Dev reaches near Durga’s identity truth and tackles Agnihotri to get proof against Shaurya in Ek Hasina Thi


dev and durga in ek hasina thi



Dev has seen Karan and lawyer Agnihotri getting along well in the Chawl. The lawyer who fought Payal’s rape case and lost it intentionally by selling the video tape proof against Shaurya to Rajnath Goenka for Rs. 15 crores, has come back in the Chawl after two years, thinking everyone has forgot the incident. Agnihotri wants to show off his rich status to everyone and does not know that Dev is following him. Agnihotri gets a new case and he delays it. Dev mocks a case to trap Angihotri and bring out his greedy side. Agnihotri regards Payal and Nitya as the gold miners in his life, as they have trusted him and gave them their case, which made him turn into a rich man over night.

Dev tries to find out about Durga’s truth soon, before she marries Shaurya. Agnihotri has the extra tapes of the same evidence, and it lands in Dev’s hands. Dev gets enough proof against Shaurya, and is keen to re open the case and get justice for Payal. Dev helps out Durga in her justice war and wants to know why is Durga favoring Payal so much. Dayal is covering up Durga pretty well and Dev understands their stories. Dev is nearly reaching the truth as Agnihotri indirectly informs him about Nitya. Will Dev know Durga is Nitya? Will Shaurya be punished for his sins? On the other hand, Sakshi is planning to keep Shaurya away from Durga. The over smart Shaurya takes Karan’s help and asks him to take him to date a girl, whom he can bed and show his manhood is still intact and he will not fail Durga’s love hopes from him. Shaurya invites trouble again and this time Sakshi has to save him again. Will Shaurya’s silly move get bad name for Goenkas? Sakshi is planning to get a hold on Durga’s neck, will she succeed? Keep reading.


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