Suave Abhimanyu’s entry to make Raman jealous and admit his love for Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein


Ishita’s friend Mani will be none other than Abhimanyu Raghav, whom Raman dislikes and Ishita is always praising him. Raman will be jealous seeing Ishita hanging out with Abhimanyu so often, and this will make Ravan Kumar finally realize his feelings for Ishita. Raman will be meeting Abhimanyu after a series of misses. He will be shocked knowing he is Ishita’s best friend. Ishita has realized her love for Raman and has started indirect complimenting too. Raman too cares for her and has given a breakfast cookup surprise too, making Ishita feel more happier than before. Raman who did not care for Ishita being with him before, will now ask her to stay at home and dedicate some time to him. Ishita will be glad seeing Raman’s inclination towards him. She will see him getting jealous with Mani, and start their friendship stories to annoy Raman further.

Abhimanyu will be noticing both Ishita and Raman having feelings for each other and not confessing it. He will decide to make them confess their love and go ahead in their marriage. Abhimanyu will start getting closer to Ishita and making Raman jealous. Abhimanyu’s character will be a positive one. Raman will be bagging the deal even after Ashok ruined his name by bribing Abhimanyu. Raman’s presentation will be successful, and Abhimanyu will be impressed by Raman. He will try to make Raman understand his love and also not waste time, making him value time and admit his feelings to Ishita before it gets late. Raman will be cooked up and finally have no option, but to blast his emotions out. Let’s see how Ravan Kumar, the bitter tongues and soft hearted Raman speak his love confession. Abhimanyu will be smart enough to bear Raman’s taunts and return them, so their interactions will be interesting. That will be really exciting to watch. Keep reading.


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