Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 25th September 2014 48th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 48th Episode 25th September 2014

Precap: In Cheeku’s college, there is a student of the year (SOTY) competition and Gattu motivates Cheeku to take part in it and Sid at his end have left his call centre job and informs his boss in rough tone reminding him about the ill treatment meted out at him.

Highlight of the Episode: Cheeku enrolls himself in the SOTY 2014 competition to prove himself as an Allrounder. Arya tries to intimidate Cheeku.


Cheeku is seen at the badminton court with Gattu while Dodo is playing. Cheeku wears cool glasses and says he is acting cool for a change. The shuttle cock falls down near Cheeku and Dodo wants him to get it but by the time Cheeku gets it Arya comes there and fetches it and returns to Dodo. Another time, Arya helps Dodo and the girl who is playing against Dodo suggests that she cannot compete against him since he is too good. She then suggests of having wrist pain and Dodo responds to give her good massage. Gattu steps in there and suggests that Dodo does good massage and all colonies aunties come to him for massage of their pets. The girl leaves from there with annoyance and Arya suggests to Dodo that when one girl leaves then comes next.

Dodo and Arya starts playing the badminton and Dodo is being given a tough competition and while Arya looks cool in playing his shots and Dodo is completely tired and looks exhausted. Arya goes on to extent of cheating during his game and Cheeku speaks to himself that there is something wrong with Arya. Sid and Devika are at the cafeteria with Cheeku, Gattu and Dodo and Devika is impressed with Sid in how he treated his boss and is happy. Gattu pulls the leg of Dodo since he is not having a good time and he then warns her that he will complain to her father that she always looks at his home via telescope every day. Gattu speaks that Dodo is not serious what he is talking. Devika tries to speak about Arya and Cheeku suggests to not talk about him and she wants to celebrate on Sid’s job of an Assistant Photographer. Kimaya is also invited by Devika and the SOTY organizers speak that now is the last opportunity to enroll in SOTY 2014. Sid informs all about boxer and fashion winner of last year and feels that the competition will be tough this year. Arya comes there and Devika thinks that Arya has a chance and Sid also feels impressed. Cheeku remembers about Arya and how he played with Dodo in badminton and after pondering a lot, he enrolls himself in the SOTY competition. The organizers doesn’t took seriously but Cheeku aka Aditya Khosla make him heard and completes the enrollment.

Cheeku speaks that he thought a lot and believes that SOTY title will help in future. He informs them that big companies will look for candidates extra curricular activities along with studies so he thought that there is a better opportunity and wants to prove that he is a complete allrounder. Arya comes there and welcomes Cheeku to the competition and suggests that more the merrier. Cheeku leaves from there so as to go to his class and doesn’t talk much with Arya. Later, Gattu asks Cheeku to practice from now and he doesn’t know about the activities. Gattu speaks of activities – dancing, running, badminton, boxing. Dodo makes Cheeku afraid of the activities specially badminton and Boxing and suggests that the boxing winner of last time Solanki will thrash him a lot. Dodo thinks that Cheeku’s decision to participate in SOTY is not good and Cheeku at the same time has got an eye problem. Cheeku doesn’t listen to Dodo and leaves and Gattu asks Dodo to leave Cheeku and it might be better for Cheeku and Kimaya may be impressed with him. Gattu suggests to Dodo what a girl needs from a boy – Extra Caring, Extra Dashing, Extra Confidence. ┬áCheeku doesn’t have the last 2 but she hopes he will get it soon.

Cheeku speaks to himself about the activities – badminton, Kabaddi and thinks that he will also loose in walking as well. He plans to take back his name from SOTY and as he was about to take an Auto for his home. Kimaya takes it first without seeing Cheeku and she then sees him and suggests of not seeing him and the auto driver declines to take her to Malad West since he is going towards Bandra. Cheeku becomes annoyed and Kimaya gets out from the Auto and she then speaks of being happy to see Cheeku taking part in SOTY since it will remove his fears. Cheeku speaks to himself that he has now became a Cheeku sandwich since on one hand if he informs her on not participating then she will regard him as a loser and if he participates in SOTY then the entire college will see him in the making of a loser. Cheeku is lost in that thought and then Kimaya asks him about his eyes problem but he doesn’t say much. She suggests on being a phone call away if he needs help and leaves to her home.

Cheeku is trying to start his bike and Dodo comes there and takes Cheeku’s wallet and extracts money. Cheeku thinks that Dodo has got a bad habit of taking money and Dodo gives him a special oil for gearless scooter. Dodo speaks on the benefits of Castrol oil and regards it as a gift for his elder brother. Later, in night Dodo and Gattu are seen together and Dodo confronts a boy who comes late. Gattu speaks to that boy that the cost to give him some exam papers and quiz questions is 500 INR since she knows about the quiz paper location. Sooner, Gattu finds Arya confronting a man and also giving lots of money to him and becomes surprised.

Next Episode: SOTY 2014 competition starts with Table Tennis (TT) and Cheeku wins the TT match and gets applaud. Arya confronts Cheeku and suggests that still they need to compete against each other to know who wins eventually.

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