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sony pal

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi:

Sisters sit sadly in their room and reminisce all the incidents happened and start praising Bobby. <hey hear a sound out and go to check, sees someone standing in dark. They switch on light and surprisingly look at Soniya. Soniya and her sisters get irked seeing a girl getting intimate with Raghav.

Hamari Sister Didi:

Amrita comes to Karan, but Karan shouts at them. Amrita takes him along her. She asks what is he doing, they are their guests. Karan says that they touched her. She says that she is ok. He asks why is she asking him to be quiet. She says that she has always lived in small cities and knows about taking care of herself. Karan finds out who called him, and scolds the whole nursing staff. Amrita comes forward, when he tells her to be in her limits too. Mrs. Kapoor arrives there.

Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi:

Aashi says how is the work going on. I have called to remind you to come. I am trying to call Vishnu uncle but he is not receiving. You all have to come. Vishesh is looking at Vishnu fighting with the thugs. Sunil’s men are fighting with Vishnu. a thug says they are not letting us break the wall, allow us else we will do it forcefully. Prabha and Vishnu are dazed to see him. .

Piya Basanti Re:

Piya says she was just helping Kabeer and Aditi choreograph Neeta’s wedding anniversary dance and says she knows they called Geeta and informed about me working at their house and says if her mom would have known that, something would have happened to her. She says her mom did not want her to work as maid, so she was working hard. Kabeer scolds Piya for telling the truth to his mother and aunt and says he made a mistake by believing her.

Singhasan Battisi:

Raja bhoj says TatRaja Vikramaditya is a man following the dharma as he did a good job saving the woman from the bad flies then Raja Vikramaditya is seen talking to the beautiful lady asking her to help him find the wealth i.e the gold coins as he has to soon reach Ritvik Dhaj or else he will die and then the lady agrees to tell him the way to get the wealth.

Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne:

Imran and Mariam are in a mosque. They are tying the holy thread on the wall. Imran points it out that she is pulling her thread. Mariam recalls a similar incident that had happened between her and Tauseef.


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