Yeh Hai Aashiqui 14th September 2014 Episode 67 on Bindass starring Riya Bamniyal and Ravish Desai – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Ahana and Arijit's Love Story

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks of different kinds of people in the world but there are two things people vouch for the most – first love and career. Today’s story is about two people while for Ahana her career comes foremost and Arijit loves Ahana and her dream very dearly and its his dream as well.

The story starts with Arijit giving Ahana a surprise and informs her that she got an assignment from an advertising agency. He takes care of her when she feels uncomfortable and reminds her of getting sinus while she drinks orange juice and both then share nice moments sharing eyelocks and then goes on to dance [Jo Tu Mera Hamdard Hain song plays]. She thanks him for motivating her to do modeling. He speaks that he got a wildlife photography assignment in South Africa and he has to go there. He speaks of his dream to become a wildlife photographer though he is already a fashion photographer and speaks of missing her a lot. She makes a small taunt that from beautiful models he will see Gorillas.

Next day, she takes the shoot and records him on a video cam and he makes some funny poses at first and she reminds him that only 10 days remain for his travel. He then wants some good poses and soon there is a car and comes and hits them. Both falls down and he wakes up in the hospital and learns that Ahana has partial memory loss and she is identifying only her family [Jo Tu Mera Humdard Suhana Har Dard Hain song plays]. The doctor informs Ahana lost 2 years of memories and her father informs the doctor that it was not good for the family. he inquires about Arijit and he tells his wife to take care of Ahana and wants to delete all his daughter’s contacts. Arijit is being told to not meet Ahana since she will not identify him. her father informs that because of her accident they have reached Mumbai from Pune. Ahana speaks of feeling that she haven’t went to home since many years.

Arijit comes to meet her but she doesn’t recognize him and her father was not there. She wants him to come when her father knows and then asks him to pass the remote. Arijit’s smile has turned into sadness when Ahana couldn’t recognize him. He leaves from there. Ahana’s father wants his associate to delete all the modeling pics of Ahana and her social contacts and wants to send her to USA before her memory comes back. He learns that Arijit is discharged. Arijit remembers the moments with Ahana when she was drinking beer and she then speaks of her father’s ego and tells him that her father wants her photo on a matrimonial site instead of a big hoarding.

Rithvik speaks that Ahana’s father wants to use this opportunity where she lost her memory for the last 2 years so that he can send her to America while on other hand Arijit befriended Ahana’s brother Suraj to come close to her.

Arijit informs Suraj on making a documentary and Suraj then asks him to make a documentary on his father. Arijit starts to befriend him and he speaks of looking for P.G Accommodation. Suraj takes him home and calls him as a brother. Ahana introduces with Arijit at her home and he introduces himself as Suraj’s friend. She introduces herself as Ahana and wants to know his name. He informs his name as Arijit and she thinks that name seems to be known. She starts to eat icecream and she asks him to not tell anyone about it. He informs that she can get cold if she eats a lot. She directs him to the guest room. Next morning, she finds Arijit have not left from her home and speaks that all Suraj’s friend leave before sunrise and he will now see what will happen to him. Ahana’s father asks Arijit who is he ? Suraj’s father shouts at him but he wants Arijit to stay with him and doesn’t listen to his father. Arijit learns that Ahana is being sent to America and finally he is able to stay there. Arijit speaks with his friend Gaurav about his photo shoot and hopes that he will bring Ahana to the photo shoot. Arijit at Ahana’s home tries to help her mother in cutting onions and speaks that his first word was Onion (Pyaas) instead of saying papa/mommy. She thinks that he is buttering her and he then speaks of making a documentary and wants honest people. He speaks that there is no other honest one like a mother. Ahana comes there and He informs her not to judge book by his cover and he asks her to see his work. He calls her photogenic and she is impressed but doesn’t show much emotions. Soon, he takes more of her pics of her while she is drinking coffee and she makes some funny poses and another pose which has lots of grace.

Arijit remembers the past moments when he photographed her and he then wants to try a eye shade glass and she wears it after some reluctance. He remembers how before she doesn’t want him to wear those shades. Later, at her home, they interrupts each other and he closes her mouth and share eyelocks. She informs that her eyes color is same like that of her. He is engrossed in herself and he remembers how she spoke one time the same thing before. She takes the icecream the meeting point where they meet each other and he tries to take the icecream since she might get Sinus problem. She eats it and feels sinus problem and she wants him to take care of icecream once she dies and does acting and drama. He speaks of seeing such acting and drama before. She wants him to give her orange juice and she then asks what is he doing there ? He then shows some pics of her on his Ipad and she is impressed by his photography and he informs that he is a fashion photographer and also a documentary filmmaker. She informs on her plan to become a model and one time she even tried to run from her home. She asks him whether she has scope and he wants her to try and she calls him best friends of life. He remembers the past moment with her. He speaks to himself how to convince her that she is already a model. Arijit gives her the photo in paper and her father comes and destroys the photo. He asks Arijit how could he take the photos and reminds that he is living there as the guest ? Ahana’s father wants her to prepare for her visit to America and not waste time on those stuff. He informs someone to get full details of a boy Arijit.

Rithvik speaks that Arijit was trying all possibilities so that she can know her past and on other hand Ahana was feeling that there is something being hidden. Ranjit, Ahana’s father was afraid that because of Arijit his plans will be foiled.

Ahana feels sorry because how her father treated him and he speaks it is fine and he can understand. She goes on to say that when her father broke the photo into pieces she felt that it had happened to her before as well but her father has shouted in the same way. She informs of knowing him from before. He looks at her and then he informs on sending some photos to some people in Mumbai and she thinks that those people are not impressed. Arijit informs people are very impressed and she can go to the photo shoot in Mumbai next week. She replies of going to America next week with nevousness and becomes worried. He speaks of a story which is about her where she learnt cycling in few days and wants her to think from heart to become a model and nobody can stop her from becoming a model. She hugs him and asks him who told this story and he replies her brother Suraj. She thanks him and now feeling better.  [Kitna Anokha Bandhan song plays..] Ahana remembers some nice moments in her sleep and wakes up. She finds a cheque of 5 Lakh INR in her name and also the date is of 10 days. Ahana’s father wants to destroy the cheque and Arijit comes and speaks that its not a good idea to break it. Ahana feels that her father is hiding something and her father wonders how come a cheque has arrived there. Arijit spends some good time with Ahana and she informs of not knowing and feels that something is being hidden from her and she also informs of seeing some unknown pics in her sleep and suggests that she knows to trust him and asks him whether she knows him from before. She goes into a relapse and becomes unconscious.

Arijit gets slap from her father Ranjit. Ahana sees the slap and Ahana’s father speaks that Arijit is the one who was with her at the accident. Arijit speaks to Ranjit that even he has got a second chance so don’t waste it. Ranjit wants Arijit to pack his bags and go and soon Ahana learns that Arijit has been told to leave. She speaks to her mother that Arijit is a nice boy and she feels on loving him and doesn’t want to go to USA. Ahana’s father Ranjit comes there and wants to speak something important with her and excuses his wife. She wants him to speak the truth and he speaks at first that are recovery symptoms but doesn’t look into her eyes. He speaks that the truth that he is her father and whatever he is doing he is doing for her betterment.

Ahana is about to leave to USA in her car with her father [Jo Hogaya Judaa song plays] and Arijit speaks to his friend that all arrangement has been done and on the way he shows her hoarding and she speaks to her family that what they are hiding. Ahana’s mother opens up and informs her that 10 days ago she met with an accident. Arijit coms on the bike and made sure the car stopped. She now wants to do what her heart says which is to follow Arijit and wants to live her dream. Ahana’s father wants to stop her and Ahana speaks to Arijit on not knowing about him and she speaks of not minding to fall in love with him all over again. Both shares eyelocks and smiles and becomes lovestruck with a warm hug [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]. He informs that today is her photo shoot and they have a long way to go and tells her to get of him very tightly while she sits on his bike. She sits with him on the bike and goes for the photoshoot.

Rithvik speaks that Ahana forget her dream that was so close before her accident and it was Arijit’s love that has made her realized about her love and dreams. Ahana had also lost her identity of a model but because of Arijit’s endearing love she has rekindle her past and got a fresh lease of life. Rithvik salutes Ahana and Arijit’s love story.

Additional Note:
* Again, we believe this episode is one of the best episodes of Yeh Hai Aashiqui [Story, Actors, and other elements]. Kudos to Yeh Hai Aashiqui team, and Bindass TV !!

Episode: 14th September, Arijit and Ahana’s love Story
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