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spoilers for this week

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Diya Aur Baati Hum

Rathi family goes to a Fair exhibition and are shocked as there explodes a bomb, planted by RK and Disha. Disha keeps the bomb doll there as told to her by RK as her his plan. Sooraj and his family come to a Dussehra celebration fair. Misri plays with the time bomb doll, unaware of the danger. Sooraj protects his family as the blast happens. RK takes help of Prema to create a rift in the Rathi family, and kick out Meenakshi from Vikram’s life. Sandhya and Zakir are trying to find RK. Disha is at the fair ground keeping the bombs and takes help of Prema there, without coming in anyone’s sight. Its Sooraj’s cleverness that he sensed some bomb around and informed the police to look for the bomb. Inspector Lohya sees the bomb doll and before it explodes, the family was taken care of by Sooraj. Sandhya still works hard to track RK and goes to the PCO from where he has made the call to Disha. Sandhya and Zakir get the call records of the PCO and get the number at which RK called. Soon, Sandhya will getting a hold on RK, Disha and Prema together. Sandhya will be arresting them and Prema’s truth will shock Vikram, who was wishing to marry her. This will be a relief for Meenakshi and she will be thankful to Sandhya for saving her marriage. Vikram will get back to Meenakshi after realizing his mistake.

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Ranvi is kidnapped but Anmol and family is worried. Ranvi frees himself by cutting the rope, and beats the goons to run away from the godown. Ranvi pledges to reach the competition venue as its final round today and he has to fail Anmol’s plan. Ranvi flops Anmol’s plan. Veera and everyone come to know crew member did not message Ranvi. He says bring Ranvi soon as competition is starting. Everyone is shocked.Veera and Baldev try to find Ranvi and finally get him. Ranvi goes in the final round and Anmol who is already present on the stage will be shocked seeing him. Anmol will be exposed so soon, but Ranvi will first give up his performance and then tackle Anmol to prove Rishabh innocent and make him name get cleared of the bad remark. Dev will be happy with Ranvi’s honesty and be proud of Megha’s choice. Ranvi will be winning the Junoon 2014 competition.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita is worried as her heart has finally acknowledged that she loves Raman. She gets the love jitters and the romance twist is started, as Raman hears her talking to Mihika. Ishita admits the she loves Raman and Raman will be hearing it smiling by standing behind her instead of Mihika, also sensing love in his heart for Ishita. Ishita is scared of Raman’s reaction and seeing into his eyes now after he heard her love confession. The love will be starting finally. Adi gets severe tooth ache and Ishita treats him with love and care. Adi finds it weird to take his step mum’s help, but he is helpless. Ishita treats him very nicely as Adi is Raman’s life. Adi is very special for Ishita too. Adi hates Ishita and just loves his mum Shagun. Ishita gives him anesthesia injection and treats his pain. Adi’s heart turns somewhat soft to her. Ishita hopes Adi also comes close to her, and stays happily with Raman and Ruhi. Raman is thankful to Ishita. Ashok plans to show his bad side to Shagun, so that she leaves him herself in anger and he does not marry her.

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

Everyone dress up beautifully for the marriage functions. Raj and Avni’s Sangeet function has got a twist. There happens a unlucky sign in the function which upsets Avni. Her happiness vanishes as she got a gift of dried Chandan flowers in the function. She looks at her mum, and she too was shocked. Avni felt bad as she saw the negative thing happening and worries for her fate. Raj comes and looks stunning. Raj and Avni have a dance scene in the function. Romance flies in the air as Raj praises Avni infront of all the guests. Avni is flattered and gets glad.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Varad is in tension as Mansi is pregnant. He asks her to rethink about the baby. Mansi decides to keep the baby as Varad was asking her to abort it. Varad is tensed as his responsibility towards Mansi will increase once the child is born, and he has to give a name to his relation and child. Though Varad acts mature when it comes to talk to Shlok about forgiving Astha, but Varad could not balance his life by cheating Sojal and getting into a extra martial affair with Mansi. Varad will be finding it tough and feel guilty as this can effect his family and his daughter Kavya too. Kalindi has taken the challenge to change Ankush and the real problems start in her life, as Ankush is a tough son to manage. Astha and Shlok fill the same form for the new deal without sharing their decision. Astha and Shlok will clash again as they go for the same client deal to benefit their institute. Astha teaches laptop usage to Anjali and is happy seeing her Maths strong. Astha wants to convert Anjali into a business woman. Niranjan insults Anjali making her cry. Will Astha take a stand for Anjali and make Niranjan shocked making Anjali raise her voice in the office? Astha teaches video calling to Anjali and calls Shlok, shocking and annoying him. Anjali laughs and says she will change being in Astha. Shlok in his heart wishes things to become like before and Astha to love him again, will this deal track bring them closer once again or will it make Shlok angry seeing his Baba get insulted again?

Jamai Raja

Durga Devi keeps a condition to Sid that she will free Sid only if he is ready to become the Jamai Raja. Sid agrees for this shocking Roshni. Durga Devi welcomes Siddharth in her house, as he has decided that he will become the Jamai Raja. Siddharth and Roshni hold hands and walk in, staring at Durga Devi to make her jealous. Roshni is annoyed with DD, and is sure of her love. DD starts Sid’s stay with her taunts and abusive words, which does not deter Sid from his decision. DD thinks to shower the hatred on him and taunts him of marrying Roshni for her property. Sid is fine as her welcome was not well. His love for Roshni is still strong, as he was determined to balance Roshni and DD’s relation. Roshni argues with DD taking Sid’s side. DD’s game of cat and mouse will be starting. The real story of Jamai Raja starts now.

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Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi and Pragya leave for the Pune concert, and before the car meets with an accident, she controls the steering and makes the hit the tree. The car breaks down and the accident leads the lovers to the forest. Whenever Abhi has driven the car, he actually met with an accident, and Pragya’s presence always has the Nok Jhok quotient. Abhi’s foolishness to cover Pragya’s face make him lose the balance, as he could not rule out the accident. Their arguments were evident before the accident. Abhi faints post the accident and Pragya also gets hurt. She checks his heartbeat and pulse. Well, Abhi is fine too and they get the route of the forest. Their Nok Jhol continues in the forest too and the scene brings them closer, as Pragya gets hurt, and Abhi lifts her in his arms. Pragya looks at him and cares for him. The concern for each other will trigger love.

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Suhani hears Yuvraaj ordering a cake and is happy thinking he will surprise her. Yuvraaj orders the cake for celebrating Snoopy’s birthday. Yuvraaj will be unaware of Suhani’s birthday. Pratima and Sharad will come to know about her birthday and seeing Suhani upset, the family will be giving her a birthday surprise making her happy. But Suhani will be waiting for Yuvraaj to give her a birthday gift. Yuvraaj will be saying her I love you and shocking her, but will this really happen? Its her dream where Yuvraaj professes his love and gives her the birthday surprise. Soumya wishes happy birthday to Suhani and shows off her fake rich status praising Krishna. Yuvraaj and Krishna hears Suhani talking to Soumya. Krishna is annoyed as Soumya is embarrassed of his poverty. Suhani is afraid of Dadi as she is bearing much taunts by Dadi all the time.. Dadi asks Yuvraaj will he support Suhani against her, and Yuvraaj relies with a yes, as its not Suhani’s mistake if the idol Chunni gets missing. Suhani cries and Yuvraaj genuinely shoulders her making her happy and thankful to be always there for her.

Gustakh Dil

Nikhil is caught by Ranawat and is told clearly that he will be killed even when Ranawat gets the blue diary back from CBI. Nikhil is tensed and Lajjo is equally worried for him. Barkha blames Lajjo for risking Nikhil’s life. Nikhil tries to run away and escapes from the Ranawat’s clutches. His goons follow him. Jasmine helps Nikhil in running away as she loves him. She fools the goons after hearing Ranawat say that he will kill Nikhil. Nikhil reaches the valley end from where he falls inorder to get saved, but will he die? Barkha comes to know about Nikhil’s death and blames Lajjo for that. Lajjo is asked to come and identify Nikhil’s body? Lajjo is shattered believing Nikhil is dead. An angry Barkha kicks out Lajjo from her home calling her unlucky for them. Where will Lajjo go now? Did Nikhil really die? Well, Lajjo will be finding shelter at Sagar’s home and Nikhil’s entry will me made later back in the show after some time, which will lead to love triangle between Sagar, Lajjo and Nikhil.

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Qubool Hai

Tanveer will try to foil Sanam’s efforts in the photoshoot and make her have the Bhaang, so that Aahil gets upset with her. But the bhang gets exchanged and Tanveer’s plan will bit the dist. Sanam cooks something special for Aahil and adds the Bhaang powder packet in it instead of spices. Both have the food, and would end in the effects of Bhaang. Aahil will share his bitter past with Sanam and Sanam would respect him for sharing his heart. They both will have some romantic moments. Tanveer will be angry as they win the photoshoot round too. Rehaan and Sunehri too have a romantic moment which brings them closer and the awesome foursome lovers will be taking down the show high with their intense love. Rahat will be shocked seeing Haya being kicked out of Faiz’s home and Faiz not taking a stand for her. What will Rahat do now?

Jodha Akbar

Ruks and Jodha are together in the palanquins at night, as Ruks is taking care of Jodha in her pregnancy state. It starts raining and the weather turns horrible. Moreover, Jodha starts getting the labor pain and Ruks will try hard to help her. Jodha will be finally delivering the twins. The babies will be healthy and names Hasan and Hussain. As Jodha promised Ruks that she will be giving her one child to Ruks, this will be done, and both Jodha and Ruks will be seen sharing good time and their happiness with the babies. Jalal will be informed about the birth of his son and will be glad seeing them for the first time which be a unique experience for him.


The concept of Halala Nikaah is taken in the show, as its on Muslim backdrop. Zarina will inform Surayya about the Islamic rules when a couple gets divorced and want to remarry again, then the wife has to marry some other guy, then divorce him, to remarry her first husband. Surayya is glad thinking when Aaliya married Rehaan, she won’t allow her to come back in Zain’s life and will end the chapter for once and all. Surayya asks Zain and Aaliya to prove her test of love and tells about Halala Nikaah, she asks them to choose between Gunaah or Halala Nikaah. Aaliya and Zain are shocked to go through this phase which they have not thought before. Fahad is against Zain to bring back Aaliya home, as she is the reason of Usman’s death. Zain does not tell him about Nafisa being the cause of all this mess and keeps quiet, thus agreeing to Surayya’s condition. Zain supports Aaliya and tells he completely trusts her. This will lead to Aaliya and Rehaan’s marriage.

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  1. Halala or gunaah?! Halala itself is gunaah! The cvs should do their research properly, this just reflects on their ignorance! But i am a ZaYa fan and i still hope they don’t go through with this as it is haraam!
    First they show talaaq completely wrong, and now this, why are they hurting their audience like this?


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