and was shivering after coming out.
Result – 2 Green Cards: Sanjay gives Rithvik a green card and calls his performance as the best under water though he is an actor and gets another green from Francois. Akshay speaks that Rithvik’s performance was beautiful and reminds how he felt after receiving 2 red cards in the first week. Rithvik speaks of feeling very bad after getting 2 red cards and he thought what will he do next to succeed and forget about the past.

* Alisha Singh is the next contestant to perform. She speaks of some special Tadka performance and she is seen with red hair band and Akshay wants her to not come with red cards. Alisha speaks of having difficulty during her rehearsals and she was even crying before the start of the performance. Her partner is also shy and she wishes that they perform fine. Alisha performs on the Muskaane Jhooti Hain song from the movie Talaash,. She stands on a casino table at the start and walks and moves her legs and he supports her well. She climbs on him and slides down to the floor of the pool. She does stretching with her legs and ends her act with the one depicting that neck break for her partner. After her act she feels breathlessness and is assisted by the scuba drivers.
Result – 2 Green cards: Alisha gets a green card from Francois and a red card from Sanjay. Alisha comes to Akshay and she informs him on not knowing about her dance. Akshay calls Sanjay and asks him why she got a red card ? Sanjay informs that she didn’t have that Tadka (special routine) in her dance. Alisha speaks of giving a good try and Sanjay again speaks of having many mistakes and Akshay speaks of playing a game with her and he told Sanjay to give her red card so as to tease her a bit. Akshay then gives her the green card which she deserves. Alisha begins to cry at that moment and Akshay provides her support. He jokingly calls her Ilyas Bhai. Akshay speaks of having good concept and also the neck break of her partner was amazing as well.

* Prince is the next performer, and he speaks of dancing and going to perform underwater Robotics and wants to do much better in dancing since he got a red card for dancing last time. Prince speaks of not knowing about water and he is wearing a dress with laser and the set-up is also active there. He goes inside the water with his partner. The laser activates and he enacts the dance like that of a Robot on the song Jab Saari So jati Hain song. He is able supported by his partner. He bends many times and holds his partner. He removes his oxygen mask couple of times to emote the dialogues and lip sync and also does some one leg dance moves. The last dance step is that of robot getting deactivated and falling down. Akshay speaks the contestants about prince performance. Rithvik speaks that Prince has done very different from others and in unique manner and was in sync on every beat of the song. Kunwar Amar speaks that Prince has removed his oxygen mask couple of times to get the beat and do lip-sync and it was amazing and was very different from the rest of the acts until now.
Result – 2 Green Cards:  Sanjay gives Prince a green card and suggests that he has never seen a lazer underwater act which is a complicated one. He speaks that Prince has done fast movements and people do slow moments. Francois gives him a green card as well. Akshay speaks the dialogue AK is OK and suggests that the word that describes him that of a king is suitable for him. Akshay goes to the bathing place where prince was taking a hot shower and he asks Prince about his message for youngsters. Prince advices young people that whenever they do something they have do with passion.

* Akshay chooses Mayuresh as the next constestant and Mayuresh speaks of doing the marriage. He has a partner Jessica and Akshay pulls his legs and then mayuresh speaks of marrying in the act. Mayuresh speaks of problems with his Eye Goggles and the goes to perform. He is dressed in the bridegroom clothes and his partner Jessica as the bride. He does some jumps and performs on the Hangover song from the movie Kick. He enacts the dance act to create the story and ends the performance. Akshay speaks on the camera on not knowing very well about Mayuresh’s act.
Result – 1 Green and 1 Red: Francois gives him a green card while he receives  a red card from Sanjay because of slipping and miscordination. Akshay again pulls the legs of Mayuresh and he is being told to propose to Jessica in his native language.

Akshay signs off by the show by speaking about the uniqueness of the show where there is Dare with Dance and with the dialogue – Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi.

Next Episode (14th September) Performers:
– Sayantani [Had initial fear and also spoken to Akhay before her performance. She performs on Raanjha Raanjha song and gets a red card from Sanjay]
– Scarlett [performs on Teri Meri song and gets a green card from Francois + total results will be known after episode telecast]
– Sanam [performs on Magan Mast Tera Naam song effortlessly and gets 2 green cards]
– Karan Singh Pangali [performs on the Saadi Gali Aaja Saano in the act of Romeo and Juliet and even showers a kiss in his dance routine under water, gets 2 green cards]
– Kunwar Amar [Performs on the Behna De song and gets a red card from Francois because of not doing sommersault properly and a green card from Sanjay]

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