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Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Akshay Kumar (Host, Mentor) speaks of the show’s location Capetown and suggests that the competition is also with strong winds, rain, cold,water and fire as well. The conditions are extreme, and the contestants have rehearsed and have sweated and even felt very cold and even their blood.


The Daring 10 contestants are walking towards the coastline road which is the location of their act and performance. Akshay is seen driving an old modified unique bike with three wheels. He meets the contestants and informs that the bike is called Trike [trike motorcycle]. Akshay speaks of his belief that one who walks can also dance. He then speaks of having wheel chair dance competitions in Europe as well. Akshay informs that they will be perform on a moving setting where the stage will come towards them and normally the people go towards the stage. The contestants see a big moving truck and Akshay informs that the demo will be given by his colleague Sam on that truck. Sam dances on the still truck and Akshay then informs that the contestants have performed on high altitude and even in water. Akshay informs them that they will be performing on moving truck. He speaks of difficulties will be managing their balance, and also managing the winds. The safety railing is removed from the moving truck and Akshay informs them the speed has been doubled as well which was earlier set.

Akshay informs that only if they perform very well only then they will green cards. Akshay, Sanjay and Francois will be another car following the truck to judge the contestants. Sayantani is the first contestant and she does the prayers at the start.

* Prince is the first contestant. Akshay informs the viewers to not repeat the acts which are performed on the show since it is very harmful to health. Akshay calls Prince and pulls his leg as he was wearing a small tie and also on hair. He informs Akshay on performing Jazz Funk which is related to Hip-Hop and it will have light flavor of popping and locking. Prince before the act informs on the stage is small and also moving and suggests of difficulties. Prince does some skating on the road and then performs on the moving truck. He dances with the treadmill on the Jazz Funk on the Behka Mein song. He does some back and reverse spin and emotes expressions on his face according to lyrics of the song as well. He dances with confidence and exuberance using the treadmill as the prop. He ends the performance and gets applauded by Akshay. Akshay speaks on camera that on a fast moving truck Prince has done good work.
Result – 2 Green cards: Sanjay speaks of not getting fun just to pull leg and then gives out a green card. Sanjay speaks that Prince has done unique dance by dancing on a treadmill on a moving truck and even gets another green card from Francois. Prince speaks of having his idea to dance on a treadmill since long time. Akshay motivates all contestants to do unique acts and then compliments Prince with AK is Ok message.

* Emilie comes next and she speaks on performing on Jazz Routine on the Khoya Khoya Chand..She informs it is Lost Lost Moon and she speaks of Jazz with cabaret dance style. Akshay speaks of capturing her performance with his camera. Akshay goes below the acyrclic stage to shoot Emilie’s performance. Emilie speaks of having difficulty in her rehearsals with the moving truck. Emilie performs on her hands first on the Khoya Khoya chand song. She does her flips/spins with hands and follows the song lyrics and uses a chair as a prop. She walks over the chair in her dance moves. She ends with her acrobat reverse spins which is her forte. Emilie speaks after the performance on not being satisfied.
Result – 2 Green cards: Sanjay gives her a green card and praises on her dance and even gets a green  card from Francois for dare. She comes to Akshay and he asks the contestants on why she has wore a black & white dress. Everyone is puzzled and he informs all in funny tone that because she has performed on old song. Rithvik speaks that Dev Anand was the actor in that song and movie. Rithvik comes and mimics Late Dev Anand’s style. Emilie applauds Akshay on shooting her performance.

* Mayuresh comes and speaks of doing hip-hop and electro style. The Electro dance move means using full hands movement. Akshay speaks that Mayuresh has given a new name to Kung Fu which is Electro. Mayuresh speaks of difficulties in balancing for his performance during prelims. Mayuresh then goes to perform on the moving truck on the song – Ise Kehta Hain.. Yo Yo Honey Singh song. He performs and uses his legs and hands well according to Electro and Hip Hop style. He does some flips/circling on the pole bar. He stands at the edge of the moving truck and on the acryclic glass and dance. Akshay speaks on camera that Mayuresh has done good with his dance and the song he has chosen. Mayuresh speaks of giving a good performance though he lost some energy at the end.
Result – 1 Green and 1 Red: Francois gives him a green card, and Sanjay speaks that Mayuresh lost stamina at one step in his dance and thus gives him a red card. Akshay learns Mayuresh got a red card who informs on having stamina problem at the end which was told to him by judges. Akshay informs that the biggest stamina problem is cigarette and Mayuresh informs on smoking cigarette so as to think better during rehearsals. Akshay wants contestants to not do things which their family will be ashamed of since they are not able to disclose and open up that they smoke cigarettes. Akshay speaks that the talk to smoke cigarettes for thinking is useless.

* Sayantani speaks of being happy with everything when asked about her choreographer. She speaks of being happy in any situation. Akshay speaks the contestants perform and dance in only one take. In their rehearsals, moving truck is in the warehouse and speaks of some difficulties. Sayantani will be using a tyre as the prop. Sayantani starts her dance from the top pole bar. She comes down and moves her legs and upper body in her dance moves. She uses the tyre prop and circles with it and then drops bit awkard but recovers well and continues her dance. She climbs on the long steel bars to end her performance.
Result – 1 Green and 1 Red: Sanjay speaks that she haven’t executed her dance properly and gives a red card. Francois gives her a green card for her dare act. Akshay asks how has she done ? She speaks on not knowing her performance at first and then speaks of enjoying her performance. Akshay asks why she got a red card ? She replies that Sanjay give her a red card because he felt she didn’t put force in her bollywood hip-hop dance. Akshay speaks that she was confident in her dare act and she will informs him of taking force point into account for next time.

* Rithvik speaks of doing contemporary dance which is not in his comfort zone and performing on the Kisi Shayar Ke Ghazal.. Banjare ko Ghar song. He speaks on choosing that song because it has a story and also need some help from Scarlett in his act. Rithvik speaks of having stability problems in moving truck during rehearsals. Rithvik has german rings as the prop and he begins his performance in the role of dejected lover. He dances with his hands and legs in contemporary routine. He then uses the german rings and circles with one hand. He uses that pole bar and does some back flips and stands at the periphery pillar as well and then goes on to lying down beneath the truck and lies in centre and then the truck moves on. He ends on a touching note remembering his love. Akshay speaks that Rithvik potrayed lots of sadness but put lot of energy in his dance and has shown self-belief and control when Rithvik does the circle on the stage and if there was some difference in angle then he would have fallen. Rithvik informs Akshay on getting 2 red cards and Akshay speaks that Rithvik has done a remarkable performance. Rithvik speaks of a prank and shows Akshay 2 green cards. Sanjay speaks of being speechless and Francois is of high praise.
Result: 2 Green cards
Akshay asks Rithvik how does he think of lying down beneath the truck ? Rithvik responds of lying down as a challenge which Francois has not endorsed but eventually he agreed because of Sanjay. Akshay compliments Rithvik with Ak is Ok message.

Akshay signs off by saying – Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi. Akshay chooses Scarlett, Sayantani, and Alisha and then Emilie for taking them on a long drive on his Trike bike.

Next Episode:
Kunwar Amar [Dhoom again song, speaks of the narrowness of the moving truck], Sanam Johar [performs in the role of ferocious animal who comes out of a cage], Scarlett, Alisha and Karan Pangali will perform. Elimination will begin soon as well.

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Sneak Peek of Episode: 20th September
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