Ghost Fright and Haunted Romance for Abhi and Pragya in KumKum Bhagya


abhi and pragya in kumkum bhagya


Abhi and Pragya have reached the haunted house to create some fresh romance sequence to enchant the viewers. As we have written before, Abhi and Pragya leave for the Pune concert, and before the car meets with an accident, she controls the steering and makes the hit the tree. The car breaks down and the accident leads the lovers to the forest. Whenever Abhi has driven the car, he actually met with an accident, and Pragya’s presence always has the Nok Jhok quotient. Abhi’s foolishness to cover Pragya’s face made him lose the balance, as he could not rule out the accident. Their arguments were evident before the accident. Abhi faints post the accident and Pragya also gets hurt. She checks his heartbeat and pulse. Well, Abhi is fine too and they get the route of the forest. Their Nok Jhol continues in the forest too and the scene brings them closer, as Pragya gets hurt, and Abhi lifts her in his arms. Pragya looks at him and cares for him. The concern for each other will trigger love.


They reach a haunted house, and Pragya is scared. Pragya’s fear of ghosts is told to Abhi, and he makes fun of her, though he is also afraid of ghosts, he does not show his weakness to her. Abhi taunts her on the fears and we get to see how they get closer by the ghost alarm. Pragya was not ready to get inside the haunted house, as it looked very scary, but Abhi dragged her inside on his confidence and suppressing his fears. Abhi jokes calling her ghost and their usual Nok Jhok goes on, making the horror scene lovable by their good sweet taunting romance. The caretaker of the house also looks scary making Pragya think to run off the house, but its Abhi who teaches her to have control on her fears. Abhi’s courage will be shown in the Haunted house episode. Let’s see who supports whom, will Abhi take care of Pragya, or will she in turn take care of Abhi, who is like a child from heart. Good to see the couple away from Aaliya and Tanu’s evil traps. Keep reading and keep watching the show for some cute scenes between the couple.


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