TGI Friday’s Top 12 Spoilers


top 12 spoilers for friday

1. Diya Aur Baati Hum


Sandhya has got a doubt on Disha, but as RK has used their real identities, Zakir does not know anything against Disha and asks Sandhya to give her a clean chit. Prema helps Disha at the right time and saves her from Sandhya, by changing the revenge board pics. Prema slaps Disha and asks her to be more careful. Sooraj is upset as he will be going away from Sandhya to Dubai. Maya has decided to hijack the Dubai flight, as it will be having Sooraj and Bhabho. She thinks Sandhya will find it tough to choose between Sooraj and RK, and will finally release RK to save her husband’s life. Maya is keen to start their bargaining once the hijack is successful. Sooraj and Bhabho board the flight and worst nightmare happens as Operation Grahan takes place. Sooraj’s spy pen helps Sandhya in catching the culprits Disha and Prema. Sandhya is reluctant to save the passengers and is adamant on not releasing RK. How will she save everyone from hijacking?

2. Jamai Raja

Raj is not happy seeing Sid losing his self respect in everyone’s eyes being the Ghar Jamai. Sid promises him that he will make everything fine soon and will come back home with Roshni. Roshni tells Durga that she will be happy in Sid’s monthly salary and does not need a lavish life. Sid is proud of Roshni for sacrificing so much for their love. Durga is annoyed seeing Sid accepting her conditions happily. Durga has started troubling Sid by making him do the servant work and taunting him being the Ghar Jamai. Sid and Roshni decide to go on a date and Durga orders Sid to come back soon and clean the house well. Roshni supports Sid. Durga wants to stop their romance and keep them away. Sid and Roshni have finally consummated their marriage, as Durga’s hindering did not work.

3. KumKum Bhagya

Abhi and Pragya have reached a haunted house, and Pragya is scared. Pragya’s fear of ghosts is told to Abhi, and he makes fun of her, though he is also afraid of ghosts, he does not show his weakness to her. Abhi taunts her on the fears and we get to see how they get closer by the ghost alarm. Pragya was not ready to get inside the haunted house, as it looked very scary, but Abhi dragged her inside on his confidence and suppressing his fears. Abhi jokes calling her ghost and their usual Nok Jhok goes on, making the horror scene lovable by their good sweet taunting romance. The caretaker of the house also looks scary making Pragya think to run off the house, but its Abhi who teaches her to have control on her fears. Abhi’s courage will be shown in the Haunted house episode. Purab drops Bulbul at the corporator’s place. While the man tries to get the revenge of his insult and tries to rape Bulbul, Purab reaches there on time and saves Bulbul. He tells Bulbul that he can’t let anyone ruin her respect by misbehaving with her. Bulbul is tensed as Sarla is angry seeing her with Purab. Abhi’s fear of ghosts will be shown ahead, as the horror will show his kiddish side to Pragya.

4. Jodha Akbar

The track will be shifting to new entries, Birbal and his wife. We have heard lots of stories about Akbar and Birbal in childhood, and now its time to see them in the show entertaining us. The cleverness of Birbal, his wits and sharp senses will be witnessed in the show as he will be soon shown in Jalal’s Darbaar and winning his heart by his clever mind and best handy solutions. The tax problem has cropped up and Jalal is in two minds as Hindus are asked to pay the tax. An annoyed Jodha calls herself a lost Hindu and pays the tax from her side. Suddenly, the Hindus turn up at the palace to accept Islam and become Muslims just to avoid tax. Jalal is worried, as forced accepting is not applicable in Islam. Birbal asks him not to worry as he got a perfect solution for this. Ruks is adamant on her son, not being a Hindu and he won’t pay any tax as stated by Jalal. Jalal gathers everyone in the palace court, as stated by Birbal to clear this matter. What will be Birbal’s witty solution for solving the tax and religion issues?

5. Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Urmila and Pari have a talk about their plan, where Pari will be helping her get Rashi’s son Tolu/ Molu back and she asks Urmila to help her get Jigar’s love. Gopi hears this and is keen to get Pari out of the house in the Navrati days. Pari is trying hard to win Jigar’s heart, but keeps on failing as he loves only Rashi and is loyal to her even after her death. Jigar calls her incomparable to Rashi’s nail and asks her to leave from his life. An angry Pari decides to get married to him again legally and infront of everyone during the Navratri event. Pari and Gopi have a straight head on war, as Pari is firming her roots in Jigar’s life and Gopi is trying to kick her out. Gopi gets to know Pari’s real intentions of getting Jigar’s property by showing fake love for him. Kokila is supporting Pari a lot. How will Gopi expose Pari now? Later on, Kokila is angry on Pari’s mistakes and tells her that she can;t be like Gopi ever, even if she tries hard. Pari gets upset as Jigar fumes on her.

6. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mihir and Mihika are happy the way things are going, after Shagun joined them happily. Adi overheard Ashok and Suraj talking about making Shagun’s entry banned in their house, making her exit permanent. This made Adi very upset seeing Ashok’s truth. When he comes to Ishita for his dental treatment, Ishita has sensed his annoyance with Ashok, and shared the matter with Shagun too. Shagun sticks to her stupidity and does not believe Ishita. Adi is laid back by Shagun’s happiness and expectations. Raman has managed to taunt Ashok well in the dinner party, despite knowing he ruined his name by gifting scotch to Abhimanyu. Shagun will be knowing about Ashok’s motives to ditch her and will get upset. Shagun will try to win over Raman again, but Mihir won’t give her a chance to ruin Ishita’s happiness, as he regards Ishita his sister. Ishita’s friend’s surprise who will be making Raman jealous and make him realize his feelings for Ishita in the show. It will be the same man Abhimanyu Raghav, whom Raman dislikes and Ishita is always praising calling him with sweet nickname Mani. Raman will be jealous seeing Ishita hanging out with Abhimanyu, and this will make Ravan Kumar finally realize his feelings for Ishita. He will be curious to know who is Mani and try to find it by hiding from Ishita. Later on, he will come to you that Mani is actually Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu will be noticing both Ishita and Raman having feelings for each other and not confessing it. He will decide to make them confess their love and go ahead in their marriage. Abhimanyu will start getting closer to Ishita and making Raman jealous. Raman will be cooked up and finally have no option, but to blast his emotions out.

7. Qubool Hai Sanam has finally made Aahil get rid of her bad past and memories, making him fly sorrow balloons in the air. Aahil breaks him and she supports him, promising she will always be with him. They make their relation more strong, and Aahil realizes Sanam’s goodness. Seher goes to steal the cash from Rehaan’s safe and opens it. She is shocked seeing Rehaan there and acts like she just saw it open. Rehaan hands over the keys to her and asks her to lock it. Seher is stunned as he tells her he trusts her more than himself. She starts feeling guilty and changes her mind to rob Rehaan. Will Seher realize her love for Rehaan?

8. Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Ayesha saves Pankhudi by going with the kidnappers. While they rejoice of having kidnapped Pankhudi and no one would be able to catch them again, Ayesha hears their conversation and tries to know the reason of their crime. The daring Ayesha risks her life just for Adi’s love for Pankhudi. She becomes a symbol of sacrifice once again. Adi comes to know Pankhudi is safe and its Ayesha who got kidnapped. Adi is happy seeing Pankhudi in the morgue and safe, and realizes that Ayesha is in danger. He regards her his best friend and now is determined to save her and get back in Diwaan house. What will Adi do now? With two women’s love and sacrifice, whom will Adi choose finally?

9. Ek Hasina Thi

Sakshi is feeling glorious and supporting Shaurya, making Durga’s plan flopped to marry Shaurya. She still wants Durga to be infront of her eyes and waits for the most common question if a girl’s marriage breaks in her mandap. Daya reacts angrily and asks who will marry Durga after Shaurya rejected her. Sakshi gives a planned solution asking Dev to marry Durga. She wants Dev to move on and stop looking for Nitya, and wants Durga to be in Goenka Mansion. Dev refuses to marry Durga, as he loves Nitya and can’t think of someone else. Dev is angry understanding Sakshi’s plan why she stopped him from going to US by acting sweet to Suchitra. Dev is adamant on his decision. Rajnath talks to him, and wants to save the reputation and link with Thakurs. He pleads to Dev to marry Durga. Rajnath emotionally blackmails Dev about their relation and he being as his father’s place. Dev does not agree even by this, and this makes Dayal talk to Dev to convince him. Dayal tells him the half truth that Durga wanted to marry Shaurya by her plan. Dev is shocked. Dayal says Nitya is alive and makes Dev happy, giving him a deal. He promises him about finding Nitya for him, and helping him in his search, but right now Dev has to listen him. He says Nitya will be infront of you on her birthday. Dev finally agrees to marry Durga, as the fate brings the true lovers together.

10. Beintehaa

Aaliya and Zain spent the night together as she takes care of him seeing him in high fever. Zarina comes to know about this and thinks to use it against Aaliya. Aaliya’s parents are worried as Aaliya’s love is ruining their name. Shabana asks Ghulam to control Aaliya before things go out of their hands. Aaliya who has refused to do Halala Nikaaha earlier now gives it a thought. Aaliya feels inseparable from Zain. She sees the name board Zain Aaliya and thinks of their married life earlier. She recalls the happy moments and cries. Surayya taunts Aaliya to being with her son all night. Aaliya tells Zain that she will do Halala Nikaah to unite with him soon, and this is the only way they can be together. Zain was also against this, but now agrees as their religion has this rules. Rehaan is angry as everyone taunt Aaliya and Zain being together at night, and wants to help her in saving her reputation. Rehaan sacrifices his love and life for Aaliya’s sake and agrees to marry her, with the promise to give her divorce and let her marry Zain. Surayya and Zarina plan to manipulate Rehaan’s love into selfishness so that he never frees Aaliya.

11. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2

The coming episode will be showing a series of events of Astha’s planning and how Niranjan’s evil face is seen by Shlok, as Astha has described always. Shlok will be stunned to know what all Niranjan did with Anjali, Jyoti and Astha. Astha will be flying the victory flag and this will be shocking Niranjan. Niranjan will be finding it hard to convince Shlok in his words again. Let’s see how Niranjan manages this time, what will be Shlok’s honest action on his father? Varad’s affair is out. Sojal confronts Mansi for having an affair with Varad and slaps her being angry on her. She asks Mansi to back off from her life and not ruin her marriage. Mansi loves Varad and is adamant that she will not leave Varad. Mansi put a condition to Varad to marry her, and is now angry after Sojal calls her a mistress in Varad’s life. Will Mansi marry Varad to get her relation a name?

12. Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Pankaj scolds Yuvraaj and Dadi overhears them. She asks Yuvraaj about Pankaj being angry on her and sees Soumya there in the party. Dadi thinks to find out what happened between Soumya and Yuvraaj. Suhani gets happy seeing Yuvraaj’s love for her and does not know its Yuvraaj’s plan to make Soumya jealous. She acknowledges his love smiling and kisses him, shocking Yuvraaj. Dadi is doubting Yuvraaj and Soumya and confronts Yuvraaj. She asks him about Pankaj’s blackmailing him and why. She asks him to admit why he married Suhani, did anyone pressurize her. Yuvraaj is tensed. Dadi tells him to speak the truth as she has heard everything. Will Yuvraaj say his helplessness out to Dadi, knowing she can react to break his marriage with Suhani? Krishna kicks out Soumya from his house, knowing she has given her gold chain to Suhani. His mum and Rakhi fill his ears that Soumya does not like them and did not give the chain to Rakhi. Krishna gets angry and asks Soumya to come home when she gets the chain from Suhani. Soumya is stunned and thinks what to do now.



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