Pankhudi to lose memory and to get kidnapped from Diwaan Mansion in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai


adi and pankhudi in pyaar ka dard hai



There has been heard about three new people entering the show, as we have seen the inspector telling Avantika about three disguised people who change their identity and places, and fool people with the motive of robbery, but this time their agenda looks different as they were behind keeping Pankhudi in bad state which made her slip into coma. Avantika asks him to find out those people and promises to protect Pankhudi more than her life. Well, the trio will be entering the Diwaan Mansion, as caretaker, driver and Pankhudi’s full time nurse. They will come with the aim to harm Pankhudi, unknown to everyone.

As we reported earlier, Nilofer will be claiming Ayesha’s rights and will go ahead to women’ organization to raise the issue. Ayesha who has left Diwaan Mansion silently, will be approached by Adi and brought back. Ayesha will support Adi and make Nilofer understand what Pankhudi means to Adi. Nilofer will give up and leave everything on Ayesha. Adi will ask Ayesha to be by his side as a good friend and she will agree. The day Pankhudi comes to her senses, she will be showing the memory loss effects and this will trouble the Diwaan family yet another time, and everyone will get to the task of reviving her memory by simple ways, not to give her any shock, and keep Ayesha away from her.

The trio will be planning to kidnap Pankhudi and keep her far from Diwaan Mansion, will they succeed? Obviously no, Ayesha will be suspecting the trio first and in coming episodes, she will be the one who saves Pankhudi by her smartness and alert nature. Adi will be thankful to her and be confused between Ayesha and Pankhudi. He loves Pankhudi a lot and could not give her place to Ayesha, but now his heart cares for Ayesha too. What will be his decision? With Nilofer and Ambika’s daughters sailing in one member boat, who will sail through and who will get dipped in water, has to be seen. The show is getting interesting, so keep watching PKDH or keep reading here for its spicy tracks.


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